I thought I fixed the back of my hair. SMH And that’s what happened with that. LOL


  1. Are you all on stay at home order as well? We are in Chicago until April 7th.


  3. I love your home cook meals because I be getting some ideas from you on what for dinner tonight 💖💕💕

  4. I love, love, love your taco videos. Your quesdillas videos. Always bomb! I love all your videos but these are ny favorites 😊❤️

  5. I'm SO JEALOUS and I wish I could grab a taco out of the screen right now! 😩

  6. New to the channel I think you are so funny I love your spirit bless you and stay safe

  7. Right on time Baby,I just grabbed a bag of jumbo shrimp 🍤 being that there are no meats available in my city 😂LOOKS SOOOO GOOD!!!

  8. “Dri, dri, dri, drip it in that SAUCE, Cuz the SAUCE B DA BOSS!” I Luv it when she say that!!! She really mean it too😁

  9. God Bless you . Your Shrimp Tacos 🌮 look good. My Family had this last night. And it was So Good!

  10. I living for the day you come into Baltimore or invite me across the bay to dine with you. This has thoroughly got my hungry and activated my gout. But you have to live! I just found your channel a week ago and I was blown away by the vid on Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with Lump Crabmeat and fried

  11. Tacos look absolutely DELICIOUS.. are you still working as a nurse I heard you say you were in quarantine. My daughter in law is a RN/BSN and I pray for her and her coworkers daily. Everyone be safe and stay prayed up.

  12. The blue shirt’s back! Lol..

    Would you think about doing like one asmr video a week? I miss the old content 😊

  13. Hey, Miriam!! Can you tell me where you got the knife you used? Thanks and I love your videos!!

  14. Looks good you always have a nice presentation people eat with their eyes I just don't like seafood tacos or things like shrimp and grits but keep making pretty food

  15. Thank you for the recipe Miriam, are you still working as a nurse? Or are you doing YouTube full time now? Just asking because you never talk about work. Be safe 💫

  16. Drip drip drip drippin in dat sauce! 😆 I get so excited when you do that!

  17. GURL!!!! I'm a nurse at a health care facility, and I Understand!!!! Thank you for what you do!

  18. Those fish tacos look so wonderful! I really love your recipes, your food always looks exceptional.

  19. Yummmmmy shrimp tacos and the sauce that's the boss 😄. God Bless everyone😍

  20. I’m so so SO jealous. Glad no one around me likes guacamole. Can make this for my freakin self💁🏽‍♀️making this for #freshtacotuesday

  21. I used to buy the precooked shrimp, but after watching this channel I started buying the raw jumbo shrimp, and they’re worth every penny! It makes such a difference. Im so gonna make some shrimp tacos soon!

  22. I love how perfect everything is when u cook 🥰🥰 I just love you girl!! #sogood

  23. Would you ever try to make a vegan meal? I’m vegan, and I think it would be cool if you made something vegan and told us if you liked it . ❤️ #taste-test

  24. I love how you share with us, what's going on with you….making it not all about food. Stay healthy!

  25. I just love you so much! Your personality is beautiful and I love your cooking. 🥰

  26. Looks delicious as always:) love the soft music and chopping sounds in the beginning:) so relaxing ❤️ 11:53 me when my bf asks if I want some of his food. 😂

  27. So good! Next time don’t cut the Romain and use that as the tortilla. Less carbs and wheat. More fresher. Better crunch. Hahahah. And. U can mix the pico de Gallo in ur avo and boom. Less construction. More eating! And healthier. Mmm so good❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m lazy girl 😂

  28. Girlllll my family just loves you!!! You’re awesome!!! Look soo good!!

  29. Their is disease in ALOT of the meat! The Lord told me to stop eating it..n please take this in to prayer as I did also!

  30. I love your energy and how much fun you are having. That’s what life is all about. You are blessed by God. Sending you lots of love and health your way. Stay safe

  31. I know I’m late, what does your tattoo says on your left arm ?

  32. please be careful, miriam. you are an RN and will be out there in the front lines. be safe, be merry. thank you to all the RNs out there, to all the healthcare professionals.

  33. Blessings to you my Aries ♈️ Queen 👑 it’s our season and it looks like we will be locked 🔒 down and unable to celebrate 🎉 but I know one thing us Aries ♈️ will find a way lol love the food thanks for the recipe will be making this for my honey real soon 🥰

  34. Is there a soup recipe you may wanna show us? Or whatever you make for sick folks? I myself am not sick, but there may be some watching that are or are caring for someone sick. I know soup (lmao!) isnt really mukbang quality food, but i think it would be nice n comforting. Ionno, maybe it's just me but id like to see what you make when youre cooking like that 💖. Thanks for still creating content, and glad to see you well

  35. 😂😂🤣🤣 yes sis get it !!! Love a stuff !!! Lol I do the same thing with the last piece!!!

  36. I know you are a nurse. I am one aswell.God bless you, thank you for everything you do and stay safe!

  37. My kids and I lOVE YOU! Thank you for your videos and as my kids would always say “ she’s always smiling I like her” , keep on smiling , it’s contagious 🙂. God bless from The Benitez family ❤️

  38. I want a callab with u that food look so dammmm good i just stared my channel check it out still working on the camers action but im almost there

  39. Love Watching Your Video ❤️
    This Looks Very Delicious 😍😋
    Have A Fabulous Day 💚💓

  40. You are a delight to watch and your recipes are bomb…I will try this one as well. Thx Miriam 👍👍

  41. Proud that you make your own food but bruh…everything is about taste? You substitute nothing for healthier alternatives… I've been wanting to comment but have kept it to myself until I heard u say u have pcos…but you literally eat garbage smh. If you don't care then so be it…but if it comes to the point of being uneducated in the matter..please take the time and research on how u can heal urself…and not from Google bc it's owned my pharmaceutical up on youtube bc this is ridiculous and a form of control over our people! So many toxins built up and stored in our bodies, creating these issues. Be safe queen..especially in these moment where our health is crucial!

  42. My daughter laughed at me for licking my lips like I had sauce on it

  43. Also! The background music when you're making the food reminds me of the sims 💚💚💚

  44. Love me some you. I'm coming to be your neighbor. We eating great….

  45. Miriam my vegetables were freezing in my fridge as well. I was told to just turn the refrigerator down to the lowest temperature

  46. It's so odd everyone I know craved Mexican food today!! Even me 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  47. Wow I’d be so hype if I could just be there. My favorite video so far xoxo so GOOD!!

  48. Looks "So Good!" But I'm allergic to shrimp! 🍤🍤🍤/😬😬😬

  49. Girl I just made some ground beef tacos 🌮 and then I get a notification for your video 😋

  50. I love the cooking part of the video it’s so relaxing for me to watch. ♥️

  51. Those tacos look incredible and i will make them someday ☺ also no makeup?? Youre freaking beautiful and sooo cute!! I love your vibe and your videos!

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