– Hello everyone, I’m really excited about this Airbnb Nashville video. I was doing some research last night, and I had to do this video. It’s for anyone who has
any interest in Nashville, and if so why you should start your Airbnb Nashville business, and especially if you’d like to make a lot of money on Airbnb
without owning property. I’m Jim G from In this video I’m gonna take you quickly through the numbers so you can see why Nashville is a goldmine for Airbnb arbitrate. Then I will show you how to get started. I’m gonna give you a
little peek into my live portfolio online, one of
my live Airbnb portfolios right there online so you
can see how it all works. And if you watch till the end, I’m gonna give you access to my free Airbnb getting started cheat sheet so that you can run with this information and potentially have your
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or so without owning. But two things before we get started. The doors to my Airbnb Accelerator Coaching and Mentoring
Academy are now open. It’s by invitation only, so if you’re interested
in coaching or mentoring then just set up a live one on one call with me by clicking on one of the links in the description below. And second, if you like the information that I share with you today I want you to like and share this video and subscribe to my channel. Other than that, let’s get started. Okay, okay so now you’re gonna see why I was so excited and, so let me, I’m gonna try and fly through this real quick for you. I’m not really trying to get
into heavy, heavy detail, but just so you can get
a general understanding and feel for what the gist
of what I’m talking about is. And what I found and how
it’s gonna benefit you. And then, so you can just take it and run with it. And if you want more detail as to how to do certain things, like right on my YouTube channel you’ll find a lot of videos that I do where I get into a lot of detail as to some of the things I’m gonna
be discussing here. So anyway, let me get started. So first things first, what I want to look at is I want to look at Nashville. So let’s talk about
Nashville just for a second. This is a website I came
across it’s called Macrotrends. And this website shows you the trend of the population in Nashville, in any area actually. You can do the research in any area. And what it’s showing is that every year the trend is it’s going up. Now we already know Nashville, like we, I mean if you have
an interest in Nashville then you know Nashville’s
just a great place. What people like to say is it’s a small town in a big city. There’s a lot of wonderful
things about Nashville. So when you, if you do like to, if you’ve never been there then you may not necessarily get it. But if you’ve been there then you know what I’m talking about. And so it’s a place that
many people like to go to. And let me tell you how I know that also, is because I also did some statistics on Nashville tourism. And Nashville tourism, the site is called, and it says Nashville set
the tourism records in 2019 with 16.1 million visitors. So it’s telling me now here that Nashville has a population today of 1,249,000. It’s telling me that just last year it had 16 million visitors that came into Nashville. But not only that, but it’s also talking about how the trend has just
gone up and up and up as far as people coming to Nashville. So back in 2013 there were 12 million, 13 million in 2014, 13.5 million in 2015, 13.9 million, 14.5, 15.2, 16.1, so the trend is going up. It’s all going in the
right direction, right? And so then I look at this. I saw Lawn star is a, another website called And what this does is
it’s telling us about Nashville and a population
growth expected. And so right now when
it talks about Nashville it’s just, it’s not just
talking about Nashville itself, but it’s also talking
about the other 14 counties in the metro area of Nashville. And in metro area of Tennessee. And what it’s saying, if you read this, it says that it’s set to soar 38% from 2010 to 2025. So today they’re saying it’s
just over 1.8, 1.9 million people in that county area, the metro county area, and it’s expected to
get up to 2.4 million. So from 2010, 1.7 to 2.4 million. 38% increase over a 15 year period. And this is showing,
again, that it’s expected to get up to 2.4 million. So there’s a ton of
people going to Nashville and they like it. Here’s another site, the, that tells you why
people come to Nashville. And what is it saying? It’s saying, it says what? There are major U.S. cities
such as New York CIty on the East Coast and LA on the West Coast that attract millions
of visitors each year. In the south there’s Nashville it says. More than just a country music hotspot, Nashville is a small town, that’s what I said, small town trapped in a big city. And that’s where I kind of got that idea. I was reading this and it made sense. It says always live country music, but you’ll find a lot of rock, blues, Christian, pop, and there’s always live music everywhere. There’s live music everywhere. Also it says, you know,
it’s easy to make friends. You’ll run into celebrities, that’s Reese Witherspoon, and food, a lot of good food in Nashville. It just says there’s a lot of stuff going on basically. There’s a lot of stuff going on. So I look at all that, and then I go all right
let’s take a look at Airbnb, ’cause I’m always, I mean I’m an investor,
