Service Online | Sunday 15 March

Hey Hillsong Berlin. I’m so glad that you
could join us today. You know, wherever you are
worship is one of these things that can help us to lift God above our
circumstances. So let the lyrics minister over you and let’s lift up the name of
Jesus today. Well warm welcome to everyone. Thank you
for joining us today. Obviously it’s a unique situation we find ourselves in
not being able to gather together as a church communit. But obviously this
circumstance that literally impacts everyone, everyone around us. The whole
world every nation has obviously found themselves in a unique situation with
the coronavirus and so we’re online, you’re online and we’re so pleased
you’ve been able to link in today, because I think, you know, worshiping
together, praying, believing, believing for better days. Believing for God’s goodness
to work in the most crazy situations is something we all hold dearly to our
hearts and so I got some prayer requests. Obviously we can’t physically make
together and I think that’s because it’s been responsible.
It’s follow the guidelines of our health authorities, the government authorities.
It’s something that I believe if we just cooperate and adapt to, I believe, we can
see a change of events and see change in circumstances. So while we’re in this
unique moment online really just encouraging each other, though we’ve got
physical space, we don’t have to disconnect from each other and so I
would love to pray with you and pray for you. There’s things that are people have
already submitted online and that is something that we’re gonna facilitate as
we go into the next few weeks. Who knows? We may end up doing this for a little
bit longer, but I know this that we can still be encouraged with the wisdom of
God’s Word. The promises of God always hold true and so let’s think about the
things that people are asking prayer for. One of the things that obviously has
come to the surface is the coronavirus and the impact it’s having on people’s
lives. You know think about your own oma,
opa, the elderly people that are you know, more vulnerable probably than
some other people. I was in the hospital the other night with my daughter. She
sprained her ankle. But as we were being taken care of, I was looking around and I
saw the coroner’s absolutely filled with hospital beds and mainly old people just
waiting to be attended to. So why don’t we take this moment to pray. Obviously
your needs are important and I would love you to encourage you to send us a
prayer requests. Anything whether it’s work-related, a health related finances
apartments visas all of these things. Our everyday life things that are important
to God, important to you, important to us. And why don’t we take this moment also
to pray for the health authorities, you know, healthcare, workers, doctors, nurses
the emergency service, operators, all those that put their own
life at risk to help humanity and it’s unprecedented what we’re facing right
now. But we can take this moment to really turn it towards Jesus to remind
ourselves he is never ever too far away I believe our prayers can be powerful I
believe they are powerful and I really want to encourage you at home or
wherever you’re able to listen into this to turn your, maybe, frustrations or
whatever it is that you’ve got going on right now directed towards Jesus. why?
Because he does care for you and anything that’s going on right now. I
want you to know God has already got you covered. So why don’t we just pray for
each other individually as a community? think about those who are, maybe, who are
not well at the moment. They’ve had to self-isolate and remove
themselves away from the public and why don’t we look out for them? and maybe ask
our friends, maybe, as people we don’t know in our own apartment blocks people
that maybe can go out for groceries maybe people are not able to go out
because of this situation. I really believe we can turn this circumstances
into a positive one where humanity shows the best side where kindness really gets
ahead of these situations. So let’s keep praying
let’s keep believing and I want you to know that our prayers are for you
our prayers are with you and I believe more importantly I believe the presence
of God is already working in these difficult situations one thing I’d love
to do is to remind you that as we do this unique online experience we’re
going to be worshipping and gonna be leading our hearts in the promise of God
but I think let’s also take this time to also carry the financial aspect of this
online giving is available I really want to encourage you to keep putting God
first and this is not something that we should forget I believe if this goes
into weeks and months we should always always carry responsibility for how can
we do this together as a community so continue to be generous don’t forget
that you can do giving online use the Hillsong app or you know click
Berlin and use the facilities there or maybe you can do it online like many
people do and I’ll tell you it will be a great strength and it will help us to
all go through this in in a way that is strength and it helps us to really reach
out to others as well so I want you to encourage you be faithful and let’s keep
