Suspense: After Dinner Story / Statement of Employee Henry Wilson / Cabin B-13

and demand there again to introduce columbia’s
program suspend rebound in hollywood and i just saw as
mister although prove it whose career on the screen and almost a
dozen for him precisely equal number of appearances at
the character on the right and on the wrong side of the law whether the mammoth approval portrays
tonight is double hossain kelly volume job plainville it is called after-dinner storm although it is cornell woolrich radio about the robber there richard and so with the performance of auto
kulbir i’ve missed a hot eka told is extraordinary after-dinner story waking
up to give you a new test-ban on hulu you your name sir himself many good good wisdom hard liquor this potential tha uh… along the debate and that’s when the mahogany limb running
with lamb missed a hot ticket mister lambert who and yet of my name is ben to get the eighteen
thirties ahmad and mister plan that guy’s above please and mister hani good them against the
above all and goldberg had then supposedly going to dinner enough
is enough to have your why you won’t hear what i have in mind accompany you on the phone with on it the thought of after dinner a you scopic uh… well gentlemen did you enjoy your
dinner yeah i i i don’t know if you’ll excuse me for just a moment i have
certain instructions to get the seventh uh… for that actual rejoin your
envelope says what is that correct me such instructions for the service roger
donnell okay i don’t like the looks of the whole
thing while the mystery night chip patient
grant the holiday spirit limited and let them and and other things idoney knows plenty park avenue go into
the room myself but i’ve seen them in the movies they always pastor fu toronto everybody they don’t just don’t bring it out in
the kitchen already on your plate just handed to you what possible difference investment
wells i don’t know but morning right novel none of that’s right why does a man invite for perfect
strangers to dinner what is this thing he has in mind for a
c keeps talking about world leno he says he’ll make it worth our
while i can use a little that what you were
stuffed delay business has been lately obviously the connection between this is
that we were all in an elevator a year ago whole what ovitz there’s no mystery
about that need police cleared that up the very next day maybe mister konica
doesn’t think so side of yesterday at the moment now suppose we get down to business them is
down again numbers was to see movement he was just wondering what this business
is all about you will have to to you’d probably obvious conclusion
because this has to do with my son near i don’t see why we’re we also are
inaccurate but that’s all over and done with that almost but uh… one of two with the
details that i thought it into the mind dealt with uh… alone welfare car and then if you don’t
mind and no you must remember most of it but it’s almost a year ago i’d like to go over the host on from the
beginning more already just about just before five nafta known on august thirtieth of last year when the mother was concerned that here
this evening at its beginning and i met the at that time off for a few perfect
stranger have a series of upon your lives founder cells for personal and business
reason the film um… various for the runoff of building
in midtown manhattan waiting for the express delivery that
the people of it the first passengers were on the twenty
first lol twenty-one gone down please suppressed when amount operator depends on the columbia who helped mom
with the twenty-first law baking going down please based on those please you know five name in the car as the pentagon smith mackenzie went
into the elevator critiquing fifteen express card in the lobby going down
please bellota elena only a few bad by that mcmahon immunity while still in the scientific company
beyond their control myself mine these things up with that so fast this baby is moved milk can’t stop throughout summer all of
them paraffin-embedded deterred bust anybody here anybody in a match define legs broken definitively murder weapon can somebody give me
another government intentionally da not the only one with wife and kids as anybody got a match but at the store head suffocating here things have practically yet right with the other operated his over here if you look great on his clothing for
him and what about a bun got a mac so i can
see what i’m doing here and operator yet bill why doesn’t somebody come with not
only well you know i’m down we’ll bring you down paragon delay randomly prisoners at the somewhere i can hear voices now you hear them the there’s no yeah i don’t really know
with john in illinois reminder that you had the the at rockingham height they stop something right yes certainly would have been heard where the reading
for whatever reason made it easy you could be worse and worse from there like this program he’s been and so you waited six men fired living one bit i know it must have been for all of you many minutes dragging by backing way by july home disposed we’ve been down here
misconduct paramedic program led to the just taking the time on warrior i heard
you haven’t already before dawn if you haven’t kicked me out for it one sometimes what would happen one of the things i was little i you
know i’ll never rodman again so he’s going to walk up sixty eight stories the
rainbow grill i don’t go to the rainbow room that my father that you know with me going to move change his mind we should change my mind if i can come back to make a phone call item on another card what’s the use of
leisure kaplan and here we are filibuster that the other miho about their you alot yet but one guy dead of the left that like the dr i got i got on the world one of my head nearly death already for
the throws the what does below it carried out live from what he wanted a climate and i path dot ad buffalo comprise a profile uh… da and i don’t like uh… on the
front lines on a monthly my thoughts drop in dhahran heart doctor replied granddaughter data because they got to cut through through witnessed it much more on that propped it won’t be long now dot at and clear down there ordered jumped out and path and no shop evoking alchemy all right has been brought down now working on it force press now towards the west
hundred-yard about the fact that the operators those other two kinds of both times dot
shocking officer wondered about either feel pretty bad of
all your movies is nothing wrong with you about it that miserable openly was going to
broken leg i have i think use it in this rope swing here hang on with what your hand i’ll be all right or tape whatever were so uh… birthday carol agate benefiting frightening there but my bike
and they know they will run into each other sometime here so all right let me have a broken arm xml many of us take those two guys who
passed on to my future right too about these younger reserve a predominantly he has that
blast from the live pictures i guess my legacy you’re going to be no reason to be all
right where it whatever he seemed to be methanol this man is dead well but he can’t believe low-key m
imagine don’t seem to realize that you’ve come through a pretty serious
accident noble he can’t be good we’ve been talking to the few minutes ago
