Pelosi says there’s a deal with White House over coronavirus bill

100 thoughts on “Pelosi says there’s a deal with White House over coronavirus bill

  1. My president said CORONAVIRUS it’s a hoax !!!! Sooo this is fake news!!! 😂 there is no issues or any emergency… this is fake news!!! FAKE NEWS!!! Ok FAKE NEWS!!!!

  2. Last thing folks wanna hear. Come on…. people are saying that’s a tough question I call bs it was a layup for trump. All he had to do was a say “ yea it’s my fault we’re working hard to get to done right” why can’t he even say that???? This admin sucks on Coronavirus !!! I don’t believe him I don’t believe mike pence who thinks if he squints hard enough people will take pity on him !!!! That’s trumps 2020 campaign slogan.. “ I don’t take responsibility at all” “ it wasn’t me”.”we have people” he’s so done it’s not even funny.

  3. Of course there's a deal since coronavirus kills old people mostly; Congress is mostly old people

  4. My name is fox news and I like making sad lonely far right feel a false sense of empowerment and confuse everyone else. At fox we could have showed you the actual footage of the announcement or a statement, or even told you what's in the new bill but we love flicking our bean to people getting mad, confused, and or misinformed from our bull.

  5. Oh please set up a border, let's isolate. But everything from grocery stores. Fight for ur life. Everyman on its own!!! My party will protect me!!

  6. If the Democrats give into the republicans, this means they are losers . Never give UP! Democrats..

  7. Awwww i wanted to hear nancy go uh umm buu shh ick shhek gluah glosh um da da hu shlick gush and spit all over herself.

  8. She is lucky anyone with sense cant vote her out. Cal is unlikely to vote her out because they are blinded by party.

  9. This is such a strange society and place,we can fly into outer space because it seems logical we other wise create the unknown because it’s logical both places to us are said to be the same thing who are we is the question… I wish I could be somewhere you don’t need nothing and people believe in each other not paper money.. WOULDN’T INFECTIONS INCREASE IN CHINA PERENNIALLY IF YOU COULDN’T CONTAIN THE VIRUS.. does Tibet has 1 case still? And why is everything just like I say it is? I mean I know why but I’m asking… but me myself just like the world so it’s getting better

  10. The Democrates are trying to use the Virus bill to get AMERICA'S to pay for abortions, Pelosi doesn't give a dam about American's.

  11. It's the flu, Democrats and China are using it as a farce, so anyone who gets the flu… during flu season will think they are going to die and hate Trump. Just in time for election day.

  12. My daughter has a fever. I called the hospital in Quitman Tx. and asked if she could be tested. I was told they don't have any tests. Just stay at home and she if she gets worse? Take her to one of the bigger hospitals. They can't even get the hospitals test for the virus. There are 6 of us in this house and we just came back from Mississippi to Texas. We came through Louisiana and it is everywhere down south. I see how it is spreading. We are self quarantined, just to be safe. Take my word for it, they are not doing anything to help us at all. This just showed me that these preppers are the only smart ones. Way to go guys.

  13. in the netherland i am a recht voter but if i see this stupidly fox news whine about it , it all about the money .
    so i hope you all get corona and then lets see how you want to have pelosi bill have fun becoming lefts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I would like to add if any looters even think about going out and trying to mess with the American homes,businesses or people during this American Emergency, National Emergency there's a good chance you will be SHOT, Beware.

  15. Jared must have approved it after that shitshow middle school presentation from trump yesterday

  16. I get old people are usually not good looking but there’s something off about Nancy, I think she’s a reptilian shapeshifter.

  17. Hey POTUS ! Stand with your hands on your hips and say – I am for the people-you do not pass the BILL- who cares/WHAT I say goes I am Potus/help us poor people -we will do you proud!!

  18. Does she not get it? Majority of people hate her and her ATTITUDE! She is a dirty dirty lady, don't let her fool you ….she is all about herself, and money of course, the micromanaging control freak.

  19. That whack job is 3rd in line for President. That fact scares me more than the virus. Imagine her quivering, drug/alcohol soaked voice delivering the State of theUnion.

  20. Be kind to one another..treat everyone how you want to be treated. God help us all

  21. Pelosi slowed down help for the American People by inserting Politics into this issue. She needs to be removed from power. She is not for the American People.

  22. Pelosi is a Disgusting half human. Both she and the Democrats themselves are a disease worse than the corona virus.

  23. Founding fathers and all the patriots that have fought and died so we would have freedom must be rolling over in their graves, she and her evil cronies disgust me , we need God back in this country


  25. Shot @ a beer Nancy is ready for the wax museum ! 😂😎🙏💜✌SUCH A LOSER, BUT SHE'S GOT A LOT OF $$🖕SHE'S A DISGRACE

  26. 😵 They should give every citizen a years supply of Free Toilet Paper. We have Food Stamps… Now we need Toilet Paper Stamps 🚽

  27. Why is Trish' Show cancelled from the Fox? It is USA and everybody has the right to Speak!!!! Will be nice to have Trish's Show BACK on FOX. ELIMNATE FIVE SHOw – this became an awful show : screaming, all negative, not prepared, just noise and not nice faces.

  28. The thing is she tried to sneak a abortion in there so the place where woman could go to have it could have money they caught it she need to go dont need someone feeding abortion clinics

  29. Politics, politics. We need a French Revolution. Start over. Design a government without polititions.

  30. In the past, Americans were able to huddle around TVs and radios in times of crisis, being able to rely on the media. Now look at us. The majority of MsM is deceitful and is trying to harm the country.

