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Young Employee with a Heart of Gold
Medium So, I have been struggling the last few years
since my husband and I separated. We are still trying to make things work, not actually divorced,
but mostly living apart. While we were married I stayed home with my
kiddos for 7 years, so hadn’t been in the job market awhile. Anyway, I work part time now, and my husband
is more than gracious with helping financially anyway. It’s still hard, and I work part time,
but still get WIC and SNAP for our three kids. I went to a large bulk type store, where you
can only do cash or debit, and you bag your own stuff at the end. I had gotten a few visa gift cards from my
parents as a birthday gift, so I didn’t think anything of the food we were buying, knowing
I had the cards to pay for what SNAP wouldn’t. (Like diapers, laundry soap, dog food, etc) When it came time to check out, I find out
that my gift cards likely won’t work, but we can try a default PIN that the checker
knew about, to get the exact balance on the cards so she could do it manually. By this point I have a huge line, and I am
shaking as I enter numbers on the PIN Pad as I try and fail repeatedly to determine
what the default PIN may be. Checker said in most cases the machines recognize the Visa
cards as credit so its not likely to work. I had to try, I had no other means to pay. After about 10 mins, I am shaking, gritting
my teeth, trying to not cry. A checker from 4 isles over had somehow seen what was happening.
Very young boy, probablyvin, or barely out of high school, strode over, big grin, greeted
my girls, asked me if my girls could have a candy. I said I can’t manage to pay for
what I have, let alone treats. He said it was fine, helped them pick a treat, and even
an extra chocolate bar for Mom (me). He came around to me, and just ran his own card. I was dumbfounded, and just lost it. We’re
talking almost $200 in groceries guys. He just did it and was smiling the whole time. I couldn’t stop thanking and crying….and
then people around us clapped for him. It was surreal. Like something you see in a movie. He helped me and my girls bag our stuff, and
helped me load it in my car. He didn’t say much to me, but focused so much
on my girls (3 littles under 6) and making sure they were helpful and all. He just kept
talking with them, on their level, but also telling his story to them. He mentioned that
he has 4 brothers, and his Mom was just like us etc. It was the cutest and most humbling
experience for me. WHOEVER this boys Momma is, I commend you.
You are doing your stuff right. When he was done helping me load, he let me
hug him when I asked, still crying. And he just said “Keep doing you and you guys will
be alright” and skipped off to snag a stack of carts on his way back into the store. Not once did he seem to be second guessing
his choice to pay so much for us, and was just happy, positive, cheery, almost inspirational. I didn’t get his name, but I did call up and
try to describe him best I could to management so they knew they needed to hang onto that
employee… This is the second time this year I have been
blessed by an awesome employee experience from this specific store…. They obviously
are hiring phenominal people. I have already sworn to myself I will be paying
it forward the first chance I get. I think the most surprising part of it all,
to me, was his apparent age. He could not have been older than 20. A teen boy, doing
this for me, just blew me away. How many times do I have to cancel my appointment!?!?!?!?
Long Tl;Dr at the bottom. For some backstory, I’m Bipolar and have a
history of abuse. While I’m doing good, I still have some things I need to talk about
and i was really hoping to start therapy again. I moved around a lot, so I haven’t been in
therapy since early 2018. I look around and find an office, their website seems really
compelling, and the therapist the website showed me looked really nice. I call and make
an appointment: Week 0: I had to call about an hour before
my intake appointment and cancel because on my way to my car I fell and destroyed my ankle.
I couldn’t walk and had to be driven to urgent care. This was the only time I cancelled the
same day for an appointment I set up. Week 1: Initial/Intake Appointment, the assessment
stuff. This was Tuesday, they’d called me Monday and asked about my scheduled appointment
(that I hadn’t made, but it was the same time/day as the last one so it made sense to me). I
had to same day cancel that appointment because I didn’t make it and didn’t have time. Insert
$100 same day cancellation fee So I see the intake counselor Tuesday and I schedule appointment
for the next Monday. Starts a new job Week 2: first actual therapy appointment.
Not with the same person the intake appointment was with, which was strange. As I leave they
ask me about my next two appointments on the next two Mondays. I didn’t recall making those,
but I figured yeah every week at the same time makes sense I guess. I told them I just
started a job and I don’t know my work schedule, so I’ll have to cancel my appointments, and
that I would call them when I knew my schedule. Week 3: Monday comes, I hadn’t called to set
up a new appointment because I’d gotten so busy with my new job. I receive a call at
the previously scheduled appointment time asking where I was. I explained that I had
cancelled my appointment, but apparently not. I told her that here was no way I could make
it as with traffic I was about half an hour away. She said I could still come in, and
I decline. She seemed very frustrated that I didn’t want to come in. insert $100 same
day cancellation fee I am transferred to the front desk where I asked if I was scheduled
for an appointment the following Monday (the one I had asked to cancel). They said yes.
I told them AGAIN to cancel it. This is officially the SECOND time I’ve asked for them to cancel
this appointment. I was frustrated so I didn’t set up another
appointment, I expressed that I would call them when I was ready with my schedule. The
following Thursday I’m at work and I get a call from them. I assumed they were calling
to ask if I knew my work schedule. I did so I pick up. It’s the front desk “Hi, just calling to confirm your appointment