human rights yes i’d heard in which you know he was talking with him about the
said something about being let his father was known as allied handhelds
what he said that what you heard him say this man is dead her my home would provide the original eighteen
about uh… injury wanted you gentlemen were fortunate you live tried to deliver your format again to police headquarters about two thirty on a friday afternoon left or right was with the lapd here but lambert main counseling demanded and t_v_ but commitment have been figure skater well ill and uh… the control booth pendergast net in the
evening lemrick nelson some of that only to be over the phone
line if you are in long you’d want to ask if you routine questions about that
business of the elevator before summer something for me about month for our
money is an open-and-shut case suicide suicide game you mean the operator one department’s
alfonso romo about the operator you that in fact it’s cold he and i think it would and rather than waiting around for a week
that would investigate uh… are you still don’t get a leslie and i think it
was killed by a thirty two caliber bullet through the heart you could you mean he he killed himself right now
at car with all of the romanovs the it what you said when they walked in the
was dead when we brought him out was one of you children many of the unknown even the father had limited as well a
new is on a never seen any of you will to live landfill makes weather makes sense finishing himself not now available for
other people have nobody didn’t even know who is there any of you
have a shot not before they start of the vote
coaches because with uh… could never do it each side did you hear something now mccain number i said when i was going on the
floor the elevated that i thought i saw it sparked one of those below forty two
point across the concept of falling down that story anybody else’s blowtorch is
left of the people and you couldn’t see the budget with himself on the free specifically for the month
of hundred-strong of uh… with uh… well even if there is a violent belong
to the victim license in his name the the world maybe i shouldn’t have why
he he he the official verdict is suicidal on sun
mon c_e_o_ you’ve talked with for the defense of
the just before it happened give goes to show never think counting louisville if
when we get them father friendly down that black patent was all
breakfast terrible thing to break down just as we’re about to be rescued is
today he delivery d that me uh… the
nonessential medication that they can cause i know that this uh… i guess he
in longer photograph complicated panels don’t worry one of
you have anything to do with that is the second cell now well that was almost a year ago last week he chooses to use a phone call
from a nitin will understand and sympathize with the fact that there was
some other sunny wrestled with decision for japan i don’t doubt that most of you decision
for some belief in your mind the advisability of accepting my invitation
at all bill clinton’s discontented lamented
that the other member imagine the trip off quite seriously with your wife about
the wholesale high phone jojo might lead to the bulls eight thirty last monday
evening and physicians mckenzie c climb sorry but i think thank you war costumes for her well frankly i don’t see point you don’t need hein well all right obvi stuff itself mehnat hoti father that for you killed himself
relevant old there he’s going to be to come to dinner with
him on saturday in his home really this is very important handed me
a fiasco into this matter of fact he’s asking the four men who were in an
elevator with his family nytimes season on tv houston improves uni tonight didn’t he say anything with weather what did you see just thinking about these feeding film
fifth indecent tantalizingly diesel when he said something about it some of the
state seems asana quite a lot of money in his
own life room and said he didn’t fifteen one of the other relations and them seldom hinted that he thought it
might be a good idea to split up between the four men who were with us in the
news last moments of levity with team until skin formative deposited michy seven thousand it might be simple fifteen thousand dollars exceeding what the mcafee conflict effective defended that conceded that feel needed food even and want to do and i a sky generous
thing it was you know as the heat of the fair with a sort of memorial to a certain we set up a scholarship of the hospital
is on this left home them and one for the group in
the phone happened i remember reading something brothers venus and fill in for a while and never did leave the verdict of
suicide uses before how do i know he doesn’t think one of us
feel the point thanks said but anybody who’s crazy enough to divide
up a lot of bill between four perfect strangers is crazy enough to think of
perfectly good killed his son volt may be legally owned it maybe wacky has some crazy idea about
revenge initially he was the bill would be to get us all together and part of the time telemarketing relief to know fifty-foot maybe some of them stephen do you still have that done with constantly looking for the tickets yes i think that’s a very good time lap intelligently gratified that the falls
off the cliff if my unification and that we all get together keeping
uh… by the way in the mackenzie i’m afraid i must ask you to give me that
guns people belong sold out and in this mackenzie will notice that
one of my servant who was standing in the door correct the behind him uh… gujju composition favorably how did you know wire the butler sort of capitol hill
pockets when they removed of course aside from that spent most of my waking hours during the
past year looking into the background of all you
can so i was right about this set up after all network in i came here tonight but the
good are you can slip out of the important
business of witnesses to the family who filler product all right let’s cut out the mystery what
does all of our other than what i i i i would add one more than one wallet does to appear on the fourth and fifth i fully intend to divide my from the
state precisely as i think this is over the phone i sincerely hope you don’t resent my
investigation of bills that um… seems to have it my background is much like this
hate-filled pilot must submit them spring has indeed today i think however that that phase of a map
of the buffalo before we get out of business the is one
that the other that like used to help liam equally ed at least in outfit views there is a wilmot that uh… in the center of the table thank you god now please see that we are not this the
um… in new york from whatsoever yes sir that looks good always got quite a number of things in
this why today martha new it sounds like an antidote for poison his isn’t that the gospel poison there is a murderer in this room one of you killed my son and hasn’t paid for it yet don’t be a fool o’connor verdict was
suicide this is not a discussion of the mackenzie this is and execution through firearms i’m getting out of it
as a man with a gun outside each though you’ll find them very on receptive to
that idea mister pendergast sit down does you know anything we can do is try to
talk a little sometime not open to argument this weekend one of you killed my child final that man taken the find out that i know the food that’s mandy tonight was placed via leveraged ten minutes you’ve got this you can take a look at all times but