real estate investor, that’s what I do. I’m also a coach and a mentor, and so I’m always researching things also, even in areas that I may not
be looking at specifically, but I may have students
that have an interest or some other things I like to point out to my students as they’re looking to grow and do things remotely as well. So, as I came across some of
this information on Nashville, I said let me go over to Airbnb and take a look at, if there’s this many
people coming to Nashville then there should be a
ton of Aribnbs, right? And let’s see what I found. And not only that, but
there also should be, the properties should be pretty high as far as rentals are concerned, the cost of property
should be pretty high. Neither of those are the case. When I look at Airbnb, I go on and look, so I did, I was on Nashville Stays and what it’s showing me is look, there’s not a ton, there should be dots everywhere. There’s not a ton of properties on Airbnb. There’s not a ton. There’s enough, but I said okay if there’s not a ton that means the people that are actually doing their listings, they should be, they should
have hundreds of reviews. So if in fact there are that many people that are interested in coming to Nashville and staying there in an Airbnb. And so what I looked is, when I looked it shows
this person got 160, this person’s got 298, this person’s got 234, this person got 304, this person got 304, this person got 386, 450, 160 so now bells and whistles are going off in my head because I’m saying this is the thing that I look at when I’m
considering an area, or when I talk to my students about considering an area. And it’s about saturation and demand. And in this case there’s very high demand, meaning the most, out of all the people that are looking to book on the Airbnb when
they come to Nashville, most of them have to go to a hotel ’cause there’s not enough places, which is why everybody
has such high reviews. Because the reviews are not the number of people that stay, it’s actually the number of people that stayed minus the people that didn’t leave a review. So there’s more people that stayed than actually left review. So it’s telling me that
just thew few people that are on here are
just making a killing. They’re making a killing. They have very high occupancy, but what does that mean to me and you? What that means to you, if you have access to property, whether it’s your own place, whether you own it or you lease it, and you have extra space in your place, you, if you learned how
to put that space up on Airbnb, the correct way, then immediate you’re gonna be able to start generating income, right? Boom. So let me talk to you about how much, what that looks like from
an income perspective. I’m gonna do that real quick. So I know I’m moving quickly, but I wanna get through this because I’m trying not to have a long, drawn out video here. My last couple were really long, and I’m just, I’m really not
trying to do another long one. So in any case, here’s the calculator. And this is what I did. So when I look, I looked
at the average stay, and just so you know these
are for private rooms. These are the numbers of private rooms. When you look at private rooms, the average stay, and this is all we do. We deal with business travelers, those are my clients, that’s my niche, that’s what my students do
as well, business travelers. You make a lot more
money doing private rooms for business travers in a space where they share the bathroom, kitchen, living room, unless there’s
a room inside the house that has its own private bath. Then it’s still a shared space ’cause they’re still sharing the kitchen and living room. But it’s a great niche, and the Airbnb algorhithim
loves these kinds of listings because there are a number of people out there that are not trying. to come in and pay for a whole house when they go somewhere, they just wanna a nice
clean, safe, affordable space that they can lie their head and shower when they come into town, whether it be on business
or for events, whatever, and then they’re gone. So they’re happy, they’re
excited when they get here, and then they’re gone and
the next person comes. But then you have like two,
three, four, five rooms in one house that’s generating income, ’cause they’re all their
own separate listing. And they know that these Airbnb guests and business travelers are people that when they come they’re in an enviornment with people just like themselves. So it’s a great niche, and let me show you what that looks like. So I did the numbers already. On average it looks like we’re getting about $35 a night here
on average per room. And so what I looked at here is when I multiple $35 a
night times four rooms, that equals $140. So if all of our rooms were occupied, $140 is what we would make. And so if I multiply that by 30 to tell me how much I’m
gonna make for the month, it comes out to $4200. Now, we don’t expect to
have 100% occupancy so, but that is really the baseline that I use to give me a maximum number of what I could make on that house so that I could also
determine a couple things. One, what would I make
at the occupancy rate that I would, that’s normal, and what I can also pay for rental so that I can be confident that whether it be up times, down times, no matter what’s going on, I’m never gonna have
to reach into my pocket to pay the rent if I’m
renting a place to do this, to pay the rent for my Airbnb, it’s always gonna come out of cash flow. So let me show you how that looks. So $4200 is the max
