Paypal CEO dodges questions about doing business with China

one of the other two places that you’ve
taken the company is you got the first outside license through an acquisition
to do business in China how do you square the values that you talked about
with doing business in China which typically means following the rules of
the Chinese government you know you’ve obviously stood up for
the civil rights of LGBTQ workers in America what about protesters in Hong
Kong mm-hmm so we work with regulators around the
world I mean that is who we are and so we need to learn if you’re going to be a
global company to be flexible you need to be nimble and you need to follow the
rules of of each country that you’re in is but we’re not just talking about
banking regulations here I mean China has you know a pre atrocious track
record when it comes to human rights surveillance don’t you worry that at a
certain point you won’t be able to speak out on your values without risking the
business that you’ve built in China we need to rise above you know our own self
interests and really think about the whole and to me the whole is do
consumers have financial health I think what we should try to stay away from
where we can our political issues so do you not anticipate your values
conflicting with doing business in China or so you have a plan we offer around
the world trying to lift underserved populations into the digital economy is
where we can provide the most value I think to the world’s population and I
really want to stay focused on that mission because I think it will make a
real difference and I just want to come back to it one more time because I’m a
little confused you really don’t think doing business in
China is gonna bump up against those values every country around the world
has issues every country around the world we need to navigate those in the
way that we feel is most consistent with our values and most consistent with our
mission not easy to always go do but I wouldn’t single out the China versus any
other country

3 thoughts on “Paypal CEO dodges questions about doing business with China

  1. Pretty sure every label on clothing worn by interviewer has MADE IN CHINA on it.

  2. We need to rise above our own personal interests and think only about the money. Oh, wait… money is my personal interest.

  3. TL; DWL (don't wanna listen) Our corporation will always attempt to acquire profit.

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