S – Share | 6 Ways to Deal with Stress | Web Series: Ep 6/7 | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

So, the next ‘S’ is
Share Share – you understood? To think about yourself
is called worrying, brooding. To worry about others
is called compassion. If you think of others, if you are
tense regarding others’ situation, You want to do something, Then it is called compassion,
sympathy, empathy and this. You all must have watched Titanic.
So you know that story; 1/3rd of the movie was
preparing for the cruise. 1/3rd was enjoying
on the cruise and, 1/3rd was sinking, etc. There were 2,229
people on-board. And only 700 survived –
the 1st Class passengers. Other than that,
everybody died. So, one after the other
people jump off the ship, And they fall into the
cold Atlantic Ocean. Nothing happened to you. And when your great hero, he
falls and then he freezes to death; That time, you feel, ‘Oh!’ That is the first time you wished you
had seen a Bollywood movie instead, Because it is always… yeah! If that fellow had worked
in a Hindi movie, A helicopter would have
arrived at the last minute! Why are you sensitive only to
the hero, when so many die? Why are you sensitive only to the
people near and dear to you? How many people in your family?
(15) Why 15? Why? We aren’t your family?
He has said we are not! His friends, please take note! See, you want to spread
happiness to 15 people. You want to see that 15 people
are not faced with misery. Why is your sensitivity only for 15? Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam –
the whole world is my family. Got it? So, there was Bapu;
who is Bapu? Gandhiji. Once, he and his wife and someone
else were passing through Orissa, And there was a small boy
selling coconuts. So Bapu said, “Let’s stop.”
He wanted to have coconut water. So they stopped.
And he was chatting with the boy. You chat only with
your near and dear, Because your sensitivity
is not for everyone. But he used to chat with anyone in
front of him and love that person. He asked, “You’re a small
boy and today is a Sunday;” “You should have been with your
parents, enjoying your family.” “And why are you here?”
The boy replied, “What can I do?” “If I don’t sell, I don’t earn.
We will not even have food today.” “So I have to do it.
I don’t even go to school,” “Because I have to earn money.” So Bapu is telling Ba – his wife,
“Buy all the coconuts.” Ba is saying, “But we are
only 3 people.” “And maximum, if we have 2
coconuts each, we need 6.” “Why all?” Bapu replied,
“It’s not for us. It’s for him.” “Because if all his
coconuts are sold,” “He will go back home and have
quality time with his family.” I know you can’t make donations
of millions of rupees, But can’t you buy one more
coconut for his happiness? Give it to some needy person
or just throw it on the road. But just make that person happy. For you, 10 or 20 rupees is nothing. But for him it is like
today – party time! You understand? So, the joy of sharing
you have to experience. We have always learnt the
art of grabbing, not giving. We have always learnt
how to use people, But not be useful to people. Use your mother-in-law
when you are in need; Then crib, ‘Why does she
interfere in our life all the time?’ Oh! When you need to cook,
you use your mother-in-law, And when it comes to
being useful to her… So when this ‘share’
is not there, Don’t think you’ll be
stress-less in life.

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