you can make on a house or an apartment. And that’s at four bedrooms. Now the other thing is the
more bedrooms are better. I typically don’t do anything
lees than three bedrooms, but the more bedrooms the better. That means if I’m gonna go out and rent a place. And so, and in fact let me
just jump over real quick, I’m gonna show you something real quick. This is, my Airbnb portfolio. This is my live Airbnb, one of them anyway. And this one, it shows
that I made $144,803. This one has 21 listings in there, and I only own seven of them. So the others I lease. And so far for the year, so last year we booked 45, we hosted 4500 stays in
this portfolio alone, and then when I look at where we are for the year to date, it shows that year to date as of, today is March 6th, as of March 6th I’ve generated
$33,244 for the month. And so, I mean not for the month, for the year so far, year to date. And so for the month it’s actually showing that I generated just over 7,000, actually, I’m sorry
approaching $8,000 right now. So in any case that’s what it’s showing. And the other thing is, the other thing that I
wanna show real quick is, is I wanna show you the type of money that is generated from Airbnb as well. And what that, what it’s showing is, two things, one, that
the cashflow from Airbnb is pretty much every day for me. And so every day, when a guest books Airbnb collects the money. So I don’t have to ever talk about or worry about money. When Air, the date that
they’re supposed to check in, Airbnb will do an electronic
funds transfer into my account. So every day, pretty much every day they’re making transfers into the account. So yesterday they did
a transfer of $117.37. The day before that $1728.99. The day before that $2015.79. The day before that $400.03. Before that, $226.01. Before that, $157, $155, $117, you get the idea. You get the picture. So in any case that’s how this works. So now that I got that out of the way I wanted to just show you that I’m really doing this stuff. This is what I do. But let me show you what that looks like from an Airbnb perspective for you. We get back to that. When we look at $4200 being
the most you can make, what I always say is on average, when you optimize properly the way I do it and my students do it, you’re gonna be, you should be, in normal
circumstances you should be averaging between 75 and 85% occupancy. So what I like to do is, in normal circumstances like where I’m at in Rochester, New York, you’re gonna have roughly
about an 80% occupancy. That’s where you should be. Some months you’re gonna have higher, some months you’re gonna have lower, but it all averages out to about 80%. And so at 80% this is
telling me at 4200 times 0.8, it’s telling me that I’m gonna bring in, I should expect $3360
from a four bedroom place at $35 a night. And okay so that’s telling me that. So now how much can I pay? So let’s take a look at
how much I can actually pay for an Airbnb? A rental, like if I don’t own, if I’m not in my own place, then how much can I pay? What I do is I take the 40, you take the $4200 and you multiple that times 0.4, so $4200 times 0.4 is $1680. And where did I come up with that number? 40% occupancy. So I have 40% occupancy
in normal circumstances is really where, you’re pretty much, I mean you never have to ever, as long as you have a pulse, as long as you’re breathing, if you copy my algorhithim, my optimization properly, then you’ll never have to reach in or be concerned about
reaching into your pocket to pay the rent if you’ve gone out and rented a place in order
to do Airbnb arbitrage, rental arbitrage. So now you come, $1680 is what it says we can make. In this situation, however,
there is much higher demand and much lower saturation, where your numbers are actually
gonna be higher than 80%. You’re gonna be operating
between 80 and 90% occupancy. I’m sorry, 80, yeah 90% occupancy, in some instances it’s gonna
be even higher than that. So what I did was I looked at what would I make if I was at 85% instead of 80 in normal circumstances, in this case let’s go
up 85% instead of 90. Instead I’m gonna be bringing in $3570. So if I can pay up to $1680 for a place, let’s go on to Zillow. Zillow is one of the
ways I look at properties to get an idea in the area
what they’re going for. And it’s also one of the ways that I actually get
the properties as well. And that’s something I’m
not gonna show you in this, but you can, you can, again, go to one of my videos, I go through
the whole Zillow formula and how all that works. And, again, it’s all free information. So go use it, binge out
on the stuff, use it. But in any case, Zillow is telling me, excuse me, Zillow is telling me that I can bring in, I mean I can pick up a four bedroom property
here in Nashville for, here’s one for $1200, $1250, $1299, $1288, $1300, $1395, $1400, $1450, $1495, so everything is well under the amount that it’s
telling me I could pay, which is $1680. It’s well under that. So let’s say we pick up
a place in a decent area. This one’s $1350, it
looks like a nice one. This one is it’s a nice house, 13, so let’s go, let’s say $1400. Let’s use $1400 as the number. We’re not even paying the whole $1600. So if we are making, at 80%, 3360, if that’s how much we’re bringing in, and we subtract $1400 from that, how much am I making? $1960, right? That’s what it’s showing me. And if I’m doing, at 85% 3570, and I’m subtracting the $1400 from that, it’s telling me that I’m
