Pawn Stars: CHUM CUTS A DEAL FOR AMPUTATION SAW (Season 8) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: CHUM CUTS A DEAL FOR AMPUTATION SAW (Season 8) | History

  1. True..Todays parent are pansies…..I'm sure he wanted to say the other P word…..

  2. 0:01 if you play it over and over it sounds like a clown, I’m scared now

  3. "I came to the pawn shop because I think these guys give good deals" I guess she hasn’t met rick

  4. "Parents today are a bunch if panzies." Those are some truuuuuue words.

  5. Can you call in mark the guy waiting out the back?
    AH OK we can call in mark!

  6. “I think these guys give great deals” that’s when I knew it was over

  7. Clearly its not medical the teeth are so big that cutting bone would make a mess!

  8. The casting choices must be getting pretty slim if they cast this bimbo as a doctor.

  9. I think she knew damm well it was fake, and was just trying her luck

  10. The best thing I ever heard on this show just came from the Bearded Wonder. Today's parents are just a bunch of pansies….
    Best quote ever….

  11. Who else notice the camera man get a shot of the milfs pretty feet almost on every episode 😎👍🏾

  12. "Parents today are of bunch of pansies"
    Please applaud this Trump supporter. 😊😊

  13. A better title would have been: "Chum does not cut a deal for something that is not an amputation saw".

    I'm surprised Chum was even in the clip tbh.

  14. Title suggestion that still uses the pun, but doesn't mislead viewers: Customer tries to cut a deal for amputation saw

  15. She was totally not a doctor if she couldnt recognize that the blade was not correct for cutting bone. Then she brought the bullet in to further mislead. A total con artist.

  16. Fingers have finger tips, so you don't have to cut at all and just amputate a whole, or nothing.
    The teeth are MUCH to large, everybody can see that.

  17. “I came to the Pawn Shop because these guys give great deals” I’m deceased

  18. You could tell Chum did not want to call someone in over a few hundred bucks😂😂😂😂

  19. Sell it to Crown Prince M.B.S, a.k.a Mr Bone Saw, you'll get a million for it.

  20. What kind of "doctor" is she that she doesn't know about medical surgical serrated edges having small teeth not large?

  21. 00:00 HA HA HAI HAHA HAI HAHA HAI HAHA HAI HAHA HAI- haunts my nightmares

  22. "at least I wasn't touching a dirty old nasty bone saw."
    -puts down meth pipe…

  23. This is the fakest episode ever,
    She was promoting them both,
    And the fake shock 😏

  24. That lady looks like Heather Locklear, from Melrose Place TV series, maybe her sister,

  25. "these guys always cut a good deal". Has this lady ever watched the show before?

  26. When keeps saying it “stumped” her. I thought she was using a pun

  27. I'm surprised that it wasn't at least worth 20 bucks or so even as a super old child's toy

  28. It looks too coarse for a bone saw…..and the woman is completely fos.

  29. 0 out of 100 I don’t see berd in the background screaming “ CHUMLEEEEEEE”

  30. “come to the pawn shop because I think these guys give great deals”

  31. Soldier: "Rick I got shot in the leg can you amputate it please?"
    Rick: "Best I can do is scratch the surface. I'm taking a big risk here."

  32. Mark hit the nail on the head about today's parent's. I am a father I am not raising my kid's to be baby's.

  33. That's a kids carpentry saw from 50s I know it is seen lots just like it in sets

  34. I knew right away it was for wood. Lol. The teeth would be way finer if it was for amputations.

  35. When she starts explaining the stuff, close your eyes and just listen

  36. The amputation saw toys for children community will never be the same. Pawn stars employees are a bunch of pansies

  37. If she's a doctor then I'm a super hero. She looks like she lives in an ally way smoking a bolo

  38. Fly-On-The-Wall-Cam: I'm going to the pawn shop and see if they give me $400 for a rusted toy.

  39. She’s not that far off if you look at images online there are some that looked just like this except yes the blade was finer toothed.

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