trusting God no matter what’s going on good things challenging things I really
believe it makes a difference in a moment Joyce is going to come and bring
a beautiful word of encouragement from Psalm 91 so let’s get ready for that
let’s prepare our hearts to receive from the wisdom of God’s Word
thank you for listening in thank you for being here and take these moments to be
encouraged in Jesus name Amen the church is absolutely wonderful to be
joining with you today on this online platform and one thing that we know is
that where two or three are gathered that Jesus is there and I’m believing
that there’s going to be an impartation an impartation of truth of God’s
goodness of his mercy of his kindness and that wherever you may be whether you
are in a room in a lounge room in a dining room whether you’re on the phone
somewhere that God is going to speak to you because I believe that he is here
and I believe that he’s gonna minister life and you are gonna be encouraged
you’re gonna be refreshed and you’re actually going to be able to do the week
ahead knowing that God is on your side amen so I really want to bring
encouragement to every single one of us concerning this beautiful Psalm that we
are holding on to as a church right now not just here in Berlin but globally and
in Psalm 91, Psalm 91 is beautiful and as we read it and as we study it we can see
three very clear pictures that God is wanting to encourage us with we can see
how he’s talking about his presence and what his presence can accomplish in our
lives we can see very clearly that he’s talking about his protection and you
know right now in this world whose protection do we need we need the
protection of our heavenly father and then he also talks about his promises
the promises of God so as I read some of the scriptures I’m just gonna pause on a
few words and just highlight them because there’s so much of gold in this
chapter in Psalm 91 that it’s just rich and so much gold that can actually
enrich our lives so let’s look at verse one verse one says that whoever dwells
in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty verse
two goes on to say I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress my
God in whom I trust and if you can see just in the first two verses God is
described as the Most High he’s described as the Almighty the Lord and
my God this is powerful this is who we have on
our side we have the Most High we have the Almighty we have the Lord we have my
God it’s very personal God is here he’s with you where you are he is a personal
God and he wants to meet you where you are right now right this moment and we
see already it says whoever dwells which means you and I have actually got a
choice we have a choice to dwell in him whoever dwells and this word dwells it
means to reside to reside in the shelter of the Almighty to reside to make a home
in the presence of God how wonderful is it that you and I can reside in the
presence of God that’s what it means to dwell and you know we are given a choice
by God to dwell in his presence the enemy he comes to kill steal and take
away from us regardless he doesn’t seek permission but God is a gentleman he’s
not going to invade your space he’s waiting for us to choose to dwell in his
presence to dwell in his shelter and we can do that in this time we can do this
any time but right now in this season and the climate in which we’re living
with the coronavirus we can choose to dwell in his presence whatever situation
may be going on in your life right now you can choose to dwell in the shelter
of the Almighty. You know, another way of describing to dwell: we have a saying in
England that says to dwell on something. and when you dwell on something it
actually means that you think about thing a lot, or to talk about something a
lot. Now I know what we are being talked at with right now, but
due diligence needs to be paid, wisdom needs to be applied, but can I just
encourage all of us, we actually need to supersede that with the wisdom of God.
We actually need to be thinking on the Word of God. We need to be taking our focus on
to Jesus and His truth and applying that to our lives. Yes we need to know what’s
going on in our day-to-day world, we need to know what the current climate is, but
we always, always need to know what God says about us and what His plans are for
us. Because they are good plans to give us a hope and to give us a future. Amen?
Do you believe that? Because God is a good God. He’s a true father. He loves us
with an everlasting love and He wants the best for you. And I want to encourage
all of us in this time to give due diligence to the Word of God, to have it
first place in our lives, because the Bible then goes on to say that we can
rest in Him. And to rest means to relax. It actually means to sleep and to be
refreshed in our strength. How many of you need to be refreshed in your
strength? Well we can do that when we abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
It goes on to say that He is my refuge. Refuge is a place that we run to, that we
can go to when we’re in danger or in difficult circumstances. And God is
telling us in this portion of Scripture that He is our refuge. He is our fortress.
