Succeed in the workplace (Free Course Trailer)

If you’re looking for that perfect new role, returning to work after a break, or changing jobs, Succeed in the Workplace is the course to help you make that career progression and love your working life. This free course is designed to help you identify and achieve goals in
your career however big or small they may be. Helping you explore career opportunities. It also offers thought training on your
work-life balance. Giving you the mental tools to achieve success professionally and socially Key benefits of the course are helping you understand the value of your networks. Developing the skills to write job applications and CVs. Understanding interview techniques and questions and producing a personal action plan. The course is set over eight weeks but is flexible to suit you and
your busy schedule. You’ll receive a digital badge upon completion to reflect the professional development this course gives you. A great opportunity to reflect
on your skills interests and values. This course aims to ignite your ambition and
ability to succeed. get more from the Open University Check out the links on
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  1. This course is very useful for those looking for jobs and want to succeed in the workplace.

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