Redding Office – Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC)

Before Redding I was living in the San
Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I were really fed up with the daily grind of
living in an urban area we could barely afford; the crappy home that we were
renting. We wanted a family and we wanted a slower pace of life. I have literally a
two minute commute and I’m now a homeowner.>>A lot of people think that
everybody wants to be in the city, be in the Sacramento office. I didn’t. I love it
up here. I had never been to Redding before, I had never been north of
Sacramento before I’d gone to law school. I like adventure and new places and so
Redding seemed like the perfect fit.>>Redding is a smaller town. It’s about
90,000 people and immediately outside of Redding it’s surrounded by beautiful
wilderness: there’s gorgeous mountains rivers and lakes to go swimming in the
summer, but Redding has a nice mix we have all the big-box stores we need and
there’s enough really to keep us interested and entertained on the weekends.>>I
love working in this office because I feel we have a really good connection
with our community and our community leaders. This is a great opportunity to
be able to learn how to develop your skills in talking to clients it’s the
best way to get a sense of your own self longing in the community.>>Our staff
attorneys hit the ground running they’re going to meetings they’re stepping up
they’re saying things they’re in court they’re doing administrative hearings.
>>Legal Services has a community lawyering model. So it’s not just about working
one-on-one with clients it’s also about building relationships with the
community. Part of being a good community lawyer means you actually go out into
the community and you travel to where people are. Really investing in these
communities and staying and building these relationships, I feel like I can
just make a much bigger difference.>>Our mission is to use the law to eradicate
poverty we’re the only legal aid in town and so we really need to be flexible to
the needs of our clients to make their lives better to work with people who
have no other advocate and we can do something about it
there is just a real energy and excitement and a lot of opportunity to
and make a difference not just in your work as an attorney but also just in the
community in general.>>Something that we often refer to each other as are being
social justice warriors. Being a warrior doesn’t mean taking on the
battle alone but fighting alongside others in the community as a team. We
have the tools, the weapons, the armor to advocate and to fight alongside our
clients.>>I fight for social justice.>>I fight for social justice.>>I fight for
social justice.>>I fight for social justice

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