Supercop Raksha | Episode 2 – Lock up | Chetna Shakti

[soft music] [man screaming] [Intro music] [tense music] [man screaming] Bro , she’s beating the hell out of Rocky Paji Shut the F** up you p**y . I don’t understand … Why didn’t she handcuff this fool? it’s because I didn’t have a weapon .. So She’s not mad at me as much as she’s mad at you all. She did kick my a** at the warehouse Bro , I’m sh*ting myself She’ll rip you a new A**hole Kalu. Oh crap Madam … Madam Madam … Commissioner sir is on the phone Hello sir Raksha … Did you conduct raid at Singhania warehouse? Sir , I had information Crates of smuggled ammunition have been kept at the warehouse How many people have you arrested? Sir, I have arrested four men and I’ve sent a police team to seize the contraband Raksha your team has not found anything The warehouse is empty What!? How’s this possible sir? I myself have seen at least 100 crates Have you lost your mind ? There’s nothing there and release all those men you have arrested right now But sir .. They had weapons … They tried to kill me sir Don’t argue with me Raksha Release them right now and report to me … it’s an order yes sir Sanjay … free them Didn’t you hear me ? I said free them She’s a Psychopath Hello Mr. Singhania Hello Commissioner I was about to call you Mr. Singhania I just spoke to the Station house officer Your boys have been released Oh I see… Thank you commissioner I hope my employees cooperated with your officer We are sorry Mr. Singhania All this happened … Due to misinformation No , it’s alright commissioner To err is human .. they say Your officer was just doing her duty it’s alright .. thank you for your help Appreciate it Forgive me sir … It won’t happen again .. Get rid of him

21 thoughts on “Supercop Raksha | Episode 2 – Lock up | Chetna Shakti

  1. Wow.fabulous work bro.Thanks for keeping such kind of torture scene.its far better than real.Expect differnt kind of lock up torture scene in upcoming episode

  2. Nice animation series and the torture scene is also great also animate lady torture scenes….channel subscribed..

  3. Could you do a facesitting scene? She has the hips for it lol. I know youtube is crazy so maybe you could put it somewhere else. But good video, you're talented bro.

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