later unfortunately the law demand the very specific type of evidence the police my consulted repeatedly could not believe it’s possible to get a
conviction on the evidence i have and therefore the conviction must com nine fleet you wouldn’t that be you couldn’t kill a
man called blood that way that is an alternative different again it is that in the sense of the people the and to build below the murder of made either confessed his
crime by drinking the contents of that whole or iniki silent and go to his death private they executed for past cannot be
publicly cooled they could send you the chapel that i am quite aware of that
contingent there with the crimes of and quite willing to accept the
consequences but for the murder we’ll have gone to his death before me
but how do we know you’re putting the rights
of murder on those with the friends i guess less need to have no fear i think the guys crazy may be poisoned
all of the surface this whole thing is insane nobody killed
your son as to that wichita to see the defendant the man who killed my son has
approximately ah… seven minutes for me said annuities was michael inside required on
all of all for it measure sure more than they did ganesh oriole nothing
has ever been most serious system attended fertile field for myself newsline the justin gesture within a story like this is enough to
give indigestion or boss no kitten spot in this kind of thing but you just made it all up and you
don’t have the poisoned olives this semester i think just forget this i come out of his allies on qaddafi job
brings out of the last thing i can scan behind it i didn’t do as well it five all that we ordered excellence just in case effective walter capps will take a first unfortunately
gentlemen that only enough antidote for one even if you live now to get this is no
way to this is my away got crazy i could’ve crazy perhaps he’s some and i hope that quinnishot the would save me world genting now you know part of our life and i do it again all mine he never even knew existed his too good some like me ten minutes ago sheet and heartfelt and quote finch data market st cuban of diet she admired him the like it i thought we could in theory and everything it failed the principal visited behind him king dot choked imminent he got out of government handle it seems tentatively him and tired looking coming from what happened here calabrese here it it didn’t work in time you killing
konica no despite any status no reportedly was not the antidote it was the point misty eyed didn’t exactly no which if you killed my son only knew that one of you must have and soul lava control convicted himself in front of fallen and was his own execution he was never poison from until bomb killed he drank the contents of that for hiring show divide the estate
gentleman’s i promise meanwhile you may call the police if you
like that the law and divine providence
decide whether this man died by my hand or by the you that many of our news home and so close adapted in a story by
cornell woolrich starring of approval night halo affair this is the man in black they feel columbia’s invitation to spend
a half hour into spent with us again next week same time announced all of the you know then play called statement of employees and they will producer of dispenses williams fear denied also directed the belinda and would like to ask him remove
tomorrow with doctor and composer robert that which is the radio longer elaborated on tonight left then make a note on your calendar beginning december second suspense will come to you on thursday
evenings at the p_m_ he spent more time seven p_m_ sample wartime and six pm mountain water the numbers to spend will be heard on
thursday night beginning december third the columbia broadcasting system and the uh… do not hinterberger columbia programmer love them without their hollywood than i did not
admit doing wrong road remarkable characters asian
boundless green have won him a notable following with
american audience illiterate pata faction but repetitive action on the land let let you know that the law kat
contemplating replicated father is cinematic missed doing number at cut rate but males and call it
a felony is one of the most hated man in the
country today armed only with evening by dog dog is
called bateman bob employees and i will and go with the bombardment of the hong
kong patty related and they live in the event of the climactic moment and then
and there was a midlife leading up to keep doing but a the hand i would be aware that it was trembling i’ve tried walking slowly beck and call
in front of the best but even in motion ninety felt weak and my whole body i was always under the campbells never
this pompous intact sitting in front of me exports was cool and mocking his portrait clear and high well i think
the puck with your problem become often brought with a lot of
attention but quite a big big big toe quite a copy
of the big but the market mock low he wouldn’t cover it up i knew that two years ago this man it come with a
pen for eight years before that i’d like to
have enjoying the work liking the people main he could come here universe to a crappy by and watched
someone run into a house in steal your pocketbook andric company he would then be sure he was committed
he recruitment unheard of command i was in aboard against and around the office had had the reputation
of being petulant carefree but i hate to be men every inch of me
who did this man and it was not a new hatred cope with a
quick note your honor invoice contracting the patient teacher any of the pupil he smiled at me and we need to pay my
business feel much better small and i’ll talk about the verdict with again and i’m thinking that ban demo but i have never seen it out of the
items but i was looking at it we nam i’d nightmare goodnight event or a i will okanagan court order and length
of the elevated that have a right at the local time i think that we can develop demanding campground requirement coming about it
and have arrived in lebanon and i didn’t know and something else and i want to thank stepped out of the
car unit eleven thirty already i mentioned that there are a lot of data
that are out there those were the first word of the board
of directors community very clearly the effect on open-air over time this week astute enough to do for the moment attitude objectivity albeit might drop
in a t_v_ one anything i think he did a great i worked out that i will have to
look up at the fact that and i’d like to complain but the right
path all paul clark combat i don’t want to be if you want anything broughton d i walked into the lobby and came back into the building when the boy had gotten into bionic run reverend right there done reporter dreaming and combined nara compound limited riccardo and luca where higher and brown on winning soundly and potentially on it was a small ways in which mister dot
block p and two years he had a waiting room denied man i felt like laughing at this symbolism of expect photograph i called up man into dukakis and whatever blueprint you wish to sitting down and and and and it’s still a long time
ago that he talks to him unpalatable unavoidable in general it
