Sinking Office Chair Fix – Cylinder removal Mechanism + Cylinder kit

Hi everybody, Francisco The BearMaker
here. Many bear artists use office chairs in their workspace. Now I’ve had mine for
only a few years but all the sudden it decided to sink to the floor whenever
it felt like it. Despite this problem I still liked my chair and did not feel
like spending tons of money on a new one. I did some research and found out that
all I had to do to fix this problem was change a cylinder which was a tube that has air inside, or something like that This one. Eventually things did work out
but before they did I went through hell don’t worry, this video is about the easy
way to fix a sinking chair problem but you should know what I did wrong so you
don’t go through the same hell I went through. So, I ordered the cylinder and it
arrived in the mail, I was so excited, but suddenly my excitement turned into
complete frustration and disappointment when I couldn’t remove the old cylinder
from the chair, it was impossible, I tried an oil spray, a pipe wrench, a hammer, you name it. All of these options were recommended by videos and message boards online but none of them worked. before giving up I went back online and did
more research. This time I found a little mechanism that helps you remove the old cylinder from the chair and it included a new cylinder as a kit, guess what? it
was easy, it fixed the problem and it only cost me thirty five dollars, more
coming up When I bought the mechanism kit the
seller guaranteed the size which they called the universal standard size, and
that is about two inches wide at its widest and around one inch wide at its
narrowest. Now the old cylinder may be covered by a collapsible plastic cover,
don’t worry about it, this is just for decorative purposes, I
removed mine and threw it away less stuff to keep clean. The seller
guaranteed that if it didn’t fit I could get my money back including
shipping and handling. As always, all the links are in the description of this
video below. All right, once I got the kit in the mail I got to work. Here are
steps I took. First press your chair’s lever to raise your chair to its highest
position, this will release the pressure from the old cylinder. Place some
newspaper or plastic bags on the floor or work surface where you’ll be placing
the chair on it’s back to replace the old cylinder. This is to avoid staining your
work area with the oil from the old cylinder the way I did. If your kit
includes a pair of gloves as mine did please wear them, it will save you from a
headache from trying to remove the stubborn oil stains on your hands, I
didn’t and regret it. With a screwdriver remove the clip at the bottom of the old
cylinder then pull the wheel base from the chair. It should come out with just
the bottom part of the cylinder attached Most likely this won’t happen to you but
if you have any problems removing the wheel base from the chair just tap it
gently with a rubber mallet, if you don’t have that you can take a hammer and wrap a towel around it and use that instead and if it still persists then turn the
wheel base as you push it away from the chair to release it. Next remove the
tube that is still attached to the wheel base by placing the wheel base on top of
a trash can but with the tube underneath grab a hammer and hit the tube like it
owes you money yippee. Next separate the collars that came with the new cylinder kit by unscrewing the short screws in them with an Allen
wrench then attach them to the old cylinder that is still attached to the
chair by screwing back in the short screws.
When tightening the screws do it only enough so they hug the cylinder but they
still slide. Slide the collars as close as you can to the seat. Make sure that the
threaded holes in the collars don’t line up, then screw the bottom collar short
screws so it’s very tight and not able to slide at all. Using the Allen wrench
screw the longer screws that came included in the kit into the bottom
collar. Screw a little bit on each side alternating so the collars separate evenly. As the collars separate from each other the top one will push
the cylinder away from the chair. If the collars don’t push the cylinder away from
the chair this could mean you didn’t tighten the bottom collar enough, if so,
tighten the bottom collar more and repeat. Once the tube comes out of the chair
you’re ready to install the new cylinder in the chair. Remove the protective
plastic cap from the cylinder, in my case is colored red. Place the widest part of
the new cylinder into the middle hole of your wheel base then place the chair onto the thinnest part of the tube then sit on the chair and the cylinder will
fasten itself to the chair with the pressure, and that’s all, not bad ah?
I wanted to make a separate video about the following but I didn’t want you to
miss out on the opportunity. When buying the cylinder kit I’ve noticed it that if
I added one more item to the cart the seller would apply a discount. Now the
discount may or may not be available by the time you see this video but I
thought it was worth mentioning it I also noticed they were selling some
awesome wheels for office chairs. My old ones were completely ruined filled with
thread and stuffing which made it hard to slide around my workspace, so I said
hey why not? they were easy replace, the chair now
slides wonderfully and the wheels are very quiet too, I love them! Feel free to leave a comment if you liked this video press the thumbs
up button and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching when I bought ahhhh O l d c y l i n d e r pre please press ahhhh You are so cute! Grunt Spanish: Me asustastes. English: You scared me This is getting silly

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