Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2814 – Full Episode – 9th September, 2019

Welcome, my Lord!
– Thank you, ma’am. What have you brought?
– I’ll show you. What’s the hurry? I’ll show you
right away.. – Hurry up. This contains my favourite item.
Books! So many books!
– That’s how books are, Anjali. I saw a book exhibition
on the way. And you know I can’t control
myself when I see books. I very well know that you stop
the minute you see a book exhibition. But don’t you ever feel like
stopping by at a jewellery store or a clothes store? Why don’t you ever stop
by these shops? Well, I do stop there.
– Really? Yes, Anjali.
I do stop there. But you see, it’s easy to
buy books as I know which one I want. But when I have to buy
jewellery or clothes for you I get confused
about your choice. So, it’s important that you’re
with me at that time. That’s why I’m unable
to buy anything. That’s a good excuse. Here, have some water.
– Thank you.. Since I’ve accepted you
as my husband I’ll be at your service forever. Hold on. Where are you going?
Why are you in a rush? I agree that I don’t stop by
at jewellery stores. I agree that I don’t get you
expensive stuff. But it’s impossible that
I don’t get anything for you. What do you mean? I’ve brought something
which contains my love. What is it! Flowers!
– Flowers! Oh, my God! So sweet! It has the fragrance of my love. Well, you know, you’ve brought
me flowers after so long! I’m so happy! Beautiful flowers
for my beautiful Anjali. Thank you. These flowers are
more precious than gold to me. Because a gift given with love
is precious. Anjali, this relationship..
– Mr. Mehta.. Sodhi.. Please continue, Mr. Mehta..
Why do you feel shy? Hello, Mr. Sodhi.
– Hello, Ms. Anjali. I’ll get you water.
– No, ma’am. I don’t want it. And Mr. Mehta, stop blushing. When I come home from the garage the first thing I do is
hug Roshan and kiss her. Really? – It helps
the love grow, Mr. Mehta. You’re right.
– I know. Take a seat, Sodhi.
– No, I won’t sit, Mr. Mehta. I’ve brought you a book.
– A book! – Yes. This is a poetry book. A customer came to my garage
to get his car repaired. And he turned out to be a poet.
– Oh. I repaired his car so well
that he got impressed and gifted this book to me.
– Wonderful. And you know that no one in
my house will read this. So, I started thinking who I
can give this book to. And I thought of you. Thank you very much.
I’ll definitely read it. Thank you so much
for one more book, Mr. Sodhi. He too has brought
so many books today. And you gifted him
another one. There’s no place for any more
books in my house. Oh, no, Anjali. Books stay
in the heart, not in the house. Wow, Mr. Mehta!
You made me happy. Mr. Mehta, you’re so smart
and intelligent. You read a lot. So, solve this riddle for me.
– Go ahead. – Go ahead. Chintu’s hen laid eggs
at Montu’s house. So, whose eggs are they?
Chintu’s or Montu’s? Chintu’s.
– No, Montu’s. – How, Mr. Sodhi? The hen belongs to Chintu.
So, the eggs belong to Chintu. But it was Montu’s house, right?
So, it’s Montu’s eggs. But the hen belongs to Chintu.
So, the eggs belong to Chintu. Mr. Mehta, you tell us.
– Yes, Taarak, tell us. The answer is, the eggs don’t
belong to either of them. The hen laid the eggs,
so the eggs belong to the hen. The chickens belong to the hen.
The hen is their mother. You shouldn’t separate
children from their mother. So, the eggs belong to the hen. Wonderful.
That was a good answer. – Yes. Yes, Mr. Mehta.
You are so smart. That was the perfect answer.
– Thank you. You’re the Birbal of Gokuldham. Thank you very much. Now relish the food
cooked by Ms. Anjali. Then we’ll meet at Abdul’s shop
for some soda. Okay, then. – Bye, Mr. Mehta.
Bye, ma’am. Take care. Enjoy. Thank you for the book.
