Pawn Stars: Chumlee’s Sweet Deal on a Coca-Cola Toy (Season 13) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Chumlee’s Sweet Deal on a Coca-Cola Toy (Season 13) | History

  1. Yeah I’ve just held on to it for 30 years, but I feel like $75 for this promotional item is fair

  2. Lol, looking at the dude’s face, he seems to have zero interest in what Chumlee is saying.

  3. the man ask for $150 and chum said no, but they gonna sell it for $150. wow😂

  4. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven can be compared to leaven in which a women took and hid in three measure of meal until it was all leavened.

  5. I think that toy is not that surprising because in Mexico you trade Coca Cola bottle caps for original Coca Cola toys such as cars and trains and figures.

  6. Who is that British guy when was he born in the 70s he was born or a different year when he got it and what’s his last name

  7. These are so common in New Zealand, coke sold a heap of them for the 1986 100 years promotion . Worth about $40 in a nice condition box. $15 loose .

  8. I feel so bad for the guy.. he really didn't wanna sell it. Now, he's gonna use the 75 bucks to buy his wife flowers that dies in a few days.

  9. Chumlee is my fave pawn! such a humble guy, i wish i have one friend like chum in real life.

  10. On eBay for $150 now. People should just list their stuff online if they want to make the most money.

  11. Okay I keep seeing this, I hate it how EVERY item that goes through the store, they always talk about the obvious, as if they were giving a history lesson. I would literally go to a pawn shop, try to sell my item, and leave. That’s it

  12. I like Coca cola  & Transformers but I wouldn't pay 75 Dollars for that thing.

  13. Customer: I wanna sell this rock.
    Chumlee: $60 bucks
    Hey, look what I bought!
    Rick: This has hieroglyphics. This is rare.
    Chumlee: Yea, I bought it for $60 bucks because it looks cool.
    Rick: It's friggin worth a fortune.
    Chumlee: R E A L L Y? Where's my gold then? I want to buy a golden toilet seat.
    Rick: 🙄😤

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