for this upcoming Monday” record scratch eXCSCUSE ME? You’re WHAT? I told them no, hell no,
absolutely not. I explained that I was very frustrated and this would mark the third time
I had asked them to cancel this appointment. Had I not picked up I would have gotten another
$100 same day cancellation fee. I told them to discharge me from their care, I was over
it. “are you sure blah blah” YES, 100% sure, discharge me. She said okay, I figured that
was that. Week 4: my therapist called me on either Monday
or Tuesday, it’s been a minute so I’m not sure. “Hey Meatball, I understand that you
were having some scheduling issues, I was hoping we could work something out.” I was
absolutely enraged. I told her no, there was absolutely no way we could work something
out. I explained that I had to ask three times before I got an appointment cancelled, and
that now I was having to ask a second time to be discharged. I was clearly not being
listened to and I wanted no part in it. She once again sounded really frustrated that
I wasn’t interested in coming back. Like she was mad at me for not wanting to see her.
I went through a lot of abuse so I’m really good at knowing when people are mad. “Well
would you like to make an appointment to discuss other options, I don’t want to leave you without
any care” I very politely told her that she and the whole office could go f*** themselves. SO that was a disaster and in still p*****
about it. I left them one star on Google, and I even made a Yelp so I could leave them
one star. Ordering delivery, twice in one night
Medium About five years ago I was still living at
home with my parents. My parents were on holiday for a few weeks, so my sister and I decided
that cooking didn’t seem like a fun idea, so we figured we’d order something in. I called up our local curry house which were
normally quite good, and were advised the delivery would take around an hour. Pretty
standard times, as this was one of the few curry houses in our area, and was usually
therefore pretty busy. An hour comes and goes, and still no curry.
I’m generally a non-confrontation person, and given this was a Friday night, I figured
I’d give them the benefit of the doubt that they were swamped and we’d get our food soon.
Another 30 minutes go by, still no food, so I call them up. Speak to a guy who apologises
for the delay, and says its ready and will be out of the door in a moment. Perfect I
think – they were only around 5 minute drive away, so we’d have our food soon. Another
10 minutes goes by and I’m getting frustrated. Almost two hours with no food, and I’m sick
of it at this point. I call them again, no answer. Gave them 5 minutes, tried again,
no answer. We decide f*** it, we aren’t getting our food anytime soon, we’ll order from somewhere
else. We order a Chinese, 30 minutes later it turns
up with no issues at all. Still no call from the curry house and no sign of the delivery.
Luckily, we were paying in cash for our curry, so I wouldn’t be out of pocket for it not
turning up. I just assume they forgot about us (again) and we wouldn’t hear from again
about our illusive order. We sit down eat our Chinese, and to be honest,
I don’t even remember if it was any good. I was p***** off and hungry, and could have
served me s*** and sugar and I think I would have been quite content. We finish up our
food, and what do you know we get a knock on the door. I answer it and there’s our delivery
driver with the curry, almost three hours after we placed our order. He starts to hand
me the food, and our conversation goes as follows: Delivery Driver (DD): Sorry for the
delay, we were busy tonight. Me: Sorry, I don’t want this food, its been three hours,
we ordered from elsewhere DD: What do you mean you don’t want this? You ordered it.
Have you spoken to a manager? Me: I tried to, an hour ago, and nobody picked up the
phone. What do you expect, us to just wait, its been three hours? DD: So what you’re saying
is you won’t pay for this? Me: No, we won’t DD: I can’t believe this, do you know how
much trouble I’m going to get in for you not paying? Me: That’s not really my problem is
it? Maybe don’t take three hours to deliver next time? Then DD walks off looking dejected. I’m not
quite sure what he expected from me? How could they possibly think a three hour wait is acceptable? Needless to say, we haven’t ordered from that
place since. I swear I could hear him rolling his eyes
Short I call up my merchant service account. The
terminal has been acting up. Last time I had a very pleasant experience. This time, however,
was different. Tech Guy: What seems to be the problem? (after
verifying identity) Me: My credit card reader isn’t connecting
to the point of sale, despite the fact that the IP addresses match, the network test comes
back with all gateways passing. When I had this problem last week, we realized that the
date/time was off. I checked, and the date time is set into the future. I can’t remember
how to change it (this was actually a lie, i just couldn’t remember the password.) Tech Guy: Scoffs. It’s not the date and time.
I need you to go back to the brand name screen and …. He proceeds to tell me in the most condescending
manner, step by step, to go through the process of checking IP address, network certificates,
the whole works. I’m like “dude, I have to help customers, can you please just skip ahead
to the date/time?” But I go through it, because he has a script. He also insists that it’s
not the date time. When we repeat all the same steps and he can
check his boxes, he says “well, it’s not going to be the date/time” error that isn’t connecting.
But I suppose we can fix it since it should be fixed anyway. Audible Sigh. I open up that screen and skip ahead. He’s
like “do you need that password” in the absolute worst tone I can imagine. I say “yes please”
and he sighs and tells it to me. I make him repeat it so I can write it down and he does,
reluctantly. I fix the date. He tell me the time doesn’t matter. I go check – oh, look,
the POS is connected to the credit card reader again. Tech guy: is silent. Me: silent Tech guy: is that it? Can i get off this call? Me: Thank you for your help Tech guy: hangs up. Me: goes back and fixes the time anyway.