would have gotten grown think that the other hand and mary kay and background heavily and i’ve been sitting on the top of that with about contact then we can but he started to come back in the chair angrily denied and again and again delivered upon and the and and they belong i would comment and identity people and went off the bat and put it back
onto the back and and and and and and and greyhound one and time again and get him to be and i put the pieces in the backyard outside their representatives activity
i’d come in on the street and huh prior and dharmendra jain custody sheet attached campaign extended or shopping online back all right mister welcome i’ve tried to talk of the when it got caught up and i can’t the contract comhey even helmut everything they’ve been don’t actually
kinda divinity the elevator boyd comeuppance found on google him administering lincolnton that would be a visibly
stunned it suspicion attached whitman you could
be the boring i had left the building the building but eisenhower ideologue right mister whitten i’m tied down the date of the cold i
told her we can plan uh… i would like to get trained then shocked me that mister darden dot com working very
late night you’d better letters all physical for this one managers on the diversion i could give it a great brushed over i
wouldn’t be trevor nunn pasted friend in front of the daughter carlo menotti wondered if you t-mobile and bring them into the room depending on whom he could look over my shoulder uh… now he hadn’t seen me he began to scream bankers in one union recruited and get out of the year i go
to the chair who knows maybe quality and ac i couldn’t tell him to macroscopic been back to normal and has never taken magnificent but the
bottom of my stomach acecomm to talk to my college cupid problem i wouldn’t i wouldn’t have to catch him picking his
way to get my and i have left the building and no i try to keep my eye and lied macnaughton i remember her but at the bottom of the dog blotted out of the stigma accom lifted out of the birthday
tomorrow and he wanted you’re a big helped with the credit i don’t think it
would have taken a commitment to god for the birthday sometime tomorrow he’ll be
available in the next world promising retired but he hesitated www maryland allegedly
catalytic converters up with a common down adheres to mr dot lieutenant eradicate
any kind of hectic punitive blank one he drank another he defended and according to him he got property improving he didn’t background underground developer one of my life no more reluctant he started to modern prompted i don’t
know and headquartered i walked behind it and he was laughing and i think im bank code on the back of
the neck cat manage to pull it off the chair of the battle handbag dot com bag doc about remember broken-down
replied back competent down contractor oblong applying killing background and ultimately burlington almost
reminding contract i had to get out of here i dot blotting undercover shared a video
tape in order to reaching out to the cock
meeting this week i care about him web-content clot-busting and began to
walk rapidly i want to get something out of the wild
kodak eventually big and related burgers to and i want to do
it ac nag and what happened here and here’s the code i called him and having a reputable poem and out there and i’ll get it all m eventually but it was about to
give an honest about that yet voice and could mean virtually edwards
who had to be covered i knew all the uh… sometimes we get in but it cannot be a bit of a particular
talking about is out and put it on tradekey get one thought admit that i or you know what i need but he won’t happen again alright uh… thanks a lot to him admission between would be discovered in the room
with don dealings with the turkish baths ecological a networking all night might
want to go to a turkish better afterwards in working now antonini what came next but record
because i come back in the trap drunk and with the hollywood minute cochran and procrastination between both the cost
for that music act academy i was listening to the u planet admin and unhide allied and we’re pretty bad treatment in the corporate parent
background cymraeg agree the he pleaded guilty that american dividing them up and
wishing i was completely shit but when i read about it branching i walked all around the block building
with on the part of the contract the propriety of the morning on the phone in my office work done and chocolate and they’re not patenting
and in my world were surrounded by a ring and clothing garnish with leonard how much more carefully didn’t happen none of the bidding war detention two
hundred and into any of the other behind all of the president’s office in
the wind truck electorate talk that night last night and attempt was made a life of one of the oracle child of god a man who ran around the room i was talking to the next means the
christ to do that liquidity i did not commit dog has been delayed fortunately however intact whatnot successful uh… and let the dogs at the private with her
mother unbelievable information information with regard to hold my hand
i don’t think suddenly pending something happened inside me and i did not break it was a trick kishore the detectives ticket manufacture kaha
patient across my face catching shrugged her shoulders well as a matter of fact mister dunne large-scale and and another man you might know also died last night accommodate big tonight we’ve got mojo convened did too again preparation patrol convocation
driver scott company normally be i hadn’t been to kill him could become extinct i wanted to ask one of these main but
based on the state dot i’m going to kill him pet the dog was prompted that mike boorda died about a pack nothing more than only got about what
happened here last night mid-august elliot feld of the disposal
of waste total thinking shopping there in
nineteen eighty people knocking on wood and don’t interrupt
antonia condition between government story cannot program with regard to get to know that
big faded executive en route one and we’re gonna quickly loopy but gong everybody go out on the
boat all right an appointment anecdote occasionally uh… yesterday i went with working are urine and what kind of the office last
night what kind eleven thirty yet yet to be eleven thirty i i’ve been
a bit mentioning it to the elevator boy and what time to get home somewhere about the past twelve i guess if he talked about that time is there
anybody who would whelan wildly the elevator boy i don’t mean there anyone before you go into your
house that twelve thirty but but i don’t think so at that time of the street and to a
populated you know what they’ve been and i live in a house where people kind of
business day i really don’t know anybody in the house night out of anybody tell me go into it but you can check for the elevator
bordeaux at like going home at eleven thirty dead we have already you were talking about the terms with
dogs were you working i responded i don’t know what might you have to pay
anything like that and kinda did you want to come running to me eagleburger mock men has developed an exceptionally stockman in a moment of his way through the
position to him when i left the last night he was a
nixon on him i killed a man every time i had a child
taken away from the ad equitable line of victims behind gopac have just joking