  31. Real leadership from a real leader, not a Kremlin sponsored baby – "I take no responsibility"

  32. It's not because of you! This should of been done days ago. You just wanted to play politics, when people are literally dying.

  33. This bill like all others contain money for the Democrats to steal. They have never done anything for the American people except for treason and corruption. Time to get rid of them permanently.  The President should be able to Veto any provisions in that bill that don't belong there.

  34. How many abortions is this Pelosi last minute injection going to pay for? We are at half a Holocaust of dead babies right now.

  35. Trump and fox said this is a hoax. What other issues were claimed to be a hoax?

  36. I wonder how much Pelosi is putting in her pocket…
    There are funds, loans and grants allocated for countries affected by the 'virus.'
    In the Billions!
    So More 'FREE MONEY' can go into the hands of Corrupted Politician's World Wide!

  37. "$50 billion for state and local governments to respond to the crisis"…I've seen this before. 90% of the money will go to "Expert Legal Opinions", 5% goes to corporate, 4% goes under the table,1% goes to NGO and -25% goes to families.

  38. Pelosi should take the homeless and her area and put them behind her big tall locked Gates and every other politician they should help out on their property.they need to help more they got the money we pay them.

  39. Democrates should not be able to go on a vacation if the country has an emergency like we have right now. They are very irresponsible when it comes to the American people that pays them to do thier job

  40. Oh really you dumb Trumpets? Trump was against the idea in the first place. Get your freaking fact straight. While Trump was tweeting and you dumb Trumpets were reading them, Pelosi and Mnuchin were actually working out something to help us. You guys are so dumb you only listen to one network like fox news and think you know everything. WOW! As Generally Kelly said, "If you only listen to fox news, you are an uninformed citizen." I'm a real Republican of the Lincoln and the McCain Party, not your dumb Trump Party.

  41. Meanwhile the pm of Canada says Canadians won’t pay rent because of coronavirus. This months many rents will go up and earnings are low and Banks and Wall Street will get bail out in trillions.

  42. Nancy you have lost all credibility. Sick of all your stupid opinions, just shut up!

  43. We need to set a limit on how many pages a bill can be and how much time is required for it to be read and understood properly so they can never get away with trying to stick a bunch of unconstitutional garbage into a bill. This has always been the Democrats strategy to force stuff through by mixing in good stuff with horrible stuff. You know who else does that his name is called SATAN ….MIXES LIES WITH TRUTH!!!!

  44. Lets hear about the entitlements the democrats stuck in it as well. Liberal mantra, never let a tragedy go by without taking a personal advantage.

  45. Didn't get your abortion money, did you Nancy? The hell does abortion have to do with coronavirus relief anyway?

  46. Polisi has has a lot of hot air she lost her marbles and left them in bag. Unfortunately. The Aggies were broken and what were left was the small ones.

  47. The fact Trump will sign this bill without reading it is disappointing……

  48. For hells sake please send this crazy ugly sea donkey back to the sewer where she came from, she is worse than the Corona Virus she is cringe worthy, she makes me want to vomit every time she flaps those huge dentures and I hear her sputter and spit she can barely finish a sentence, she and Biden both need to go retire in the old and decrepit home.

  49. "we reccommend prayer until the Corona Virus has been eliminated from the flat Earth"
    ~Vice President Pence~

  50. meanwhile 65% of all abortions happen in 7 southern conservative states

  51. Poli-tricks as usual for pelosi ,she could care less about anybody. Her days are numbered along with dnc cronies,that have been ruining not running the Country.

  52. it's too bad that nancy's parents didn't abort her when she was in her mammas womb since she likes abortion son much

  53. This is how/when folks sneak in legislature. You'd all better be watching your asses during times like these…

  54. Im sure there are extensive conditions on anyone receiving any aid from the government. There always is. Even when you qualify, you don't qualify.

  55. Shut that old bat the hell up already. Get her the hell out of her life long "public servant" office. Becaude she does not work for the people of the United States of America…. nope. Nancy Pelosi works for the special intrests groups and big buissness lobbyists, as her multy million dollar bank account suggests. I wana see this ol' BAT put up her salary like President Trump did. Then she can go around tearing up congressional documents like some pre school toddler. END the Democrat Party. They have been infiltrated by special intrests and f-commies man. Get a grip people. Listen to what these commies are saying on the debate stage. They are all COMMUNISTS and Pres. Trump is in their way.

  56. Pelosi is sicking. Trump already declared a national emergency. He's already going to be giving funds, but Pelosi wants to make it look like we need the Democrats.

  57. Nancy is a syphilis riddled skin husk. It looks like someone set her face on fire and beat it out with a sock full of rusty nails. The Coronavirus may need to be careful it doesn’t contract Nancy Pelosi.

  58. Hey Piglosi do we have to pass the bill before you will tell us whats in it?

  59. The house was trying to add stuff about abortion in the bill. What does abortion have to do with the corona virus.

  60. Why she is taking credit for the bill? Where are the republicans that put the bill in the house to be aproved. Republicans should be working so hard like president Trump and fighting for the president. TRUMP SENT THE BILL TO THE HOUSE, TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ,DURING THESE TIME.

  61. She wanted to sneak a billion dollars in there for abortionz and that's what held it up!

  62. Democrat's always make sure they get their PORK NO MATTER WHAT🐖🐖🐖🐖🐽🐽🐽🐗🐗🐗🐗

  63. And do the day,american don’t deserve president trump !takecare trump of yourself n America dun deceive u ,they are not worthy of your scarified !

  64. Nancy is such a sick b** people are dying Nancy you want to add something in their bill to pass it so we can get help f*** you you b**

  65. Remember Nancy is the one that says we have to pass it before you read it

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