SELCO Employee Volunteer Program

To me, volunteering is about representing
SELCO in a positive manner and participating in my community. To me, volunteering means opportunity to be
something different, to do something different, to learn something new. It means getting involved in our community,
really helping those that are local and it makes me feel good about it. It’s about really connecting to your community. To me, volunteering means making a difference
for a cause I’m passionate about. I’m pretty sure that in a previous life I
was either a stray dog or maybe an abandoned kitty. Greenhill Humane Society gives me the chance
to help animals and their people. When families are in crisis, Greenhill provides
a foster home to the pets. It’s that level of compassion that really
touches my heart. SELCO’s really excited for the opportunity
to allow employees to volunteer in the community. After 90 days, you’ll have 20 hours of paid
time in a calendar year. The volunteer program is not mandatory. It’s available to all employees. You can volunteer at a non-profit organization
of your choosing. Volunteer activities sometimes fall outside
business hours. Just work with your supervisor to make sure
it works with your schedule. Anytime that we’re working with organizations
that strengthen families, strengthen individuals, help promote more opportunities for everyone
in our community, that helps people live a good life. And helps them improve their social and economic
position, which speaks directly also to our mission as a community credit union. SELCO employees and associates will bring
some management skills and some leadership skills into the dynamics of this. It’s really gonna benefit the organizations
we’re trying to help. And I think it’s an opportunity for us to showcase
those strong skills that our associates use every day in the work they do.

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