90 thoughts on “President Trump’s Oval Office coronavirus address

  1. This idiot believes he is smarter than European Officials. Insane.

  2. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP #TRUMP2020   *In 2009, the swine flu inflected and KILLED 12,469 people in the United States. Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died.. WHAT DID OBAMA DO… NOTHING!!

  3. You mean Trump is actually listening to an agency like who? but won't listen to the cdc?

    you've screwed yourself for 2020 sir


  5. Corona Virus is a lie. They want Martial law. The wall was not designed to keep illegals out. It was designed to lock everyone in. DONT TAKE THE VACCINE.

  6. This guys is completely lying about taking early action. Just the opposite. He's delayed any competent response by a month, letting the early centers of infection to spread. He will answer for this in history.

  7. Go to 0:30 in the speech. Something is obviously wrong with him. Is he already sick from the virus?

  8. Trump sounds like he is about to burst into tears. Almost certainly because he's been watching his stock portfolio, all on margin from putin, tank into a crater.

  9. I can't believe he died this soon after giving the speech, it was only a little while ago!

  10. He is struggling to breathe and looks like he wants to cough. He look discolored more than his usual. He looks sweaty and the video has an edited spot. This wasn't live. Watch again. My entire family noticed.

  11. With this speech he just drove the final nail in the democrat hopes of winning the presidency . The winning never gets old. 🤣

  12. Trump still lied to all Americans four days ago, nothing was wrong just a minor flu he said while the whole world took action.
    To late to little mr president you're fired
    Btw did you hear that little cough from Trump

  13. The pandemic i not a bad here. Blaming the WHO for waiting till China told them what they can say is horrific and put the world at risk. Get rid of them, chinas puppets. Should have been called earlier. Never the less, I hope we have grace and it not become such an impact here. Its true that the flu is far more prevalent and just as deadly. I do hope the president remains healthy and people listen. Stay out of the public and be smart. We dont need fear mongering.
    We can be like Taiwan and do what is needed. Take your temp before you leave for stores or whatever.
    Someone or some people would love to destroy the economy. Its temporary. We will be ok.

  14. Now watch the airline stocks tank on Thursday with the suspension of travel from Europe. Buckle up folks. Assume the position.

  15. Since we have more infected then Mexico, Mexico is now building a wall.


  17. @ 0.29 : he’s having strokes now before our very eyes, time to remove this sick puppy ! Trump & Corona will only get way WORSE !

  18. Shalom Aleichem Sir Mr. President, I love seeing your parents pictures behind you.
    God Bless…….

  19. Good job Mr. President at least you’re doing your job unlike those do-nothing Democrats that only want to destroy the United States for their own political reasons and to gain political advantage on you, so they think. Democrats are so stupid they think they’re going to get political advantage from this issue their stupid that’s why they’re going to lose in November. Again God bless you Mr. President and keep up the good work!

  20. you can't make this $hit up. this is what you get when you vote without thinking.

  21. "the risk is very very low" as trump falls off his chair gasping for air. i have zero sympathy for this man, and I am a kind person.

  22. the only thing "unprecedented" coming out of the Whitehouse, is this man's gross incompetence and corruption. History will shred this goon's record.

  23. Was It me or did he sound sick or look scared to death because he knows what's really coming? Italy is being ravaged

  24. Wow, a coherent speech from Trump. Now this is a possible prove that he can read.

  25. First time i see ANXIETY and UNCONFIDENCE and kinda sick looks by the President.

  26. Difficult to breath? Reflex of coughing?? Does he have coronavirus????????

  27. 8:22 He started to say "The ru-…" Was he about to say "The Russians"?

  28. ( theory ) Trump has the virus listen to him closely here 0:35 ( sounds like an attempt to cover the coughs and he is having trouble breathing) also this cut 0:47 is weird (he probably had to caugh or needed to catch some air) also some other weird things 1:28 1:58 3:12

  29. Look to the CDC of Taiwan, it is the perfect role model in fighting this terrible virus.
    It will be a humbling experience for the CDC of this country.

  30. What a leader. He is obviously sick but puts up a brave front and keeps working for America day after day. He could be retired, taking it easy but he took on this monumental task instead…for no pay! God bless our president.

  31. There won’t be a cure for years this man is spreading lies saying it will arrive quickly

  32. Trump looks awful .. his eye looks swollen .. he can't breathe he needs to cough .. they keep cutting the video like we can't tell …he has on a ton of makeup .. THIS PUPPY IS SICK SICK SICK

  33. I'm a total conservative. Trump should NOT have tried to divide God's land with that stupid deal him and his son in law came up with. That deal will be the downfall of this nation. But the bible tells us exactly what will happen next… it's time to turn to Jesus Christ while there is still grace to be found. Repent, believe and trust in Christ now.

  34. He keeps congratulating himself on supposed early action but all the borders should have been closed. It's too late.

  35. The coronavirus was God sent to save the human race by exposing Trump's craziness and economic disaster.

  36. You are nice less mistakes if you sre reading speeches from teleprompter 😉

  37. What he said wrong?
    From day One he is trying to protect USA. Come on. It's bad for USA to stop flights and other things to stop like Texas Rodeo in houston. Come on guys not all the time.

  38. It's easy to say how bad something is, because if your wrong, it's like the weatherman predicting rain, only to have clear skies. Everyone is just happy that it's sunny, no one cares about or remembers your negative prediction.

    My semi-educated opinion: In general, the U.S. government is handling this reasonably well, but with a mistake or two along the way, which is to be expected, they're just people.

