Précinov: Robot vs. Employees

We hire skilled machinists since we have a lot of setup to do. It’s not operators we have here. The difference between a machinist and an operator from my point of view is a machinist will be able to adjust the machine, he will be able to do almost anything with the machine, mounting tools, change tools, adjust the finishing surface, he can really go further than just take the part, put it in the machine, perform quality control and switch the part for a new blank. For me, it’s rather an operator’s job. Given the complexity of the parts and the small batches we have here, we cannot have an operator because 45% of the time we are in setup. So for these people to have a robot that does the least interesting task, which is taking a part and put it in the machine and take it from the machine to put it aside. They were just happy to see a robot do it for them. It’s also giving a new challenge since it’s the machinists who operate the robots here, so for the moment they teach the waypoints and ensure that the path and the robot’s routine are adequate to the part that needs to be done, and also making sure the part is set in the right place. It’s their job to do this, which makes their work even more interesting and once the machine is running, while the robot is doing the operator’s part, the machinist is on another machine doing yet again another setup, which makes their job even more interesting since that’s what they like to do and it is in what they are good at.

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