Research Tips for Business students – Searching for journals on an approved list

Research Tips for Business students – Searching
for journals on an approved list Your assignment may require you to find articles
in scholarly management journals that are part of an approved journal list, such as
the Australian Business Deans Council Journal List. You can search for articles in specific journals via: Library Search and Library databases. Let’s start with Library Search.
To find articles from specific journals in Library Search, the easiest way is to go to the Library homepage. Select Journal Articles from the drop-down list, run your search, then use the filters on the results page to limit to the journals you wish to search. Active filters include peer-reviewed journals,
subject terms, Publication date and the Journal title. To see a complete list of journal titles,
select to “Show more” and tick those journals that are listed on the ABDC list, then apply
the filters. You may also like to lock in these filters
so that they apply to any further searches you do during a session. When you identify a good article, click the
‘Available online’ link and then the ‘Full text available at link. Download the PDF
if it is available. Another option is to search within a specific
journal. To do this in Library Search, select Journal from the drop-down list, then
type in the name of the journal that you want. Click the ‘Available online’ link or the
title. Several different databases may be listed
– look at the date coverage and select the one which best fits the time frame required
for your assessment. Different publications are available on different
databases or platforms. For example, the Academy of Management journal is available online
via Business Source Complete, but the Journal of Management is available online via SAGE
Premier, and the Journal of Management Studies through the Wiley publisher website. Although
each may have a different look, all will allow you to ‘Search within the publication”. Databases
A third option is to search directly within particular Business databases such as: Business
Source Complete, ABI/Inform and Emerald Insight. To find articles from specific journals in
a database, you can use the same method as described earlier, or you can use the Advanced
Search option. For example, in Business Source Complete,
enter your search terms in the first line. On the second line, enter the title of one
of the publications you wish to search. Change the ‘Select a Field’ option to ‘SO Publication
Name’. Other databases may call this option ‘Publication title’ or ‘Journal Title’.
Place the journal title in quotation marks to phrase search the title.
Add additional journal titles to the same line to search for multiple publications.
Make sure to add an uppercase OR between each title. Carefully check the name of the journal in
your search results list to ensure it is the same as that in the ADBC list. Your approved journals list is a pdf version provided by your lecturer, or you may use the list on the ABDC website. This list is searchable. To select management
journals, choose the Field of Research category 1503 Management You may also search by journal title or ranking. Those journals with an A* ranking are of a
higher academic quality. Cited reference searching
Sometimes you may find an article that is perfect for your assignment, but does not
come from one of the journals on your approved journal list, or is too old to be considered
current research. You may be able to use that perfect article
to track down other publications that are current and on your approved list. Cited reference searching is when you use
an article as a starting point, and then search for other publications that have cited that
work. There are a number of databases and search
engines that provide cited reference searching. If the database you are using does not offer
cited reference searching, copy and paste the title of the article into the search box
of one of these databases – Web of Science, Scopus, Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform,
or Google Scholar. You may need to change the search field to
‘Title’ search. Once you have found the article in the database,
check for the ‘cited by’ option to see if any are relevant to your topic, current and
on your approved journal list. For more information about searching the Library
or finding resources, contact AskUs or your liaison librarian.

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