    If we followed the flu virus as we are following this virus, people would be panicking even more. Ignorance is bliss.

    The outbreak will naturally increase, but at some point the "active" cases will begin decreasing. One needs to subtract cases of the deceased, and cases of the recovered, from the total number of people infected or you'll get a false impression of the current status. China's number of "active" cases appears to be falling (if their data is even somewhat accurate). That may be a good sign for other countries. Don't only listen to the news reporting on the total number of cases, as that number can NEVER decrease and will always go up, unless the virus 100% disappears, then it remain static.

    As testing becomes more available we will be better able to isolate the virus, and through multiple means of quarantines, contain it to a reasonable degree. Unfortunately, some will become sick, and to a much lesser degree, some will die, like with numerous other viruses. But most will be just fine.

    Better anti-viral drugs and new vaccines will be developed and distributed eventually. This should help quite a bit. But for now, the steps that I am following are for the most part, the following (in no particular order):

    Be aware of others that appear ill, and avoid them.
    Imagine that you may carry the virus and avoid touching people and things unnecessarily.
    Avoid handshakes.
    Wash/sanitize hands after high risk contact, before entering your home, and often while in your home, especially before handling food.
    Think about the order in which you touch things and calculate at what point is best to clean your hands.
    Sanitize your home regularly.
    Attempt to avoid touching your face.
    Avoid crowded areas (social distancing).
    Realize that a good friend or family member is just as likely to carry the disease as a stranger.
    Don't visit nursing homes, sickly people, or the elderly, if possible. Use the phone instead.
    Don't hoard everything under the sun. Companies will supply more products. That's how they make money. The only water and/or toilet paper shortages existing are those caused by irrational hoarders. Water companies and toilette paper manufacturers are not going out of business.

    Call your health care provider if you are sick. Don't just walk into the office. Follow their protocols as to avoid infecting others.
    If you are not sure you are sick, assume that you are, and avoid contact with others.

    I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

    LIVE YOUR LIFE pretty much normally, but be smart and think things through….logically…..step-by-step. This will all subside, given a bit of time. Take just a small amount of precautionary action, and don't sit around worrying about viruses. Like any illness, you can only do so much to prevent things from occurring, after that it's just up to chance, like many things in life.

    Be happy.

  39. Hmmm, it wasn’t so long ago that President Trump was assuring the public that the epidemic was Democratic and media hoax. I wish he would make up his mind.

  40. I'm praying for you Mr. President. You have always tried to keep us safe and for that I am eternally grateful. God bless.

  41. That's all is… a pandemic … it's more panic than flu… flu kills… all flu kills the young and elderly… look at the CDC reports for all H1N1 since Oct till now.. And this is with a good vaccine this year.. 50% effective , way up from the 11-14% it has been ….we go though this every year folks.. The Media has done more harm then this Flu…

  42. I like the President, he is doing a great job.

  43. People are complaining about his breathing. Its audible because he's in the Oval Office. Enclosed areas cause microphones to hear EVERYTHING. Do you see him breathing in a distressful manner? If you're sick, you can visually notice breathing distress, especially if you are talking for a long time. Coronavirus makes it exceptionally difficult to speak for long periods of time. Watch the videos on interviews with coronavirus sufferers. You will notice their speaking difficulties and constant wheezing and coughing, even in short sentences. Keep cool everyone. He's OK.

  44. Now is the time I thank my dad for raising us with OCD tendencies. Love you Trump!

  45. 2:40 these restrictions will not apply to the United Kingdom because I have golf courses and hotels there.

  46. Greetings. Time to put aside our differences. Time to embrace the beautiful morality common to all faith. Time to discard irrelevant disagreements regarding different interpretations of history. Time to work together against the common enemy we all share. We can argue. We can point fingers, or we can realize we each need to take responsibility for our health and research how to strengthen our immunity. We can start by increasing our daily intake of water and antioxidants. This virus is coming for us all. It does not discriminate. It does not care if we are rich or poor. It does not care who we pray to, or the name in which we pray. It does not care where we were born, or where we live. It cares about surviving. It will invade anyone of us and consume our cells to survive. Humanity is long overdue for a unification great enough to fight and overcome a shared threat. This is that threat. We can continue to die while arguing, pointing fingers, and fighting each other or live fighting this virus together. Please research and fact check how to strengthen your immune system and more importantly share that information with your friends, family, neighbors and anyone who is interested. Start by increasing your daily intake of water and antioxidants. We are all part of this human family. We each need to do our part. Live well and prosper. Peace. Shalom. As Salaam Alaikum. Namaste. Do everything in Love.

  47. If Trump really wanted to protect Americans he would shut down Monsanto.

  48. Wash your hands people wash your hands people if you even have a cold or anything or coughing or sneezing don't go out in public keep home people it's that easy. Time after time when I would go to public bathrooms which I don't anymore fkg men would never wash there hands and I would say at least 80% of people never washed there hands in the public bathroom, it's disgusting so since we're trying to get people to do it now you people you should have done it then to not even spread the common cold or the regular flu let alone now this serious virus,so you dirty disgusting people out there wash your f**** hands you know just wash your f**** hands it's that easy and be clean

  49. You waited till last week to sign a bill for an pandemic what an immediate

  50. Thank God for President Trump. The right president at the right time. KAG 2020 !!!

  51. Not so great when he comes out of hiding on Twitter to face the people. I am a robot reading a script..

  52. He sounds ill, to be honest. We know he's been exposed to the virus. Dude should be tested.

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