you know you made a phone call him last night and
uh… record to reality that way i remembered suggesting that and go to a turkish back after he’d
finished work product or not and that they could get and i mention
that i knew of any good that i could recommend and then when he asked me the name of
the diet i couldn’t think of the event the pace not icon but make their own die
from the building where you calling from affirmative place in the neighborhood
and about what time did you fall and it was about program defiant against but if you were to meet him it could have been meaning concocting they were thinking we can get you a call
at exactly twelve fifty five or you must admit calculator the primary
arrival at home however that is an important none of the respect of the time i go to
paper plates away when we plan to burn out of my we get
kind of position well i don’t think we’ll have to bother
you anymore that welcome thank you he has indeed been admitting that he and
i went out and i forget good monday understanding the economy i wouldn’t mind over back down ordered will know who grand-pop a little bit with them said this business british saddle good
morning lucky up we might go wrong those were bored
with that read yet that he would and to respond to a little bit welcome
both of you being with those long enough to know that they need you would think you can handle it website yes and i think i can difficult to get them they’ve opened up
the old office you do the numbers were open and i’m sure you will reward are
competent legal club thank you very much i’d be expected on second thought i
think you’d better go into adopted by the way and over straighten up some of
the predominant i’ll have avoided bring your thinking later they work there thank you that day compass p i hadn’t heard those and before that
night there or not but now they needed pork
you could win need to get them out of a whole heard everything went fine here dot before about breakthrough in britain accounting for anything made you i’ve been married the boss’s
daughter or killed the ball might have been whom the www when will return blackburn known and you know in the middle of the new york and relented only london england then ikkada mentality icon here but i couldn’t get the word out i’d perhaps impacting continue mixing behind private investment with mt in
heidelberg expansion bank extending pakistan comparable anaheim perfume bottle grimoire down to the home of mister identified
goldman ronald opentable com look like it’s going to go emial in the office i think they at mammoth permanent and at
lachen right at the rockingham program will
compile product and you know in the office uh… daughter act i’m talking about it there was nothing man nothing knowingly no bottle mulholland acronym problem bar propelling creating but i think uncovered program acclamation my macbook everybody being potentiate under jumpy menu but i don’t know nuclear be careful decathlon there could be an advantage nowhere no one could have been there pragmatic watchmen out about why did not know not at all seemed to be in the bond another calgon not political backbone yeah what i believe you can be and room wrote the poem to be a good thing for
everyone you mind if i wait here for you and i a
m thank you excuse me but i can’t no but i think we’re going to take them
back to the bod meeting but i mean emmanuel well you’ve already figured out that i
was going to get that perhaps that there’d be blood she we couldn’t care red-blooded ko idk why don’t like them childhood like heatedly everybody he everyone felt kind lifted out with a
fine man a fine man or lesbian mom you talk about very bright invent under review i don’t know how do you go out and about
a dozen you ma’am he would like to he carried on like that we’re going to buy a home in like ten
thirty them never tell your dad backed up by milton we have nothing that one there’ll be a middle man you have the new york incumbent dianne if not both on our and hearing about unite people
can’t make that kind of children the children told me in the community told
committed to providing me greatly topic i want to be out get out of here
immediately get out of here you which dot effective little but vietnam and everything good back goodbye to get out believe your own i’d need to do anything like that and
wanted to do anything by reviewing only wanted to do with the pentagon although
the vatican point nine i didn’t kill anybody kathleen contact me heart attack indeed i have a heart attack either your
boarding but definitely they detected looking i would like to
hear and i everybody’s got him or anybody to drop in the profit
articulate thinking at the time they are expected to visit
and how we need categorical funding your guy can become a great week are
yelling it hat hack protectorate do they think they can make up for
learning the office communications correcting
utopia a handout god god margot and i can’t find any big event tonight and that’s why they’re
going to get the non-indian i didn’t get in he dropped out unit canning can happy uh… program ordinator something wrong you’ve got to every weapon height in their eyes added yes about recovery if any already dougherty dot it don’t pay anything to them only to me while you are but i don’t know well you’re going to be coming bad about
you know to they didn’t have any opted to actually partisan when you’re going
to be but how do you think that i have a quiet at work right i think i’m going to
tell you they want bragged about you and i’m not
going to come here today not going to provide last night act like you want to know i left my
contract blackened and how you look at expression on that page well arrogant and they have a comedian competing and i don’t think i think that
one of the mingling in the garage never let you know it around the governor of a mile away irregular psychology regularly that’s
gotten colony elected was planned to be in the office and rockne duncan he
earned document and lynn voices me creepy to resident dot but no one a group working on these issues electric well put or whether they’re going to be with dead
though old may be a better not explain psychology and embroidered on it
economically we get a particular walked in the hague
and i think i’m moroccan i never went to college have
had no usually here they want anyway and i’m your buying i’d
kind of a potato and get the wagon i think i’m not gonna lock everything
correctly what it a d there angry with him need big admitted in court did you begin to the hill view may go
home indicate very both environment to do it
on the envoy waiting uh… listening devices over two hundred and he couldn’t help
hearing but i’m not i’m not p i think the people who have been they
look at the creating you the god-given stabilizer about it i detected bakery every night when the moon comes
up i had a big loud growing they literally ally the thing that i get up early idea dot and life and told me middlebury and i think quietly united kingdom evening i cannot get better the growing and they might not crazy for dragged in
the hard are and and broke ordered equitable forty and
they will turn kara logging lockout and i bailout on the their in the man in my hand hyundais video columbia candidate
independent haha remembered and then again next week mainland men out there have been great dot will
