Schiff’s Old Ukraine Connection Spills Out – It Could Quickly Bring His Investigation To A Halt

Adam thought it was buried deep – not deep
enough! Adam Schiff might be the last guy in Washington
who should be investigating Trump for impeachment. Why? Well, he admits he’s strongly partisan,
and he’s willing to do just about anything to get Trump out. But on top of that, it looks like he’s withheld
evidence from Congress and the American people. Those reasons haven’t been enough for Pelosi
to throw him off the case, but some old shady connections have come to light. And this one could be the final straw that
gets him gone for good. From BizPac Review: Schiff boasts ties to a Soviet-born businessman,
Igor Pasternak, who serves as the founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp… …he suddenly relocated to an area near Schiff’s
district in California. Then, just six years back, it appears he and Schiff suddenly became
close pals. So what’s going on between these two? Well,
Pasternak has held fundraisers in his honor to help with Schiff’s re-election campaign. No big deal, right? Except that Schiff, who had never really mentioned
Ukraine before in public, all of a sudden lobbied for the arming of the Ukrainians,
even defying Obama’s policies. Oh, and now one of Pasternak’s defense deals
with Ukraine is under investigation. So what is Schiff trying to distract us from
by trying to impeach Trump for a friendly call with the Ukrainian president to root
out wrongdoing? Maybe, just maybe, his own connections to
Ukrainians under investigation. Now, add that to his office hiding how they
talked to the whistleblower before his complaint, and this thing starts to look like quite the
setup. But at the very least, Schiff has a major
conflict of interest and should be thrown out of the House Intel Chair. And the only way that’s going to happen
is for Trump supporters to get loud and make sure Pelosi knows who she’s letting run
her impeachment inquiry.

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