Pawn Stars: RISKY DEAL for RARE SAMURAI KNIFE (Season 17) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: RISKY DEAL for RARE SAMURAI KNIFE (Season 17) | History

  1. "Its easier than pulling out your long sword and stabbing em"
    Ehhh I think I will keep long sword in hand thanks

  2. Chumlee: I can sharpen it and do a self-circumcision. I just need some tweezers.

  3. Burger King: Hello, welcome to Burger King, what can we get for you today

    Rick: Lemme get a whopper, 20 piece nuggets, a large fry, and a chocolate shake

    Burger King: that will be $20.21

    Rick: let me call up a buddy of mine, he is an expert in the burger joint because I'm not sure if that's a good price or not

  4. Random dude: the is probably worth 10,000 dollars

    Karen:I StIlL wAnT 15,000 dOlLaRs!!

  5. After a few seconds, u realize that this show is fixed. As if chum, actually knows what he's talking about, though he is a complete moron.

  6. I don't know about you guys but I'm probably going to see a few comments about this teacher unexpectedly 5:11

  7. Was this an older episode? Anyone know if the Hana katana restoration ever panned out?

  8. The whole time Chum was talking I'm just thinking "shut up and call the expert already." 🙄

  9. Chumlee plays dumb but it’s all an act. He wouldn’t work there if he didn’t contribute. Apparently he’s actually quite sharp. 👍

  10. UPDATE: RICK had to frame it.. took all the risk and Chum lost his job.

  11. Chumlee has become more professional through the years with doing his job. Lol

  12. Are We Just Gonna Ignore The Fact That Chumlee’s On Drugs? Yeah? Ok.

  13. The sharp is in the back?, i think that sword belong to kenshin himura

  14. All i can say is this teacher is hot hot hot! period.

  15. When an expert says hasn't seen one in forever and its made for traditional flower arranging, its worth way more than a miserly $1000 to a collector in Japan. Most people see the price of everything but the value of nothing.

  16. I just love how Chum just randomly started giving a history lesson to this lady who’s only interest is selling that piece of metal

  17. If it was corey or rick im pretty sure she wouldnt have got more than 500

  18. Mike the samurai sword expert takes us all on a guided meditation just by him speaking lol 😂

  19. Do you mind if i have a friend come down that will lowball you so that you can be screwed out of half of the value of the item that you are trying to sell?

  20. Where is Rebecca? Lol jk I actually uploaded a top 5 facts vid about Rebecca from Pawn Stars on my page, she’s actually pretty interesting no lie 😅

  21. Hana is Japanese for flower so I think the translation was pretty literal.

  22. I'm thinking this is the first one not out for a fix or slot money.but money for her classroom as she said.

  23. I wonder how many times did Chum had to repeat this scene so the wording come out correctly…

  24. Are those DBZ figures in the background? To left of the lady when the camera is facing her.

  25. I have 53 years old doctor Martin shoes ,, pawnshop can take orr no ?

  26. i have Old Money From Philippines and i want to sell it but i cannot go to pawnshop bcs i live in Philippines

  27. If it was Rick, it’ll be $750 because he’s gonna say it will sit in the store for 6 months blah blah blah…

  28. The get it restored and it’s some super famous maker and it’s worth that 50grand

  29. I feel sorry for all negative people that obviously have such horrible lives that they can't find anything positive in it so they feel that they must criticize and put down others to feel good about themselves!

  30. How much do you want? 500… it’s worth about 1500 as is…. how much do you want now??? 2 grand.

  31. Mike is so knowledgeable and wise unfortunately his poor barber isn’t. He really messed up his haircut. Poor guy

  32. Update: they removed the handle and the inscription said "Made in China,1985"……Rick made Chum stand in the corner for 4 hrs.

  33. teacher in the most powerful nation in the world has to pawn her antique to fund her class. respect to the teacher, and not the billionaire selling charter schools.

  34. They opened it and found a name , they name was Donald trump then rick threw the tiny sword out the window.

  35. Sad that a teacher has to pawn things to put money into her classroom

  36. Are used to like the show a lot more. Till I found out most of it was staged.

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