Hi Lula Mae!


  1. Did any one hit the 👍 before she said a word👍👍❤❤😘

  2. I love watching you!!!! Please make a cookbook!! I want to eat everything you cook xo

  3. I missed you girl. The meal looks great. It's a must try believe me. ❤❤

  4. Yeah I live in Texas and people here are freaking out. I work for a healthcare company and i am even freaking out but staying calm. Everyone I hope you all stay safe.

  5. My husband just literally asked me: baby are you really dribbling over this lady's food? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Can you make chicken 🍗 tenders in next video? I need a recipe. Thanks 😊!!

  7. You fried the mess out of that chicken.! Perfect golden brown. 🙌🏿

  8. A heart attack on a platter. And I want some 😛😛😋😋😏

  9. I’m going to have to try this, I usually use Texas toast and barbecue sauce in my meatloaf 🔥

  10. It’s good to be into some good food 🥘 especially when you made it.. not anyone else BUT YOU. It’s like you put your foot in that ! 😂😂😂😘😘 love ya Miriam.

    Everyone be safe out here during this pandemic of the coronavirus.

  11. Aww I hope they hurry up and get done messing with your mouth. Feel better Hun🥰

  12. Wow your recipes are fabulous every time! I would love to try that meatloaf out for sure and that mashed potato is so creamy.

  13. I watch you while I'm cooking!!!… sometimes I get ideas for dinner and we cook together!!! Lmbo…. but seriously I'm trying your fried chicken recipe…My fried chicken is "so gooood" but I've never done it that way!!! So I'm gonna try it…because your crunch sounds very crisp!!!

  14. I’ve been at the hospital for two days and nights with my sweet mama. We are both STARVING! I showed her this video. I promised her that when she can eat….this is what we are having! Please pray for her. We love you Mariam

  15. Root canals are no good, they take the nerve then your tooth decays because there is no nerve; they are making money, I did the same thing and my teeth started coming out when I eat, get ready for dentures or implants, they no they are wrong

  16. I just adore you!!! Your such a beautiful blessing to me. I was having a pretty bad day. Thank you so much for making me smile. ❤❤

  17. Hey Miriam ! Love your videos, i sent you a little gift to your P.O. Box a few days ago . Hope you love it ❤️❤️

  18. Hey Beautiful,
    Looks Delicious 😋 however, where’s the onion & bell pepper!? IMO it makes or breaks meatloaf & Spaghetti. By which, I would love for you to cover a good ol’ spaghetti dinner 😋

  19. Miriam can tot do a remake of any signature turkey leg from the Turkey Leg Hut(Houston, Tx)? Love your videos!

  20. The recipe for your meatloaf is almost exact tp mine but I use only 1/ 2 the ground pork & add onion & jalapenos .. Looks yummy though 👌😚

  21. You should be ashamed of yourself, making me salivate over here!!! The meatloaf is prepared like I like it, no 🧅 onions and no 🌶 peppers. 😋

  22. Can you plz pin me in ur next video?? Btw, that food looks AMAZING!!
    If only you could adopt me…. Jkjkjkj lol

  23. I really enjoy watching you cook. I wish I was there for the feats.

  24. I'm definitely gonna try they meatloaf recipe with gravy! It looks delish!!!

  25. My, My, My
    My, My, My
    You sure look good tonight (Johnny Gill voice)

  26. Thanks sis.. I surely will be using your recipe for the meat loaf.. much love to you all and God bless ♥️🤗💯💋

  27. Ok gurl I need to go to my second oldest daughter videos go to Cookie world and go to my oldest daughter videos dancing and teaching her kids ok go to Niya dadvia and you going to see my fifth oldest daughter videos and my son Anthony and my grand kids playing basketball so subscribe and give comment and thumbs up ok we love watching your videos so much ❤️

  28. Could I use only beef for the meatloaf instead of half beef half pork?

  29. OMG, that plate. But the crisp on that chicken tho… ⛪️ 🙋🏾‍♀️

  30. If your teeth are always giving u so much trouble to where u need narcotics maybe u should stop drinking so many sugary drinks 😑

  31. Wow this actually helped – I’ve had horrible pain in one of my fillings and I thought that was impossible. Now I know 😭😭. Started after drinking sweet tea for 3 weeks. And I like it almost syrupy 😭

  32. Delicious, home cooked, comfort food with the gravy and brown wings!! You better get it M😍😄

  33. Okay I feel like ya dentist is fresh out of college cause it shouldn't be so soon but that food smack 😋😋😋

  34. Miriam, I'm a Carolina boy…so you know I would inhale this meal🤣🤣🤣.

    Great job💙💙💙.

  35. Guuuurrrrlll, I use packet gravy all the time. Good old fashion soul food, love it. 😍 Thanks for sharing.

  36. I am currently on a lifestyle change in regards to my diet and lord have mercy these videos hit real different now LMAO

  37. I could use this with some good ole strawberry lemonade I'd die happy

  38. hi i am a new subbie of yours, iv'e watched a couple of your vlogs,

  39. Alright belove its 2020 you can do mukbunks but it is time the make sustainable healthy ones !

  40. I got to say I absolutely love the music she plays while cooking so relaxing 😌

  41. I just love love 💕 your food. My daughter said her mouth waters every time she watches. Please keep showing us your receipts

  42. Miriam, try some chopped green bell pepper in your meatloaf mixture, 10 minutes before it’s done ✅ pour ketchup on top put it back in the oven then sliced it. So good, I own a soul food restaurant.

  43. Mmmm, just finished off my meatloaf and mashed potatoes left overs, love this!

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