Pinterest Marketing for Coaches, Online Courses and Other Service-Based Businesses

A lot of people in service-based businesses
have no idea how they could leverage Pinterest and instead focus on other platforms, like
Facebook or Instagram. Today’s video is for everyone who provides
services, like photographers struggling to find clients, online tutors, real estate agents,
financial and business consultants, social media managers, personal development coaches,
wellness coaches, fitness experts and so on. And Pinterest can also be a great platform
to sell online courses, memberships or mixed programs where you offer a course and a group
coaching for example. Hi! I’m Anastasia of and
I’m sharing Pinterest marketing tips on this channel, every Thursday. So, if you want to see more of my tips in
the future, Subscribe and hit the Bell button to get notified when my new videos go live. From this video, you will not only see how to make your Pinterest profile look good, but how you can set it to attract your ideal
clients, send you traffic and leads. Last month I made over $10k with my online
courses and coaching services. Just a side note here. If you know about my Pinterest course and
its price, and you make a little math, you will see that for number of new accounts on
this screenshot, I would probably have to make a lot more than $10,000. So, the number of enrolled students not only
for my paid program but also for my Tailwind course which is in the Ultimate Bundles Bloggers Toolkit laster year, and people are still enrolling from that bundle. I don’t get paid, because these people already paid
once when they purchased the bundle. Anyway, the only reason I wanted to show you
this screenshot is because people often have very limiting beliefs about how much your
can earn online providing services or selling course, and I have to admit I had these limiting
beliefs as well. 2,5 years ago, when I just started my blog,
I was dreaming just to get some extra money because I wasn’t quite happy with my day
job, my income and career opportunities. I could never imagine that in just a couple
of years, I would be working from home full time, teaching people from all over the world about Pinterest marketing
through my course and coaching sessions. In fact, I never had a Pinterest account before
I started blogging! And here is how fast and how far Pinterest
platform helped me advance in online business, and how it completely changed my life. But you could say well Anastasia, good for
you, but how did you get these results and what can we do to get there? So let me start with this. A common misconception about Pinterest is
that it’s just a social media platform, and that people go to Pinterest for entertainment
like they do on other social media. But Pinterest is NOT a typical social media
site. Users barely connect with each other. Sending a direct message on Pinterest can
even get you suspended, especially if you send a link in your message. Pinterest doesn’t encourage direct interaction
between users on their platform. Pinterest is not just a social media site,
it’s a visual search engine which relies a lot on the social factors. By social factors, I mean both user interactions
with the content (meaning click-throughs, likes, comments), and the connection between
users (meaning you will see content from people and boards you follow more often in the Smartfeed
than from accounts which you don’t follow). WHY YOU SHOULD USE PINTEREST AS A TRAFFIC
get targeted audience on Pinterest. Meaning, you’ll attract people who are actually
interested in your topic. Because users on Pinterest can be in two modes:
• Active search; • Explore mode by scrolling the Smartfeed. Both ways you can get users who are genuinely
interested in your topic. If they come from search results, that’s
obviously your targeted audience. If they are just scrolling down the feed and
Pinterest recommends them your pin, that is also because this particular user showed some
interest in your topic in one way or another. Either the user created a board with the topic
you are covering, or followed another account that’s also in your niche, or even searched
for your focus keyword in the previous session – Pinterest collects a ton of information
about user’s behavior on the platform, to show in the feed some related or just in the SmartFeed. And this is the way you are getting organic traffic from Pinterest. The Reason #2 why I recommend you to focus on Pinterest for sales generation, is because Pinterest can drive you
your IDEAL customers. Look at these stats: about Pinterest audience: • 40% of the US households that are on Pinterest
make over $100k. • Pinterest users have 5 times higher shopping
intent than on other social media platforms; • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest
to plan for purchases. Now think about this demographic and tell
me if that’s not an ideal audience to sell them any kind of services, courses and coaching
sessions. Let’s move to the Reason #3 – Long-term results compared to other social media You know, when you post something on Facebook
or Instagram you spend your time crafting that ideal sales copy or just marketing copy for your post, and then… it gets some attention
for a one or two days maximum! and then… it gets some attention
for a one or two days maximum! But on Pinterest your efforts bring you long-term
results. Because Pinterest works as a combination of
a social media platform and a search engine, the active life of a post is much longer. Your pins can be found on Pinterest 6 months
or even years later than you published them. Reason #4: You can automate most of your Pinterest
routine As a business owner, you probably want to
focus on your clients and products, and you definitely feel overwhelmed even thinking
that you need to save about 10 pins a day. on Pinterest. Or maybe more. Actually, when you can save about 30 pins a day, then you are really moving towards success on this platform. But how you can do it manually? It’s really hard to imagine you will find time to login on Pinterest app and save your pins either going to a desktop computer or even with a mobile phone It’s not that easy to imagine that you will find time in your busy schedule. But you don’t have to do all of this! The beauty of marketing on Pinterest is that you have this automation tool that’s called Tailwind. And you can schedule everything for months in advance. And you will be pinning with Tailwind everything at the best hours when your audience is active on Pinterest. and I made a detailed tutorial which will help you set your Tailwind schedule. I’ll give you a link to that video above my head and in the description below this video. I also have a Tailwind course for those of you who want to really dive into it and learn in one hour how you can save yourself many-many hours of work that you would have to do manually. You just need to know the right settings in Tailwind to keep your account safe. Sometimes, automation when it’s done wrong, when you don’t know the exact settigns, you can publish too many pins though Tailwind in a row, or back to back. And that can get your account suspended. So, you want to avoid this for sure. And now I want to give you real actionable tips in this video, so if you want to know where to start on Pinterest, and what is the plan for your keyword research. 1) Brainstorm the keywords – try to think of your ideal customer and how they might be looking for your services. Make a draft list of keywords.
In the next steps, we’ll verify our ideas and see whether or not they are actually popular search phrases. 2) Check the list of your ideas in the Pinterest search bar. Check in the colored suggested words other related keywords. Refine your list with new keyword ideas. 3) Double-check if the keywords are popular with Google keyword research tools. You can use the free tool that is available right now, it’s Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. You want to use commonly searched terms that are relevant to your content. you need to add the focus keywords in the five areas of your profile: 1) Profile name 2) About your profile 3) Board titles 4) Board descriptions 5) Pin titles and descriptions for your content. You can use Pinterest for organic traffic, but for coaching services, I actually recommend to use Pinterest ads to drive leads and sign-ups into your email list. Because I’m getting email subscribers for about $0.5 – $1 per subscriber.

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  3. Hi,
    I want to clear my concepts like if we search a keyword on Pinterest about ( Classy Women Fashion ) and we type Women Fashion after selecting option Classy below from Keyword suggestions, then we see keyword appear in the search bar as Women Fashion Classy. So here is my question, Should we use the same complete keyword like ( women fashion classy ) or we can modify keyword to ( Classy Women Fashion ) and use it to make it a natural sentence? Will the results same or not. I hope I have better conveyed my thoughts. πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Anastasia, my question is about how to manage to create the recommended amount of 10-30 pins per day? How many pins per article? Can you pin the same pin to multiple boards? This number seems overwhelming at first… do you create all pins for the month in one day and schedule them then on Tailwind? Thank you!!!

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    I see that your monthly reach never drops all year round.

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