be model delivered on may well apparent that the band played
by jonathan karl heavenly bending regular and arrived on the mend it but
it would be uh… who would love that i had a republican
but uh… and boulder and our you’re on your own collaborated on tonight brand relo lulu program will probably
move to a different day of the week brentwood baranidharan remembered on record and allow them to the guy who delivered
on monday beginning to die now remember birthdays hundred-number rebecca human memorandum and monday beginning with number three in the middle of the victim of the
bottom drawer program it’s this is the man in black into introduced on this program in hollywood is leading up to
distinguish starts of the lovely actors margo hollister lacquer from holland mr philip
dole story by john dixon marketing lists a anything happening before the ocean
liner and called have it will be thirty each night stay low if you have been with us before he will
know that suspense is compounded of mystery and suspicion dangerous adventure in this series on hale’s calculated to
increase stay on the to offer you a precarious
situation and then the coldest in houston last possible moment and so with kevin b fifteen and with the
performances of margolis and rooster and philip going to stop the car heinrich
leading up to keep you in suspend i’m now in happier peacetime day used to a great ocean liner on the night of her departure for your as years ago west forty second street
here twenty five thousand time opening up
quite plant life slope from every finals correo that
lately in my old october air you can see the decks liking chinese
auction box listing of lives alone the band’s standing by on a deck of
playing around and have a member of an excited crowds
left with is the most recent kozol lowered into the holes you’ll see the
bustle of activity second offices and at the head of the
game playing assume rapidly asked her to the customs
has horseback six-pack mickey we are not to let you know and i thought would be al hinman in europe three whole months with nothing to worry
about it thank you open my little c like today by
a large ideally the correct raises is artificial setting the status of the so
is that no we have a couple of own past forces that allows for the last one i hope they don’t think you are not an
honest woman i’m glad to act like a complete walk that distance devender what a bus ticket a key there we give
them to that officers denny at the top of the contract milani defeat ticket the kevin stewart
come running collected at the runaway and clinically there’s a lot of money in our ten
thousand dollars in cash maybe a bit of time and in the process
of for safekeeping ears media wait a minute making his like do you mind if we stand here for a
second thought we’d go up against somebody you know that hill that getting of the brain fever is nato you see that you know out to be eager
and excited like a lot of people out there that suddenly you get tendencies
chris influences set me right now all i can think of this
and my millions in all like water in the dark and that’s exactly the kind of mobile
phones in will you allow minority uh… because it i was just thinking at this time moscow
on nevermind if it doesn’t matter which way to go outgoing currently through
that door then dot on the elevator defeated and no more the mister helen at the numbers these thirty fee fifteen fewer not superstitious
camilla here not about things like that open the door yeah maximum may keep it’s a beautiful the best i could get my delegation
anyway have over them adam you’ll find a basket of fruit from some books of your
insert preview a nice to me and i’m feeling so much that is the key
i will be all right behind me coalition with but uh… you won’t find any detective
novels among those books case k economically the oracle presidency
college professors but straight force in the u eureka love stories like it you know the key i keep thinking thinking about that
story mentioned that story sandals one you probably know it uh…
it doesn’t do the eliminated daughter died in paris and go to the hotel you
mean the old cars exposition story useful to you the daughter goes up when she was tunes mother has
disappeared even the hotel rooms at the same the proprietor of the hotel says the
cocaine there alone and that that never was a mother loneliest different when she goes back
to look at who goes to the police and they won’t
believe and she’s been a crazy corset turns out that the mother’s copy
bombing making donald and their proceeded up so that the
visitors won’t keep away from the city grew in the whole expensive that you’ve
got to stop this kind of talked imagine being in the situation that those queer school wondering if you’ve lost a reason wandering if your brain and cracked and
the whole world like this often pc s_o_s_ kollam gone the way any minute
now hino making i would like to see this guy
will pass to the statue of liberty institute gardens i’ve got to deposit this money in the
process of john c but i don’t like to believe me appeared in you don’t think i’m going to disappear
during a i suppose i don’t really when i get these ideas and i can’t help but the
key i wish you’d wallop yeah i’m not going along with your hand you’ve got to stop being afraid you certainly won’t disappear in a
crowded ship with any number of people uh… last remaining trip i define who
teams up to make it either don’t talk like that idoc vanishes utilises
happened nao are joining one pic as soon as i can are
ivan copycat the and it he is the of sympathy for helping people of cutting up to the rear of the wave
goodbye it worry about making on them and itself except for comp except the thickness menon political thought our government to startle you believe me please don’t mention it how silly of me
it is not part i i haven’t been very little unnoticed
island if you’ll forgive me that was where spoke to you as you see below uniforms under ship’s doctor this is a british citizen but you know service in milan australia up beforehand at your service i’m not very popular my own country
today days of colored shirts and bacon minds i
misses boosted doctor and thursday when does this sitcom in about a second
restore you want you to withhold independent strike of auld lang syne and then willy-nilly here david liberation of the engine but well but all the the now the limited is not the first off that level and they did in fact i think my
husband’s cost many times it tells me but not on this uh… i hope you’ll
consider by that time and well because you’ll run into some very good however
once bureaucracy coupled with a very bad wonderful well
if i do get the things that are less that you and i’ll expect to be killed the victoria’s secret dot so common in months for which
medical science has no q bonus ordinary sea sickness and the others hangover hahaha tomorrow
morning i still treat de tocqueville and enjoying at home in a moment of
sympathizing so i can do unelectable video politically if
assisted from what i’ve seen it and you know they’ve given us a very nice cabin
down on week eighteen personally while you’re looking at me like that adecco co and if you say he’d be fifteen
seems when they’re you’re quite sure of that moment free use of course and serve it up i saw the number of adult why not world
because galindo two homes because there’s no such seven aboard a
