Push Yourself – Doing more in life to get ahead in business

Guys please, if you’re out there running a business I need yous to ask yourself a question, and by the way it’s a question that no matter what size of business we run, no matter how much success we’ve had, but we all have more potential and more in us than we’re currently producing, it’s a fact, and one of the ways to really fulfill your true potential, the potential that you really have within you, is to ask yourself honestly, is every day are you pushing yourself? Welcome to flight NM470 to Stornoway, this flight is now ready for boarding to departure gate number five. Are you pushing yourself in situations
where you don’t like being in? Are you putting yourself – your business in a position where it’s uncomfortable? Are you getting used to being uncomfortable? So we’re heading off to London – we have a meeting and then a kind of discussion about a new investment platform that we’re looking at taking on for our clients, so… So this is going back to the stuff I was talking about there where – here we are travelling down to London – I said in one of the other vlogs there that you have to have the belief in your ability to commit cost to try and – y’know, to get opportunities and that’s exactly what this is all about – if you believe in yourself that much, you’ve got to do these things, you’ve gotta commit these costs and take these risks in order to get these opportunities. Everything’s bigger, it’s got its own economy in itself, practically – Yeah – but you know this is why we’re exploring London more now, we’re trying to get down here is for this type of exposure, this type of – meeting the type of clients that associate themselves down here, and customers – fast-paced aggressive atmosphere – environment. In fact, I think it’s almost like we talked previously about episodes – whereabout you kind of – you want to associate yourself with people that stretch and get uncomfortable, or get comfortable, sorry,
being uncomfortable. Yeah I think London’s a little bit the same as – Yeah, totally – environment where, when you’re in this environment everybody is pushing hard – well not everybody, but most people are pushing hard… So here we are in London, we’re just having an argument with – – so we’re gonna go up to the London Olympia conference centre, we’re going to see – we’re gonna go and attend Law Biz Tech, a legal conference for one of our legal firms, we’re gonna meet some people, we’re gonna see what it’s like, so let’s go! Sweet. I think we need to get the – we need to get that transition better, don’t I? I need to get better at they transitions – so let’s go check it out! I think people are just a bit nervous about getting filmed, and they don’t really know why or what it’s all about. Yeah. So they’re always a bit freaked out because they think – they think you’re up to something. Y’know, they always think in that sinister way, but it’s just me and then when you tell them that you’re just filming me, they’re a bit like, why? Come to these type of conferences for a couple of different reasons, and that’s – you need to come with a goal, and the goal should be to maybe speak to two or three people, and then, y’know, as long as you find those two or three people, you’ve achieved – too often you go to networking events or you go to conferences and you just kind of wander, and you don’t get anything actually achieved, so it’ll be really interesting, we’ll go and speak to these practice management people in a second. This is the capital of Europe when it comes to money and wealth, this is a place where you want to be doing business, a place where you – even when you come here, the feeling is actually significant – y’know, like the feeling you actually want to do more business, you feel like you’re playing small when you come to a place like this because everything is bigger, more grander, the success and the area you can actually feel it, so this is a place where you want to do business, this is a place you wanna associate and, y’know, come and experience. last couple of days, we flew down Monday morning to London from Glasgow, and the whole purpose here was to – well, a couple of different things, y’know, we came down to attend a conference – a legal conference – surprisingly, believe it or not, I think the bigger of the conferences is actually Birmingham, so next time we won’t need to travel as far, although we’ll come back to attending London and one of the benefits of it – last night we attended an investor’s dinner – the whole purpose of doing any of this stuff is to get outwith your comfort zone, I mean all too often businesses and business owners just stay in their lane, now by way staying in your lane is hugely important, but too often we’re not actually challenging ourselves enough to actually make ourselves grow – I mean you’d know yourself, that only when you stretch do you actually get better, and it applies the same with your business as well – if you’re not stretching youself, now how do you stretch yourself? Well I would suggest that you go to new areas in the country, associate yourself with people that are further along in their business journey than you maybe are, go to people that just – go hang about with people that just think at a different level – you come to London and you don’t need to go too far before you’re seeing everything is bigger on a bigger scale – y’know, the capital of the financial services sector in Europe, possibly the world – when you’re in that type of environment, you can’t help but get inspired and sort of realise that your – there is much more out there for any business, regardless of what industry you’re in, there is business everywhere, there’s people everywhere want to do business and coming to a place like this, or other big cities just gets you inspired, it gets you motivated to do bigger and better things. London never actually experiences the recession the way that most people do. Is that because people that live here’s attitude is just always going bigger and they don’t get bogged down with it, and I don’t know – or is it because – oh, I’m sorry, I’m just… I was distracted by a naked man in there, sorry – Literally, there’s a naked dude in there!

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