ShareFile at Work

[door opening]>>Dan: Hi, I’m Dan and I work at Citrix.
We use ShareFile everyday to send large files and collaborate on projects.
So when headquarters asked us to make a video explaining all the different ways businesses
can use ShareFile, we decided our employees can tell the best
story.>>Ashton: I think I love ShareFile because
it’s fast, it’s easy, and it saves us money.
We are building a new headquarters for Citrix in downtown Raleigh and we’re using the ShareFile
product a ton in this situation.
You’ve got the site plans, these enormous files, these CAD drawings,
all of these kinds of things and team members around the country. It’s actually saved us a couple of times.
For example; we had a huge rain storm and there’s no roof on the building just yet
and the rain poured in and destroyed the construction drawings that
we’re there, but pretty fortunately we were able to pull
them up in ShareFile within a matter of seconds and keep the process
moving right along.>>David: The key thing for us in product
design is that [00:01:00] we deal with a lot of industries
at ShareFile, and so one core issue with that is that we
need to be able to have as many users as possible
from as many different technical backgrounds get to their data as quickly and easily as
they can. And so with that we try to make the experience
as organic and simple across all platforms; mobile, desktop, web, whatever
you’re on so when they need it they can get to it.>>Toya: I used to have a huge file cabinet
in my office, but I was able to do away with that.
All of our employees’ personnel files are on ShareFile.
And because it’s encrypted and we have great security features
we’re able to limit access and we’re able to share
information with the HR team that has spread across the country.
As well as being a Citrix employee, I am a mother of three.
I am able to work remotely and access needed information
and files from anywhere, be that the playground or the doctors office.>>Justin: As soon as a client signs up for
a ShareFile account we brand it right off the bat; make it look and feel
like a working part of their own website with their own logo and colors.
And they can also customize it to work the way that they want it to. We can set it up so that you’re only sharing
certain data with certain clients and you’re also running
reports and creating reports that are beneficial to
you, so you know what’s going on with your account
and who’s looking at what. We don’t necessarily consider ourselves the
most typical support team. We enjoy our jobs and enjoy working with clients
and customers to make sure that, you know, we’re taking
care of them, making sure that their share file account
works in the way that is best for them.
We’re trying to raise the bar for support and the technology industry. [phone ringing]>>Dan: I’ll let you grab that one.>>Justin: Thanks Dan. Thank you for calling
ShareFile this is Justin.

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