Self Built Van Tour: Stealth High-Tech | Custom Ebikes, Shower, Office

hi i’m margaret from the states i’m ladi from czech republic and we live in this van full time [Music] we bought an old trainee van and converted it into a modern economic portable capsule let us take you for a tour of our tiny home an important aspect about our vans appearance was that we are always stealth not particularly luxurious nor loud we designed this van around our own behavior patterns hobbies and specific needs neither of us like going through a long process in order to do something simple as we first walk in you pass our entry unit this unit opens from both sides so when the van door is open we can access our things outside as well along the side is where we store our daily shoes so this is where we’ll have slippers or whatever shoes were wearing for the day for easy rotation when we first come into the van we had to be smart about our storage in such a small space we keep our dry foods up top along with our condiments and then a lot of our everyday items we have mounted on the wall spices and our utensils on the countertop we have us gas stove and we also keep our chopping board just on top of the sink this allows us to extend the counter space to access the sink we can just pull it back it stopped by the swivel and then we can do whatever we need to do the soap doesn’t move either because it stays on the puppet below we have our everyday drawer fridge trash and then the rest is dedicated to pots and pans this is our towel rack it swivels and when we open it up it’s hit directly by our heater so it dries very quickly below we keep our rice cooker snacks sometimes a kettle depending all we’re using and then below that we have some of our fresh fruits store normally we carry enough with us for about four days and then here on the left is our step we use this to get up top onto our bed and stuff up pretty gracefully the bottom is also hid on a magnet what I love most about this kitchen is just by standing here in the middle I can reach and access absolutely everything nothing requires me to be running to the other room or having to get out of the van and walk to the back it’s all just this compartment unit covers everything technical in this van we have one of our deep cycle batteries we have sensitive relay that switches on and off charging when driving we have fuses we have solar regulator car charger power inverter and this switch switches power in our outlets inside of avaran between inverter and external power source like a car charging station all this was custom built based around my dimensions and my needs so this desk folds down it locks in a hole so I can accidentally kick it and break something this seat goes back and forward up and down and it also has an armrest it’s super convenient super comfortable that’s like being in an office my phone lives here in a magnet I have a short cable that plugs in and nothing extra is on this desk my laptop lives right here I can easily be charging it during the day and I have my graphic tablet here too I also design a little extension here for Margaret so when we need to get her she’s a little bit closer and she can has a hair plate also it has another position for me so now I have extend the table for my snacks for my drinks it just be better this is Margaret’s office she faces forward for ideal lighting conditions and she also has four hooves here to hang her canvas on that canvas creates a background to always have consistent conditions so you never know she’s actually in a car and then I built her this custom laptop aluminum stand that hooks right here and sit here so it pushes the surface a little bit forward and it’s built based on this laptop [Music] along the sides here we put all of our clothes so we organize them into packing cubes so we always know what’s inside we have to roof windows one directly above where we sleep so we can get some really nice fresh air in the middle of the night this roof window doubles as an observation deck so that he can always look outside to see what’s going on right below it we have overhead storage for our daily use items made these dividers to keep everything more organized but sometimes the compartments are occupied by our machine these units that was a really smart idea how to utilize this space because we have hygiene things we have ports and again it helps so much to save the space that these things would be sitting somewhere else we use this panel as a black board this is a metal sheet for purpose of being magnetic because now we have all these markers on a magnet and we have a bunch of pins that we can clip paper to when we need to above our side door we have our temperature station this gives us the time the date and also allows us to know the temperature inside the van and outside the van next to it here we have our mirror to coat hooks and then to power panels this first one is our battery statistic display this tells us how much we’re charging how much we’re discharging and the amps that each of our individual appliances are using the second one is a switchboard we can turn on and off our water fridge inverter and there’s also a voltage reader of course we’re outdoor people but weather doesn’t always agree with us for these days there is nothing better than a good movie and who actually enjoys watching a movie on a laptop when he can have a cinematic experience our projector [Music] this is $120 HD projector we found online it is 720p and we can play movies from USB stick or from a laptop to HDMI cable it also has a built-in speaker we designed and built these custom curtains one side is black and the other side is silver to either retain or reflect heat they are reversible on magnet we just love those magnets this garage is the reason why the bed is so high it was designed around these two ebikes these machines can do between 60 and 120 kilometers per hour the in average charger an hour and a half and acceleration is from zero two hundred and six seconds combination of these e-bikes with the van creates ultimate travel kit this is our car charger that’s a what I custom build that’s super easy that’s a connector that you that the electric car is used and I wired three outlets so whenever we’re around car chargers we can easily plug a plug the entire car in start charging e-bikes charge deep-cycle batteries and just run the entire car of the charging station so I have my helmet here it’s super convenient to take them out super easy plus they don’t go anywhere when we are driving then I usually carry with me a bunch of basic tools for maintains for servicing so everything is organized here this is my utility thing that I love so much it’s gonna be an in because when I come back from riding I can wash my hands or five work that just helps me I don’t have to go around to the kitchen I can easily replace this and I’ll have a showerhead that clicks on a door and I can shower him straight [Applause] [Music] because the bad is solo that would be very difficult to load and unload this ebikes that’s why we built this Margaret press the magic switch convenient fun fact this is the space that is only accessible when the bat is up and you will never know where the magic button we paid overall $6,000 for the van itself and a conversion all together mobile living keeps us outside exploring and we are constantly stimulated by all the new places we can so easily explore with this lifestyle we are able to save more money for moms and it’s so much more fun our home allows us to be free if you liked this video please share it or leave a comment down below to help us normalize this lifestyle if you’re ever interested in meeting up or you want to follow along with our adventures i’m on instagram at curly hair camping and panorama man for landscape photography thank you very much see you on the road [Music]

100 thoughts on “Self Built Van Tour: Stealth High-Tech | Custom Ebikes, Shower, Office

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