Plant Employees Talk About the Importance of Nuclear in Ohio | Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance

– [Lindsay Humble] The plant
here is pretty generational both of my parents had worked
here, so growing up here it was always kind of,
like, a part of my family. – I’m a third generation
nuclear worker here at the Parry station. So if this station was to
close, first and foremost, it would directly impact
myself and my family. – If the plant closes, and
I’m not able to maintain this position, we would
have to, you know, move. – [Chris Elliot] The impact
of the specific families that work here is one part of it, but then business-wise,
you’re losing out on, you know, people that go
out to eat here, right. People that spend money
to bring in lunches. You’re also losing out on vender support. – [Statan Barns] I’ve done
some research for towns that have been impacted by premature
closures of power plants. They have never been the same. Some ten, fifteen years the
towns have never recovered. You’re looking at
significant tax increases for properties based on the lost tax value from the power plant and
people will be forced to move. – [Jerry Bruss] If the
plant were to close, I think it would have a
pretty devastating impact and my opinion is, and what
I would talk to people about, is we need a balanced
energy portfolio, right, that includes different forms of energy and certainly clean energy has
got to be a key part of that. – [Matthew Messenger] We’re reliable. We’re safe. How would you replace this? I don’t know if you could. – [Chris Elliot] And I think
that’s a huge miss on our part and the government’s part. They’re not really sharing
the true story there, of how much money we’re spending to build new lines to new facilities to
offset 13,000 plus megawatts that we’re already generating. – [Jerry Bruss] Right here
in Perry, Ohio we have a clean energy plant that
provides a lot of those clean energy jobs and we’d
like to see that keep running. – We produce power 365 days a
year 24/7 and we do it well. – My name is Lindsay. – My name is Statan Barnes. – I’m Matt Messenger. – Chris Elliot. – Jerry Bruss. – I’m a plant employee. – I’m a plant employee. – I’m a plant employee. – And I support. – And I support. – And I support clean energy jobs.

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