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(upbeat music) – SETsquared Bristol
is a business incubator supported by the University of Bristol. We help early stage technology
ventures to fast track their growth of success. We currently work with over 80 technology startups and scale ups, offering them access to a personalized program of business support. (upbeat music) – I’d say just get in
there as soon as possible. I just think that there is something about
having the level of expertise level of network and an
infrastructure around you just really accelerates you
from a business perspective but also challenges you
mentally, which enables you to move forward at a faster pace than you perhaps would have. – SETsquared has helped
me grow my business from it being me to being 31 of us. SETsquared has helped raise
£5.3 million on our journey. SETsquared has helped me
get my first customers, refined my first pitches, get my first investors. I think it’s fair to say
that without SETsquared, we wouldn’t be in business. – We’ve been a member of
SETsquared of Bristol from the very early days of when
we started LettUs Grow. So that’s now around three
years, where we’ve been given support in terms of education,
networks and mentorship. We were really welcomed in and as quite young entrepreneurs, it can often be quite
a daunting atmosphere and an environment to come
into, but everyone at SETsquare has been so inviting and supportive of us and us in our journey. – We’ve met lots of influential people and interesting people
through our journey. I think within a couple of
months of becoming members of SETsquared we’ve met Sajid
Javid on his tour of Bristol. But as well as kind of
that end of the scale. The key people that we’ve
met as well have been the fellow ventures and the other people that were on their journey. – It’s just completely change
the way we’ve approached developing technology and business. Actually it’s not all about
just building the technology, gotta make sure that somebody
wants it and they’re gonna pay for it and there is a
large enough market for it. Simple stuff, but to
get that for an artist so that we can work towards that. That’s what SETsquared’s done for us. – It can be quite a
collaborative environment. I would say the best days were when we were in preincubation. Because we were with other
startups and we sort of were getting into creative problem solving. And interacting with them,
talking about issues. – We help companies by giving them access to wide range of support. Teaching via workshops, different skills, coaching, to helping them in developing
their own personal skills. Mentoring, to help them
through the journey and clinics from professionals
giving professional advice. This is really all
about them not about us. – It’s invaluable for
entrepreneurs to be part of this community where they can share their experiences and turn (mumbles) To apply, you have to be in
the early stage technology venture in Bristol. If you’re not sure
whether you’re illegible, just come and have an
informal chat with us. Or come along to one of our open days. (upbeat music)

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