Our Survey Helped to Increase Employee Engagement!

Hey guys It’s michelle with Promote Local here to give you an update today on our employee engagement initiative that we started with one of our clients. We talked about the survey and how important doing in-person surveys of your employees can be and we’re happy to report that we did that for the first time about three months ago with one of our customers and their productivity is up 28% since we did the survey. So after the survey we made a comprehensive plan of different strategies and practices to continue to incentivize and encourage employees to Become engaged in the company, to have good communication with leaders of the company and with their colleagues. So all of those initiatives are going well, and it’s increasing productivity, it’s increasing their revenue, and I hope that you’re getting curious about what those Strategies are because we’d love to help you and your employees with an initiative similar. So if you’re curious about what our survey was, and you’re not sure What I’m talking about you can go back at our content and look at the other employee engagement Video that we did to get a little bit more Detail on what I’m talking about. You can also just call us or send me an email And I’d be happy to talk through how this could work with you on your business. Don’t forget to Like, subscribe, to our channel. Share this video and let us know how we’re doing. Thanks

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