ship now on what you’re going to those uses some people superstitious when it
ships like this want to be mistaken julia child do you think i saw something that wasn’t
there mobile missile group lovable then connelly are still u approve deny that there is a number
fifteen when you come along to customers who prefer i think perhaps the court battle the last night i’m a special efforts on the status this
is the deficit feet get oxnard no doubt about that stuff behind me and i have
been all over this part of the ship looking at the cabin on the fifteen
everybody we tried to convince that leave you feel that that those laws seven seven on the fifteen on the trip like
this just to let the casting also talk a lot of i_m_f_ yes option
that i tell you i saw it i was in there it is a big cabin with private bathroom
attached the walls are panel that might help in the financial is rosewood and
yellow stepping on the portal like real window other lockbox could not knowing
equipment most of the game you was enough you’re working with the kevin
boasted houston sir used in this city brewster et cetera com
markets have that has nothing to say and i am i’d
tell you why wasn’t there that even deliver the markets are set excuse me
ma’am hopes the analyst designing top job just to see if the question is what to
do anything and i don’t pretend that any back into that vista on it women the oppression explanation you’ll see
the fed up with a group of i was hoping you might find one leaky that’s my
husband making that only the united nations
world the many predicted that his legacy she
must have made them out in my maiden name haven’t noticed at the time helped
but i might that do not uh… philippine and refillable have gauntness album
couldn’t just think that people wanted them to u uh… surprises and i think the fact
that it be sixty enough players b_-sixteen did not realize your biggest
just ending prop in front of the gala both and curtains values that uh… what about my husband’s market as now
gentleman’s netvision net cabinets your has been selling every ab right
gentlemen yet know what i mean i would stand for
this but i think you couldn’t make it please use the truth lose the weight to settle this scheduled just moved on to college road you know if the man coming towards that
the members of the blue stripe on the street brown at smith a model of second
off european people yes of course not he was standing at the top of the
gangplank when we can i got a broad exactly though he might be able to some
of them as the model with the loss of johansson
would like coming here for a moment of the love bug bowl led to bloodshed
record company out there in a moment bulletin board it would look at your living and delving casino before universal mudit jeff it quite had over most young lady who called me on the of
passengers charming as this lady his i would be less of a gentleman
militant their you saw it coming will apply for
as a of courses taught them for their lives
with uh… the gentleman who was with uh… yet
here soon there was nobody with of u flexible biblical model relied on doctor
she was the last of the probable loving my bible of the was not a passenger
without overhead of behind out of the company these with a group of all your
board no is it’s the old part like this story but you won’t get away with it a little
commander but first i thought it happened uh… rather than everyone anybody later that night meaning captain room just about the
bread conference of ships off outside stylized greatly incredible handrail in the dark right
winger wings alot org haven’t you meaning the eric merely on his with that results it we can get some decision
makers met her revisit that any other senators
historical my name is grossed a captain missus and roaster and the previous
davis’s is that tactical phase of the cleanup should be
instructive ended now this has to happen on property i’m
terribly sorry i can’t help that captain but i want to know what they’ve done
with just one moment histories statistically understanding yourself of
absolutely interview expected the every single passengers aboard the ship is
that prove is it’s establishment but is not here
feedback from yes that’s true and i need and the president has sent a score them
and assist issued exhaustively into the people who take my word for that there’s nobody hidden your husband’s not
here according to the stock market was
sending over the icy according to this the martian he never lost his hanging over his fault
you didn’t love me like that frequency looks at the wasn’t that look lovely
require customer uh… dollars families never misses it appears that left-handed tennessee he
often anything please remit is husband of yours invoices insists concert and i feel sorry for
interrupting quick reminder definitely obstacles logo your doctor go ahead that
they are great beth nissen if you’re on the let me tell you that
your info light with us well there wasn’t time to get one we each carried our own passport polar
fleece but still the must be some on that in america who can confirm what to
say if it doesn’t look very beautiful teleflora’s i haven’t got any parents
that kid both relative to the end of the gulf mike guardian of the trust company
administrators don’t even know one manages somebody with the pope paul the
film only about it because of the test of the fetus
consequence online i can’t remember the name of the time is
filled with them but that may be the best will take to get their lives as
well as the difficult part of it today has the best of the literature uh… of
brother the rising sun grow will be on the part of all problematic ghastly is
the decision and it has a story that i a m trying to think of it it was a little town in upstate new york
where they can tell you at a moments notice ricky kept the certificate uh… i was confused i haven’t been well uh… pissy mickey had been away and he
came back and i was in love with a mini descended swept me off my feet it or not much uh… if you take my advice to
them who go to appear to have it and get some sleep as an adult today pictures that you think i’m crazy girl uh… i think there are a little world account
of the senators he wants to do want to do this captivated by nick played this company
poly trademark who said anything about the bubonic
plague nevermind uh… silly urologist me except maybe the doctor but i’ll show you i’ll prove it to you im going downstairs
and i don’t want anybody to alec good not great uh… that’s a that he appears to have to expect secret
restaurant moses matters i have uh… me you think
you’d right there was something which running
tonight truckloads of of of the month of what’s your opinion doctor but they did in my opinion confirming
the very few were that there was a state of your seven
wait until the state life if you only the first reporting for
all evening i’ve rebels sorry and those on the psychopathic traits of
a major you from the police in this house dot and other people who are literally then
a polio liggett often to live in gaza za his mother who deals with the local i’ll
tell you this man exist or depicted what you mean doctors possible delays murder but the of the murder of a probable
resident boulevard if you remember it for bruce willis getting a very large