He is our fortress and you know, we can imagine in our heads what a fortress is
like, a big big castle, a strong Castle. You know, from England and Germany
there are many castles. Many fortresses. And the thing about a fortress is that
it is impenetrable. It resists occupation. That is what a fortress is there for.
And the fortress that we have is not a fortress that’s been made of human hands
with earthly materials, it’s God Himself. It’s the supernatural fortress of God
our Heavenly Father and we are in His fortress. He is around and about,
beneath and above us, protecting us. Verse 3 says: “Surely He
will save you from the Fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will
cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge.
His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. But you know, God is encouraging
us that He’s going to cover us with His feathers and that we’re going to find
refuge in Him and His faithfulness, His faithfulness. He is a faithful God. He is
faithful. We know He is good and He’s kind. There’s many things we don’t
understand, but what we do know for sure is that He has been faithful. And
what we do know as well: His love for us is not proven on what He’s going to do
today for us – His love for us was proven 2000 years ago when He sent His Son from
heaven to earth to live, to die for us. His love for us was proven when Jesus
hung on the cross, when He could have called ten thousand angels, but He chose
not to for the joy that was set before Him. He is faithful. He’s faithful. He’s
been faithful in the past, He’s going to be faithful today and He will be
faithful in our future. Amen? He is a good good God. Verse 5 says:
You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the
pestilence that stalks in the darkness nor the plague that destroys at midday.
And I want to encourage every single one of us that God has not given us a spirit
of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. That’s found in 2 Timothy. And you
know, when I was growing up as a child there was a period of my time where I
was very fearful and there’s some scriptures that would come up and out of
me, because I put them in as a little girl. I’ve put them in as a little girl
and one of them was: “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a
sound mind.” The other one was: “I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me.” God’s not asking us to do anything in our own strength. He’s asking
us to do it in the strength that He has already provided for us, amen? He’s given
us everything we need for this life. He’s given us everything for the good days
and for the not-so-good days. He is a good good Father, amen, and I
love this part where it says “nor the plague that destroys at midday” and I
especially love this, because you know it’s not that many years ago that Pastor
Bobbie gave this call “midday baby midday” for all of us to be praying at 12
o’clock midday. And I love it, because it says here “nor the plague that destroys
at midday.” And the plague will not destroy us at midday, because we are
#middaybabymidday-ing with our prayers. Amen? We are prayer warriors. We’re not
here to do this life on our own strength, we are not human beings having a
spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
And “midday baby midday” – this is a call to arms. It’s a call to prayer and I want to
encourage you to pray, to seek God, to actually intercede on behalf of others.
We can make a difference with our prayers. God is faithful when we pray
faith-filled prayers. Not begging God. We do not need to beg God. We are not trying
to overcome. We are overcomers. The enemy has been defeated. We do not need to
defeat him. We just need to establish that he is defeated. Amen? That’s what
we’re here to do. We’re here to say: you are a defeated foe, we are the victorious
ones, we are the overcomers. It’s not time for us to pull back. If anything, it is a
time for us to march forward with all of heaven backing us. Amen? The enemy, he
works in the darkness, but God brings light. Truth brings light. The Word of God
brings light. And that’s what we need. We need light, we need God’s Word, God’s
truth over everything, every situation that you might be facing or that I might
be facing, to allow His truth to light up the path and make a way where there
seems to be no way. Let’s go on to verse 9 it says: “If you say the Lord is my
refuge and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no
harm will overtake you, no disaster can come near your tent.”
And I just wonder: What are we saying? It’s okay to say facts, it’s okay to
acknowledge feelings, but we have to have faith
coming out of our mouths and faith will only come out of our mouths as it comes
into our hearts. We can’t expect to live a faithful life if we’re not actually
faith-filled. Amen? It says: no harm will overtake you. We’re not saying that harm
doesn’t come, because like I said, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy,
but what we can be reassured of is that no weapon formed against us will prosper.
