PG&E Employees Showcase Skills at Gas Rodeo Competition in Livermore

This past May PG&E held
its second annual Gas Rodeo, following the success of last
year’s inaugural competition. With cowboy hats swapped for
hard hats, these hard working and talented teams wrangled
gas lines and steel pipes rather than cattle, showcasing
their skills for their cheering colleagues, friends, and family. Good job Dad! The teams competed throughout the day in an attempt
to not only to beat out their fellow wranglers, but for a
chance to compete nationally. It’s an honor and a privilege to
represent for PG&E and for our service area, Cinnabar. The
teams were all smiles at the competition as they competed
in events like assembling gas meters from boxes of fittings,
and hand digging out boxes to uncover objects at the bottom.
Although these events are designed to showcase the speed
and accuracy of the work teams perform, the pipe cutting event
showcases a team’s toughness as well as skill as they use a
mechanical 4-wheel cutter to cut through a 6 inch pipe. The pipe
cutting pretty much kicked my butt. Their efforts were not
just on display for loved ones though, as PG&E’s Senior Vice
President of Gas Operations, Jesus Soto, was on hand to see
the impressive work that these men and women perform every day
to provide PG&E customers with safe, reliable, affordable, and
clean natural gas. They are our gas professionals, and they’re working on what is
the most comprehensive asset
modernization program in the country. This is the work
that they do every day which is making us the safest, most
reliable gas company in the U.S. And, to see them in
action, to get a little bit of a competitive environment going is
really a thrill to see. New to this year’s rodeo was the
introduction of the “Locate and Mark” event which is designed
to highlight the competitors’ abilities to quickly and
accurately identify gas and electric facilities. Those
flagging the facilities with the fastest and the fewest mistakes
in a 12 minute period would be crowned the winners. For the communities it makes it
so that it’s safe for everybody else
that’s out in the communities, when they have contractors
digging around our facilities. Because a lot of people forget
that gas and electric, it’s really a dangerous commodity.
An example of two champions PG&E crowned during the events was
the team of Jayson Visinoni and Shaun Mahanay who came out on
top of the two man division. This team and other winners
from the day will now go on to represent PG&E nationally in the
championships in Colorado, while the locate and mark winners just
wrapped up their nationals in Texas. It’s just a lot of fun.
It’s something cool the company puts on and really promotes
comradery. For like the gas department, it’s kind of like
the Olympics. Although not every team can go on to represent PG&E
nationally, the rodeo showcased the safe and skilled work that
PG&E employees practice on a daily basis in their
communities. It’s such a privilege for me to be here with
our employees, to see what they do every day. For Currents, I’m Hunter

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