sum of money cash despised by the irs practically over in the house of even to go to the press is off but he never got there that money but that might have been a
great temptation to twist your best perhaps or even to it uh… exactly what you can uh… or being you know different well uh… on the metal opened
the door asked her what were kept driving uh… you’re intelligent gentle hand i
think you’re on the stand for maintaining a vanish into thin and at why miss the marshals form of a another
passenger you still don’t see it no i do not although that though it’s been exactly the laura and martin in the morning lauren holly balanced you aside and let the the gala subside sees call yes this morning it creeps blindly
affiliate not prolific and strangling all a host of the stock sealed off and sweet of sound all that more room for the
winds had won the popcorn lies on the morning woman named you haven’t used it and groups that skillfully best life
breathlessly across one of the and almost touching at the capitol concerts tel pace hello east ricky williams gets youbet interview he
wasn’t k who colonial his xd yeah he’s costs when thick look which one is
the smoke k it’s uh… within distance dylan well uh… quiet armed called status but you
do if compartments party you’re going out uh… you’ll on use your manual it might
be interested in those like this that i’ve just been talking to my
husband out of people’s docstoc backhaul diabetic and please don’t stop that
photo but apparently will protect the pic i was met with them again in a drove me man ricky’s eaten the whole quoted you and
i’m going out on victim even now on sunday that’s what i’d say a prayer of
michael gambling online artists them i know i mean pop-ups perfect dot com com
is the other hand in funding a paste and the wake of the dot please nice i didn’t
want job that i don’t think that but none of us republicans that met people that ten
times ordinary strengthen i’m stronger than you anyway mace i’m not begging
asked then don’t wait for that belive one more uh… mean and schedule nikita nikki dot antonio here that they
had a lifeboat require isn’t carpet paint or something on the edge there’s
no no remain on the side of the soot on worrying and i’ll let you formate nobody
here well after the proposed such would carry into the propeller blade certain nonunion hear anything except the father
i can somebody walking on the i can see if i
start moving in a fun apart from hyperion you can’t see a flash flood movie in the
fall hein how you doing here at the moment young lady i’m covering both of
you will grow vocal please don’t move so you were in the conspiracy yeah you’ll
walk both devastated warships conspiracy to say that your brewster didn’t exist material if you can set your mind at
rest the level of benefits both there was the again people you’ve talked with
both of the on this including mister marshall i suppose is including with the mountain and what
is this a m glad that i suppose it was telling the truth when he said nobody
came up again black before or after the five echo problem that was not what he
said he said no passenger erupted and planned at this time well what did that great primary overnight young lady known
as the crime them over contradicting that you up that are repeated the but there is no possibility of the only
one criminal who is the criminal the gram of fat man
standing beside fuel the so-called husband did and how you don’t know what your seeing with
regard to lost of course betsy someone woke up the gameplay motoring behind too but he never burn of associating the first of many rave
reviews default ip up before returning from
sorely in civilian clothes nissan’s buettner menu motive husband of name
isn’t richa brewster his real name is brittany is the first opposite of marvin are you
trying to tell me that not that i don’t is actually pretty so we can take an american xom very well has already got a bargaining with his
plan to join her with the ten thousand dollars picked up from your head of the
day the printout do you how did you say sup poet planned
a very cleverly i must admit inability or yourself fifty is in a way for some time at the rate
was persuaded to marry a man and i think he’s refuses to use the money was being
only that the thing about me number on the cabin dole remove a greater football is unique form
and walk away with his own lucky but captain we might told us that the first
officer at come aboard tonight with with a bit difficult to read it our
friend couldn’t be seen in public until the authority if both of you the best thing was to convince everybody
were insane as he did when you went overboard provides a with all the leave it was suicide exactly but i began to suspect is bruce because
you called him a felon personal utilized the city about the probe of the
montevideo yeti co-director all over the ship and even you were the first of all
before board members kevin onto the empty and font of ten thousand dollar vidya
put alone you will stop by the end of the first paxton the weight of the island gotta come over backwards on the left of
it that authority or threatened use think
your body the use discipline uh… like this were like that we did that won’t be doing over there deleted it this with better wound ride the and so close as have in the philippines
darling margot and political night stay low copies darkening and korea happen wainwright window known working group this is the man in black and a few
columbia’s invitation spend this half hour recruitment letters again next week
same time a not so i will be one of the screen
years most sensational newcomer mister gene kelly kelly will be supported by hong kong
greed and william giles the producer and director of the
spencers williams there with less than an moderate conductor and
composer and don dixon cardiol elaborated on tonight’s suspend suspense plans please both of these
programs will shortly will recovery period expense will come from a status in the
eastern and central time zones on thursdays beginning to some of the
second at about noon pacific time zone
listeners on monday beginning december the sex remember thursday beginning december the
second in eastern and central time zone and mondays beginning december the sixth
in the pacific about bob dole or suspense that’s is c_b_s_ the columbia
broadcasting system

7 thoughts on “Suspense: After Dinner Story / Statement of Employee Henry Wilson / Cabin B-13

  1. Misleading photo's of mammarys, thank you for posting the great stories though.

  2. I just read the comment about the date of you terrible loss. Forgive me if I bring up sad memories, ( I know it will never be just- a memory-) I am very, very sorry. I refuse to remember the day I lost mine, ity it always asif it was yesterday to me. This is not about me- but you. You have my sincere sympathy. Try to remember the good times together- it helps a little bit .MayThe Holy Spirit give you peace. Mary W

  3. I've spotted a mistake  in "Cabin B-13" (apart from the accents!) missing the number 13 from rooms or floors is not done in Britain. As far as I know it is only in the U.S. where people would refuse to stay in a room 13.

  4. The After Dinner Story was well done. A nice double twist, although I had ny doubts about the father knowing which one it was. Turned out, he didn't have to know. Good story.

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