Overview of Employee Service Awards Program

Hello and welcome to this overview of Select
Your Gift’s Service Award program using Gift Albums. Our Service Award program is very easy to
administer and it allows your employees to pick a gift they will truly appreciate and
enjoy from Gift Albums offerings a large assortment of popular lifestyle items. We have 18 different price levels to choose
from, and everything is included at each level. You simply align your anniversary milestones
to the available price levels. For example, if you were looking at the pearl
level for 5 years of service, that level is $40. And , everything is included for that
$40. The Presentation Packet, the gift, and the gift shipped. The Award Presentation Packet will include
the Gift Album, and a “Thank You for your Years of Service” Gold Leaf certificate paper,
they are both placed inside a large white inner wrap.
This gets closed with a gold seal that’s embossed with their anniversary on it, 5 years, 10
years, etc. Finally, everything is put into an outer envelope that is used for distribution.
You can either mail them, or hand the packets out. So the Presentation Packet, the Gift, and
the Gift shipped, “everything” is included at each price point. As I mentioned earlier, the packet will include
the Years-of-Service stationary that you can use to print your own message before inserting into the packet. Optionally, we can print your message on the
certificate paper, personalizing each certificate with the employees name, service anniversary, and your company logo. Inside each packet is a card with a unique
redemption number, and instructions to redeem. There are 3 ways that employees can redeem
their gifts. They can pick a gift out the printed album and mail in the Postage paid
redemption card, they can place their order over the phone by calling our Customer Service
department or our most popular option is to redeem online where they will see the largest
and most current collection of items available at each level. The employee simply logs into the redemption
site, enters in their unique redemption code and picks their gift.
To summarize. After ordering and receiving the packets,
you Distribute them to the employees with personal presentations, or via mail. At their convenience, they can view the large
selection printed in the catalog, or go online to redeem – where they’ll see almost twice
as many items. They’ll soon have their gift delivered right to their door. This video presents only some of the many
options that are available to customize your Service Award Program. To contact us for more detailed information
and to receive a sample Service Award Presentation Packet, please visit us at www.Select-Your-Gift.com Thank you for taking the time to watch this
video. Have a great day

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