Steve Buscemi Mourns RompHim Going Out of Business

-This is very sad. You guys, in fashion news,
the company that created the romper for men —
called the “romphim” — just announced it’s closing
this week. And…
-What? -Wait, wait.
Steve Buscemi. Steve, what…. [ Cheering ] -Hi, Jimmy. I was just getting
ready in my dressing room when I heard
this awful news. [ Laughter ] I had to come out.
You’re — You’re telling me
no more romphims? -Well…yeah.
Yeah. -You mean no more business
on the top, exposed leg
on the bottom? [ Laughter ] -I guess not. -No more breezy kneesys
for Stevie Bescie? [ Laughter ] -Steve, you’re great.
You look great. But I got to admit, I never
pegged you as a romper guy. -[ Scoffs ]
What are you, kidding? I wear it under
all my costumes. “Reservoir Dogs”?
I was romping. [ Laughter ] -No way. -“Fargo” — romping. -What about
“Boardwalk Empire”? -All five seasons.
Mad romping. [ Laughter ] But I guess I’ve romped
my last romp. -Steve, no,
you can still wear the romphims that
you already have. -Nah, I don’t think so. The world just wasn’t ready for
the beautiful, breezy freedom that only romphims
can bring. I guess I’ll just
have to change. Ooh, I like this.
Thanks. -Steve Buscemi, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] He’s not gonna
wear that, is he?

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