Philip Hammond hints he could vote against new PM over no-deal Brexit

The Chancellor, this morning,
I think very eloquently has set out the consequences
of that no deal. Can I ask him very
straightforwardly, bearing in mind
what he said, will he join us in
committing himself to doing everything
he possibly can to oppose the prorogation
of Parliament to try to sneak a no deal through,
and also voting against no deal? Let me say this,
I think I have been consistently clear that I believe
leaving with a no-deal exit will be bad for the UK,
bad for the British economy, bad for the British people. We cannot, however, rule out
that that could happen, because it is not entirely
in our hands, but I do agree with him that
it would be wrong for a British government to seek,
to pursue, no deal as a policy. And I believe that it will be for
the House of Commons, of which I will continue
proudly to be a member, to ensure that that
doesn’t happen. We’ve built up around
£26 or £27 billion of fiscal headroom,
and the purpose of having that headroom is precisely in
order to protect the UK economy from the immediate effects
of a possible no-deal exit. But I have no doubt
whatsoever that in a no-deal exit we will need
all of that money and more to respond to the immediate
impacts of the disruption of a no-deal exit. That will
mean that no money available for longer-term, either tax cuts,
or spending increases. But let me go further.
The Government’s analysis suggests that in a disruptive
no-deal exit, there would be a hit to the Exchequer of about
£90 billion. That will also have to be factored into future
spending and tax decisions.

53 thoughts on “Philip Hammond hints he could vote against new PM over no-deal Brexit

  1. Hammond has always been a remainer just like "MAY".
    This is why brexit never stood a chance.

  2. If no deal Brexit was completely harmless for UK, it would have happened years ago. Still people don't want to accept it's damaging for economy. It's ridiculous.

  3. It's kind of nice to see the Conservatives destroying the economy and proposing to spend like drunken sailors, as one says, pure Schadenfreude of course.

  4. One benefit of Boris getting in would be to see the back of Hammond from the Cabinet. Horrible politician.

  5. A "no-deal exit there will be a hit to the Exchequer of about £90bn."
    So why are the imbeciles so keen on it?

  6. They can't find any money for our economy but can so easily find 39 billion for the EU think I can see were there heart lies 🤔
    And of course we believe every word he says 🤣🤣🤣

  7. No surprise here. He’s been one of the main antagonists against Brexit from the start.

  8. Harrald Bishop I er er am er looking for my Madge. She said she would be at my party. O dam you Madge I only fell over on the way to Specsaver's. Harrald, Harald it's me Madge some bloke just sat on me in the back row.

  9. Nationalist nonsense is taking our democracies on a long walk off a short pier… And our enemies are trying hard not to piss themselves laughing.

  10. Hammond will soon find out he is out of a job and to suggest that he will not go along with the government on a no deal means he should be sacked from the conservative party

  11. Tell me, what was so bad about being in the EU. What will be better out. I still do not see it

  12. He will become a guardinista left whinging hero if he does traitorous scumbag.

  13. boris's first job in no 10 is to sack this ramaining POS.
    oh and then rory if he hasn't already left!

  14. I hope when Boris becomes our next leader, Hammond is booted to the back benches, along with those other shits that support him; that is where he belongs.

  15. Well why did they give us a vote.
    If we can't leave.
    This same guy said we would already be on a downward spiral for just voting to leave.
    He can't be trusted he should be jailed for corruption these are crocodiles attacking democracy.

  16. Tory 'Gaukward squad' hardens stance against no-deal Brexit ►

  17. Hammond the snake will do anything to remain in the EU.. hes never had ANY of his predictions come true. So let's hope he gets the sack under the new PM..

  18. No deal let's get out of the EU before they want Trillions for more bailouts!!!!!

  19. Who ever gets to be Prime Minister Should probably consider sacking Hammond !!

  20. Boris better watch out if he gets the PM job, Hammond will snear at him like he does to us.

  21. Hammond will resign the day boris gets picked why would the most hated man in the cabinet even think he won't come out the door with Treason May

  22. Hammond is a crazy fool of a man and he should be deselected rapid.

  23. A British politician with a brain! Great to see, I thought there is only Vince Cable and Keir Starmer…

  24. It's quite clear that politicians will do everything that can to prevent us leaving the union… Another 3 years of chaos

  25. There is no way Farage would keep Remoaner Hammond on as chancellor

  26. Any mention of the most serious threat Britain has ever faced………….MASS IMMIGRATION, i bet they don't mention that.

  27. Hammond must now resign. He is not fit to lead a Brexit Treasury.

  28. The worst scenario is: Jeremy Corbyn Government UK, broken into small EU areas each with EU Commission allocated dept, after Remaining in EU.

  29. Hammond (along with other elitist remainers) is becoming hysterical. NOW 90 billion loss if we leave! I wouldn't trust him to figure out my grocery budget

  30. Well take the 39billion off the 90 .not rocket science .what about the money set aside for a NO DEAL BREXIT Where's that gone ??

  31. Well done to Philip Hammond for standing up for what is right – not bowing to siren calls for a destructive no deal Brexit.

  32. Hammond has just said he will quit if Boris becomes a PM. Well I really hope that is a promise!!

  33. Phillip Hammond just quit , no one will notice ,
    & if you quit where will you go then ??

  34. Hammond is a disgrace, his behavior is incredibly disrespectful to the wishes of the Tory Party and its members whom are about to deliver yet again their mandate to leave the EU after backing Boris Johnson. He should not only resign his post but face deselection as MP by  Tory members.

  35. Hammond has gone away from politics now in order to try to cultivate a personality. His real name is Coring Bunt.

  36. Hammond totally missing the point. The deal offered by the EU had been rejected multiple times and it was and remains the only deal on offer. Parliament doesn't want it therefore the logical outcome is clearly no deal.

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