13 thoughts on “r/talesfromthecustomer | Young Employee with a Heart of Gold

  1. Thank you for sharing that first story (where OP was a ‘Welfare Mom’ with three you g children); I have been watching these videos (mostly about ‘entitled’ people) for 5 or 6 months. Most are somewhere between sad and downright demonic in evil. This story about the ‘boy’ (?) who helped the Mom was refreshing and helped restore my ‘faith in humanity’… Thanks! 🙏

  2. That last one reminded me of a "lovely" experience I had with Cox tech support. I had the bundle with cable, internet and phone and called on my cell to get help because nothing was working. I went round and round with them for two weeks with them claiming I'd done something to break my equipment! A large city truck had illegally driven down my tiny one way street and ripped the cable from my building! Ended up happening three times in four months!

  3. Uber eats?? Please! I live in the middle of rural PA. I don't have this kind of stuff. My pick up person is me.

  4. Shouldve taken the curries and Not paid them. Told them to call me and we'll talk about it. Curries leftover are usually fabulous…

  5. I live in a city in Florida, anything more rural would be the farms out in cousin fuck nowhere.
    My nearest supermatket is less than a mile away. It's still a 27 minute walk to it though, and a 27 minute walk back. Same for the nearest take out place. It's next to the market. Having it delivered or driving to pick up is a lot easier.

  6. I would've fired that tech guy so hard, he'd have landed back in time to "Love at First Byte."

  7. I had a similar tech experience with my local cable company. My old modem would sometimes lose connection and had to be pinged by the cable company if resetting didn't work. One time I called and explained to the guy that my modem was out and I needed him to ping it. He laughed at me, sounding as if he had never heard what pinging a modem was. He had me go through all the steps I already had and still didn't see my modem.
    Him: Let me send a signal to the modem.
    Me: You mean you're going to ping the modem.
    Him: (Slowly) Um…yeah.
    Me: (Waits for modem to connect) It's working. What do you know? All it needed was to be pinged.

  8. Who would pay a 100$ same day cancellation fee on the already cancelled appointment? I would go in and scream at reception over the first one.

  9. I would have refuted those same day cancellation charges after cancelling them in the office. Try to make me pay for your mistake? I don't think so. Honey… lol

  10. On the counselor, I would contact the AMA or it's equivalent in your area. Also contact your insurance company about the fees. The first one could be written off because of their later abuse and the rest is fraud. They may have sent fraudulent charges to the insurance as well so contact them anyway.
    On the last one, I agree with you. When you tell these people that you have called on this problem previously and you know the steps, but you forgot just one thing all they have to do to make it quicker is give the info and not act like a d-bag. Sometimes we know what we are doing, duh.

  11. The first story, the nice young fella probably had to see his mom go through the same kind of misery, and he decided to be a hero. Yes, that store needs to be told what a fab bunch of staff they have. When I was struggling to get myself through a terrible illness, and trying to get by on welfare, the little family run grocery store around the corner ( the only store I could physically walk to) would give me credit. The last week of the month the money would be gone, and I would need about $20.00 worth of groceries just to get through the last few days til I got my welfare check. My account would be empty. But the cashier, instead of saying that I had to put things back, would just whip out a notebook, and write out the date, and how much I was getting on credit. This sort of arrangement was only done for their most long term, regular customers. As soon as my welfare check hit my account I would scurry over to pay. It may not seem like a big thing, being able to get $20.00 of groceries on credit. But when you're dreadfully ill, and know you can't go back to work for a long time, that little bit of decent, respectable treatment does wonders for your morale and outlook.

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