Out-of-work strippers are delivering food through Boober Eats

Hey, you want burgers, fries and now beers,
and you want two gorgeous women to come deliver it for you wearing booty shorts
and pasties? We’re bringing the party to you because you can’t bring the party to
us. My name is Shon Boulden I’m the owner of Lucky Devil Lounge, and now I’m the
new owner of Boober Eats PDX. We are now a food delivery service that provides
customers with food with a side of boobs. Try not to laugh, I know. So this originally started as kind of a joke. We had to shut down Monday. I said
well, we’re gonna try to keep the kitchen open. I just joking around said we’re
gonna deliver dancers to your door topless and we’re gonna call it Boober.
The feedback just started going crazy. People were, like, asking if we could send
their favorite dancers, if we deliver to Vancouver, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro and I
just kind of asked everybody, ‘hey you guys want to try to do this?’ and
everybody was like ‘yes.’ I’m trying to employ everybody that works here so all
of our security guards are now drivers, all of our dancers, they’re delivering
the food to your doorstep, our cooks are working, our bartenders are answering
phones and they’re helping out with social media. If the club was to close, I would not probably
qualify for any kind of unemployment. It became very real when this happened, that we are independent contractors and dancers work for tips and tips only. For the majority of us it’s been an almost complete loss of income. This is the job. Losing this job is devastating for most of us. We’re keeping our
prices the same, the only thing we’re charging for is a $30 service
fee for the two girls, and we’re splitting that up between the two
dancers and the security. Everybody’s making just over minimum wage. These girls got ready and we came out for you. We are as ready as we get, just like we were coming into the club. So, yeah, you should
tip your Boobers. We’re trying really hard. Club regulars and then there’s also
girls’ regulars calling as well, being like I want this girl to deliver. We do
that, and another dancer from another club just called just supporting other
dancers. Portland’s very community driven area also. And just, there’s a
huge like family love. It’s definitely been really amazing to just do this with
the people we love too, getting to see people during this and it keeps our spirits up, for sure. And it’s something to do.

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