bringing in $2170 per month. This is monthly. These are monthly numbers, guys. So let’s take a quick peek
at what that looks like on an annual basis. At 80%, if I’m bringing in 1900 after I pay my rent, $1960, and I multiply that times 12, that’s a total of $23,520. At 85%, if I’m bringing, and I subtract the 1400, that’s 2170. If I multiple that by 12 it’s telling me that I’m
bringing in $26,000 a year. So anywhere between 23 and $26,000 a year on one property after we pay the rent. One property. This is why I’m telling you that I was just, I had to get this video done, because if you have any
interest in doing Airbnb or if you have any interest in Nashville and any interest in real estate, consider this, consider it. Just go to some of the
sites I just showed you and consider the information that I, I’m just putting out. It’s really just for your benefit. I hope you take it. I hope you use it. So I know I went pretty fast, but hopefully you got the gist of what I was talking about. And hopefully it also added value to you. And if it did, type in the
comments below needed that. Need that in the comments below. So now you can see why I was so excited about sharing the Airbnb
Nashville information I just shared with you, and why I’m also so excited about and why I love the Airbnb
passive income strategy for building and starting an Airbnb rental arbitrage business without owning property. First, it’s simple, second, it’s predictable, it’s reliable cashflow,
it’s daily cashflow, and you never have to worry, once you get your first one, you’ll never have to, well your first, your second one, you’ll never have to
worry about money anymore. So who is this for? Airbnb passive income is for, whether you’re a real estate professional, whether you’re a landlord, whether you’re a newbie, whether you’re a flipper, whether you’re a wholesaler, whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, whether you’re a student. As long as you have a little bit of interest in real estate, and either the desire or the need to have two to four to 10K passive income, monthly income, that’s it, that’s who it’s for. I mean it’s great to have the money, you have a little fun, you have the income,
you have a little fun, but it’s also, it’s mainly really to give you freedom now to finally be able to do the things that are really important. The things that are
really important to you. Spending time with family,
friends and loved ones, quality time, being able to be more of a blessing to your
church and your community. Being able to help family members that just really need
the help but you can’t really do as much in the
situation you’re in now. Being able to travel. Being able to enjoy and
share your God given gifts as much as you’d like, and do those things because
now you have the income, you have the freedom without
having to punch a clock or to be running around
doing a bunch of things to earn extra income because you’re trying to make ends meet. That’s who it’s for. So it really doesn’t matter which category you fall into. If you just decide to do things just a little differently than what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it today, take the information that I gave you, take information from my YouTube videos that you’ll see, you can go in, just, again, binge watch the stuff ’cause I get into detail. Download the free cheat sheet that’s in the description below, and start implementing, implementing, using the information then whether you have a place of your own that you’re already
in, you have the space, or you’re going out and getting a place, it really doesn’t matter how you start, as long as you get started. And if you get started, literally after you
have your couple places, life will be different for you. It will change dramatically. When you take a look at the numbers, how much would $2,000, $4,000, $6,000 per month mean, how much of a difference
would it make for your life? So, again, if you have
15 to 30 minutes a day that you can carve out, and you can follow some,
just simple directions, simple steps, then I
recommend you download the free cheat sheet, utilize it, watch some of the videos and get started. However, if you, if you’re just thinking well, you know what,
I don’t want to bounce back and forth from video to video and just to kind of get started, then one thing you can do
is inside the description you can also go to my free
Airbnb Empire Masterclass. Go ahead and download that information, not download it, watch
it, watch the information, and then after you do that apply to join my Airbnb Accelerator Coaching and Mentoring group. Once you do that, what’s gonna happen is I’ll set up a one on one
appointment with you, about an hour, and then we’ll just talk and see really what your current situation is, and what it is you’re trying to achieve. And if I believe I can help you get there I’ll explain how we do that. And at that point you and I
will put our heads together. If we decide and think
together we’re a good fit working together then
I’ll just get you going, I’ll get you started. So I appreciate you
guys watching the video. And, again, if you got value out of it like and share the video and subscribe to the channel. And, again, as always, God bless you and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye.


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