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Welcome to Office Mechanics, the first show of the season, where we go deeper into the office 365 technologies and the people behind them. It’s a brand
new year and this is a brand ne demo-rich show today hot on the heels of the recent
Windows 10 announcements we’re going to take a first look at the touch optimized Office for Windows 10 on a tablet I’m joined by Ben Walters. Welcome. Great to be here. We had a lot of great
announcements around Windows 10 and the preview news just been released but what’s new in the world Office? This was huge news we have about Office today. We now have Office built from the ground
up for touch with Windows tablets so this means no more mouse and and no more keyboard if I’m on the go and get access my Office no matter what I’m
doing so what I’m gonna do today is take you through an example about using Office for for a company that is
building a camera. I’m going to go through all the apps and show you what that looks like. Let’s get started with Excel and here we have some demographic data for where wanna sell my camera and
what’s happening there of course Excel is one of these really fine tuned, high-precision apps today
but now it’s really easy for me just with touch to be able to do all the
things in Excel I love to do. So being able to select and manage and filter to my data really simple all just with my finger because when we working with Excel we
really wanna start to take some that data and format that we can present it
to people so over here my other worksheet I’ve got a set of data that has been given to us around book sales for the week We can see it’s raw and there’s no formatting to it but really easy for me to hit the Insert tab and convert this over to a table and
beauty is with only one cell selected Excel can go ahead and figure out the bounds of that data table, it’s got table header is actually applied that formatting for me so I don’t need to do all those selection pieces myself and of course once that’s done it’s very
easy for me to go ahead and start to reformat that widen columns move things around as I
need to course when the other big powerful piece in Excel is this idea charting data being able to put them into
graphs and we used to do this with a hover control at the bottom in the
table which you know was kind of hard to do with a finger. Right. So here I can go ahead and say you know what insert recommended charts I get this
great live view of the data rendered as it would be in that
preview very simple for me go ahead and select those charts greats have your data analysis you
researched and want to work on the spec and word that’s a great idea so here I
have my camera specification up in Reading Mode on Word this is great is really easy for me to
make my way through the documents see feedback and comments that have come
through as part of that I can also see things like my comments on that document
that have done so I can add review and comment to that as I’m going as I’m
making my way through and just transition through and read that
the way I would read a book the other great thing around reading
mode is this idea insights this is one other big
differentiators for Windows as well to the ability for me to be able to
select the word have a menu come up and that mean you give me an insights
menu and what this is doing is looking at the document and looking at the
context of what’s happening in a document and pulling back additional
information for me from the web on that we saw that Office Online Bing is
actually pulling in that information and surfacing that up right in the
document that’s right and really easy for me get great results in there as
well from that perspective course what I want to be able to do as
well as make edits my document so I can very easily switch respect and
it might and knows I have my document here picked up from where I was when I was
reading really smooth really really your response even the way I work with
that so with the change in a in the UI sometimes it can be difficult to
find features that we’ve had in the desktop you know where they are and this is where the idea of Tell Me
comes in so I can start to ask questions that were around where its functionality
is so for example here gonna go actually
asked for headers and footers bring it back up I asked how I can
insert a header or footer and you notice as I’m typing this in its
bringing up those commands not help topics are not taking up to a website to
read actually exposing their functionality
for me so I can simply putting header and it takes me straight to the header and header and footer at night so I can
insert company my head is important another great feature here is this idea of being able to lock the keyboard so as I’m never getting through document
I get this happening with the keyboard pops up instead what I can do is lock that out and
then released at never get through that document cleanly and easily without much
hassle that’s really cool are seeing a lot of
the features from the web services things like Insights things like Tell Me coming down
to the in the rich clients are Office for Windows tablet I know you’ve also worked on a pitch deck a presentation in PowerPoint for this camera so why don’t you give us a look at that? that’s right and one other big things around happen we’re looking to reviews its
ability to really take power the pain as one the big differentiator
is when we look at it Office for Windows tablet is the idea that we have stylus
is that we can use to do we’ll find grain control and review on that So here you can see I have my deck I’m
currently in presenter mode and I can make my way through the slides
really nice me transitions great animations as part of that that because I have my pen I can also
start to annotate some of this as well you can see here I have a slide I’ve
got a couple a couple bubbles on their highlighting
some things but I really want that to match so what I can do is I can actually take
my pen and start to put in annotations onto that slide to let me know what I
need to do so as I go back and make my edits I know
exactly what that’s done there and i cant say across things out have a
name I can also use this one presenting if I wanted to to highlight different
areas at the deck answer if I wanted to draw attention
over to certain things that go ahead and do that as well right so with my annotations in place I can pop out of my presentation and get
the option to keep those annotations as well so I know exactly where those marks were made and what they
look like one the other things we’ve got it is idea that I you know want to try and copy n paste my
formatting I was one of the things we noted down want to do it so historically this is
something they did take a mouse and keyboard and the copy formatting function to do that been now and go
ahead and do this with touch so by selecting the object I want to copy we get this little ellipsis and it shows me a
submenu these are all contextual show up based on what I have selected in this menu and alters as it needs to so I go ahead and pick copy formatting select my new object and paste that over there and then we go I’ve now got consistent
formatting across my deck so again really powerful really easy to use these
touch based applications really great so we see a lot of the on
the web services come in the support that we see the power of the pen on on Windows 10 especially the real
differentiator in terms of some of the things that you can do with that device in specific great terms of functionality have across
all your documents or spreadsheets the things to plan out your camera that you’re building the
specification in Word the PowerPoint file the great thing is really consistent
across all the different tablet form factor your using, so whether you use in iOS or Android on those tablets wanna make sure you can be able to
change from one platform to the other very easily just Office is wherever you
are in this the device that you have on your right that’s right is really
important and we say in the camera world the best camera you’ve got is the one in
your pocket now the best device I have is one that I got with me that’s really great to see. thanks for joining us today Ben. Of course for all the news go to the Office Blog and on Wednesdays Office Mechanics thanks for watching and
goodbye for now

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  1. anyone else think this would be a great name for a basic 3d modelling program?

  2. I love the logo of Microsoft Office Mechanics, it's beautiful, round, and colourful, not ugly and flat like most of Microsoft has tried to emulate, congratulations to the actual artistic people that designed the logo. 😉 #Beauty   #GoodLookingIcons  

  3. Looks very nice but from what I have seen so far, for me as hardcore business user, this touch version unfortunately seems to be too limited for me :(. Is there any chance that we may see data support in Excel, VBA support and an Access app?

  4. Every time Microsoft releases an app ''built from the group up'' it's buggy and gets disliked, Microsoft buys Acompli and simply rebrands existing software that is proven to be great, and everyone loves it… the moral of the story, stop building things from the ground up and laverage 30 years of trustworthy software instead.

  5. Microsoft announces Office 2016, to be released in the second half of 2015

  6. Is Office touch-optimized for Windows 8, by chance? thx.

  7. windows 10 is the reason for me to include the tablet and the phone into my production workflow, sooooo smooth UX love it <3

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