Small Business Saturday Tips + Bonus Black Friday Grudge Match [Maverick Minute]

Are you starting to hear the catchphrase shop small? That’s right! Small Business Saturday is coming up. If you’re a small business owner, don’t miss out on this ‘shop local’ holiday. Though you may be wondering. What’s the difference with Black Friday? Let’s get ready for the showdown. Today’s lineup pits the reigning holiday champ Black Friday against relative newcomer Small Business Saturday But don’t like that baby face fool you Small Business Saturday knows how to throw a punch… Whooo! Everyone loves Black Friday! You want a TV? I’ve got TVs! 80 percent off! Yeah, You know what? You can’t beat my sales! Dodge this! Buy one get ten free ten free Yeah, you know what? You’re not so tough. ‘Cause, Honestly? I’ve got so
much free, fast shipping up my sleeve it’ll make your head spin! Well small businesses actually Contribute to local economies and enhance the communities that are part off. Do you really need to steal the spotlight? Well, you know what? I’m not sure I’ve ever really heard it that way so When you make me think about it We ought to be friends! Common! Seriously? I’m the best! Everyone loves Black Friday! I’m a champ! I’m a champ! Whooo hoooo! You are never gonna be able to beat meeeee! So all joking aside while Black Friday does get an incredible amount of exposure Small Business Saturday is continuing to rise in the ranks. American Express set a survey and it said that 59% of small business owners say that that holiday, Small Business Saturday, Contributes significantly to their sales for the season. So you want in on that action? I’ll give you a marketing tip in just a second If you found this video amusing, you really should consider our video on virtual terminals who find it in our channel playlists. I highly recommend you wait until the very end. That’s the part that always gets me and constantly LOL when see that, and I’ve seen in a lot. Um, so as far as marketing for Small Business Saturday, my biggest tip for you is to BE YOURSELF. Alright, this is a holiday that’s meant…And the spirit of it is shopping local. Um, you know, you don’t have to be a big-box store You don’t need to slash your prices. Don’t put yourself like in debts trying to pretend you’re a big-box store. You’re not! Just be local. Share your story. People want to support their neighbors this holiday. And if you want more tips for this holiday We’ve got the link in our video description that will take you to an article We’ve got ten tips on ten marketing tips for the holiday. So, you know, you might want to get that up give that a look Share your tips for Small Business Saturday in the comments below. Let’s help small business owners have their best holiday season yet!

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  1. Mary mentions a Maverick Minute video that gives her a good LOL. Which episode is she referring to?

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