It will come to naught and that God will accomplish everything He says His Word
is supposed to accomplish, amen? So in times of difficulties we need to be
top-heavy with the word of God, with the Truth.Vverse 13 goes on to say: “You will
tread on the lion and cobra, you will trample the great lion and the serpent.”
The devil is likened to a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. And we know
he was a serpent in the Garden of Eden, but what we do know is that God has
defeated him and we, according to Psalm 91, can trample on him. I’m just gonna
finish here with verse 14 to 16. Verse 14 to 16 in Psalm 91 is in the first person,
so basically God is speaking to you. He’s speaking to you right now and these are
His promises. He says here “because you love me, says the Lord, I will rescue you.
I will protect you for you acknowledge my name. You will
call on me and I will answer you. I will be with you in trouble, I will deliver
you and honour you. And with long life I will satisfy you and show you my salvation.
So this beautiful Psalm, Psalm 91, is your Psalm. And I just want to encourage you to
meditate on it and discover what it means when you’re in God’s presence and
how you can experience His protection and take hold of His promises in Jesus
name. Amen. Well how beautiful is that, lean into the
promises of God for our lives. And I hope you have been encouraged by Psalm 91.
It does absolutely help and strengthen us especially in a time like this.
As we come towards the end of this experience online. I just want to encourage you,
we’re gonna continue to do this over the next few weeks, and as long as we need to
I guess, but I want you to know that any prayers you’ve got, any concerns you’ve
got – you know let’s stay connected at this time, yes there is physical space,
physical distancing, but let’s not disconnect socially in the sense of we
need each other and let’s make sure we’re reaching out to help each other in this time.
You know there’s a few things I want to mention and that is one
thing that is very practical in our faith and that is taking communion.
And whether you understand this or whether you’re new to this or whether you’re
familiar with this – communion has always been a source of strength to the
believer. It’s where we take the bread, that symbolically represents the broken
body of Christ, and we take the cup, with faith we just say God I need you every
step of the way. So why don’t you take communion at home, we can do it as often
as we can, and I honestly believe it will be a strength to all those who do it and
I believe that it will actually turn into this supernatural experience with
the presence of God. So be encouraged with Psalm 91, be encouraged with
communion. And as we come towards the end of this moment, I really want to
encourage anyone that’s watching or anyone that’s connected today or tuned
in today. Salvation is something that God gives to us, it’s a gift from Him and it
was made available when Jesus gave His life on the cross. So these words,
really it’s a declaration that we need Him. And I believe salvation is something
that we all need, it’s something that we’re all looking for but I love that we
can find it in Jesus. Don’t forget you can download the Bible App,
connect to the bible, read the bible online. It’s a beautiful beautiful reminder of God’s
promises towards us. And anything you need, prayer requests, any concerns, anything
you want to let us know about, why don’t we use this online platform to stay
connected. And I just want to let you know practically, this week normally in
our community we’d have Dinnerparties. And obviously that’s a gathering
of people which obviously that’s something that we are all discouraging
at the moment. You know yes, physical distance but let’s not disconnect from each other.
So stay on the phone, come up with some new ways of doing
things, chat rooms or whatever it is that’s healthy and wholesome and
encouraging. But why don’t we just remind ourselves as a church that this is
actually something that can help build community, not disconnect us, but actually
keep us connected in a beautiful way. So we love you, we’re praying, we’re
believing and let’s all go on this journey together. So thank you for
listening in today. And next Sunday we’re gonna be doing this again – 11:15
– we’re gonna be bringing some beautiful praise and worship that lifts the soul and I
believe really helps all of us to move forward. We’ll be bringing the Word of
God to put such a spirit of faith and encouragement to all of us and we’ll be
just staying connected and receiving all your prayer requests, so we can actually
do this together. Remember stay safe everyone and we’ll see you next week.

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