Qantas empowers employees to do their best work with Microsoft 365

>>A modern workplace allows people to do their best work anywhere,
anyplace, anytime. When you think of the type of operation that we
have in an airline, we need to be able to collaborate and speak to
each other in real time. Our vision is to collapse the distances so that people can interact and interface to deliver great
customer experiences.>>Qantas is extremely dynamic, the nature of an airline means that it’s extremely operational. Two-thirds of all staff
don’t walk into a building. They’re either on aircraft
or they’ve servicing them.>>A sharing culture is
beneficial to our customers. If we want to deliver
great customer experiences, employees have to be set
up to do their best work. We need to be armed with
the data across the company from everybody who’s working in the cockpit to the control tower. Microsoft 365 allows us to better engage our employees because
when they have information, they feel more confident.>>We were able to
really successfully connect everything from
the senior leader, all the way down to first line
of workers in order to get a harmonization
of what’s important.>>We have a daily
15-minute stand-up meeting.>>Everybody sees
simultaneously the set a targets so that everybody is leaning in towards and pursuing. We’ve now moved timeframes
down from months and weeks, to potentially days if not hours, but it helps where
first-line workers focus on what the priorities are, and indeed more importantly, on how we’re performing against those priorities and goals. This sense of collaboration
has absolutely revolutionized the culture in
frankly just a few months. It decentralizes decision making and it’s
incredibly empowering.>>The human element is great. Being able to have a device
and an app that is so easily available for
everybody is fantastic. It’s great when I post something and senior management responding, and able to help me with answering
the question either for the customer or also for the inflight service experience around passengers on board.>>Microsoft has
really allowed us to deliver the data that people need on the device
of their choice wherever they are on
the world in a secure way.>>That the end of the day, it’s our employees that deliver all the great
customer experience.>>Being able to have
tools like Microsoft 365 allows us to deliver
those great experiences.>>This responsiveness has
just electrified the ability to care for customers in a way that’s never
been seen before.

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