Orfeus Launch at Sea Containers London

It’s about to worlds that collide,
that’s the story It’s so exciting,
you can feel this energy of how we’re doing something different,
something that’s going to change things Something that we all need,
and that’s the greatest work ever It’s everything we say we wanna do at the
YV (Young Vic) It’s that we want to smash genres,
we want to play, we want to be informally playful We want to be inventive and we want to sit with some historic foundational stories, and this is one of them (Singing) ‘Finally now…’ (Singing) ‘I understand…’ (Singing) You take the operatic singing,
You take the house beats You put them all together
And if your brain can conceive it, all of those things live together How Hamilton was rap put to Broadway,
this is Opera put to House And it’s amazing In terms of House Music it’s quite trance-y, some of it And also quite heavy dubstep
but it always goes with the vocals and I think that audiences
will be talking about it There’s classical singers,
there’s theatre singers It really is an interesting fusion of styles We got straight up on our feet
on the first day You know, on a standard day
you read through a play But with this, it’s got to be on
its feet straight away So we started choreography,
We got straight into the music There’s a whole lot of new music to learn (Singing) ‘And I’m coming for you…’ (Applause)

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