Suzy Welch: Four Ways To Say ‘No’ At Work | CNBC Make It.

yeah yes person at work is generally a good thing your boss asks can you jump on this project you say yes you stay late for this assignment you say yes this back and forth happens all the time and generally yes helps you get a very good rep but sometimes you just have to say no the work is too much you don’t believe in the project or well occasionally you happen to have a life outside the office don’t panic there are actually four good strategies to say no but still be thought of as a yes player first repair list of no lines here are a couple you could use thanks for thinking of me but I’m over schedule to a fault right now or thanks for thinking of me but I can assure you there is someone far more appropriate than me for that job those two are no goal lines that are friendly respectful and pretty bulletproof next if your workplace is the kind that demands an explanation keep your no simple diplomatic and candid simple no I’m afraid I have a family obligation that I just can’t get out of diplomatic as you probably heard I wasn’t one of the biggest fans of that project I’m definitely rooting for its success but I’m not the right person for this assignment and remember to always be truthful wise always catch up with us third if a flat nose seems impossible negotiate start with I’d like to say no and then offer a solution that would make a yes acceptable to you and then finally this is super important after you’ve said no thank the person quickly and firmly for not asking you again this tactic is unbelievably effective it shuts down the conversation and takes away the ability for follow-ups the truth is it’s very hard to say no but know these strategies and save your yeses for asks that really count you [Music]

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