– You’re most welcome! Sodhi is amazing.
Fun-loving and innocent. It feels good
after talking to him. He’s full of energy.
– That’s true. Hey, where are you going?
– To cook in the kitchen. You cook every day, Anjali.
But these moments are rare. Really? The rice will get burnt.
– Let it burn. The ‘Dal’ will overcook.
– Let it overcook. You’ll have to starve. I’m ready to starve to death
for you, Anjali. I’m going. Are you coming
with me? – I don’t know. Anjali. That was the pressure
of love. Did you see, Sodhi?
The podium is ready. It’s bound to be ready, Bhide. Lord Ganesha is going
to arrive after all. So, how are you guys?
– Great. How are you, Sodhi?
– I’m great. Mr. Mehta, the podium is ready.
Look at how pretty it is. What’s there to see, Bhide?
You’re an expert at your work. I’m sure you’ll do a good job.
It must be great. Let’s go have some soda.
– Let’s go.. Excuse me, Mr. Mehta.
Why are you leaving me out? I’m coming too.
– Come, Jethalaal. How can we leave you out?
Come. Wow! The podium is ready! Jetha, the podium had
to be ready since Lord Ganesha is going
to arrive. – Absolutely.. From tomorrow, Gokuldham Society
will have fun on the occasion
of ‘Ganesh Utsav’. It’ll be fun.
– Yes. Come on, let’s go in and see
how Tapu’s gang is decorating it this year.
Let’s go. Come on, Jethalaal. We will find
that out tomorrow morning. Why are you being so hasty?
Right, Bhide? Well, Mr. Mehta, actually,
I too am eager to see how they are decorating it.
– See.. Bhide, you..
– But I won’t see it. And Jethalaal.. You too
won’t get to see it. Why?
– Because they already know it. They are quite smart! They know that like every
year, we will try to peep in. That we will try to find out
what decorations they are doing. That’s why, they are
in the Club House and not in the podium. As if we can’t gain entry
into the Club House! Come, let’s go.
– Wait, Sodhi. We can’t go directly like this. We’ll have to go there
on some pretext. Hey, you guys are still here! I was under the assumption that you guys had already
gone to have soda. Excuse me.
I’ll be back soon. Sodhi,
will you do me a favour? Will you deliver this casserole to Tapu and his gang
in the Club House? What is in
that casserole? Sandwiches. Komal has made toast
sandwiches for the kids. So, I was headed there
to give these to them. Oh! Wonderful! In that case, let’s all go
there and give them to the kids. Yes, let’s go. – Jethalaal, why
are you being so impatient? I have an idea, Mr. Mehta. Bhide,
Dr. Hathi and you stay here. Sodhi and I will go and
deliver this casserole. And also see what theme
they have decided for decorations this year.
– Yes. Even I want to see
the decorations. Even
I will accompany you guys. Fine, come on then.
– Let’s go. Come, Sodhi.
Let’s go. Hey, wait, Sodhi. Hey,
what are you guys doing? Jethalaal! Sodhi! Where are you going? Popat, why are you screaming? We are going to the Club House. Sodhi, why are you screaming? I can see that, guys. Won’t you guys come
to have soda? What is the need to shout..
Come. Come here. We all are going to the Club
House to see the decorations. Is it? Even I want to see it.
Come, let’s go. Even I want to see. Lower your voice.
All of you come. Mr. Mehta, all these
guys are coming with us. You too come along. Bhide, come..
– Okay, let’s go. – Let’s go. If all of you are going,
let me also accompany you. No noise. Come on.
– I know. Let’s go from here.
Let’s go. Goli, you! Goli! Goli! You shouldn’t scare
people like this. Yes, Goli, this is wrong. Is it? Isn’t what you guys
are doing wrong? You guys had come here to see
the decorations, right? Hey, no, dear.
Not at all. We guys.. See here. Your mom has made toast
sandwiches for you kids. So, we were coming
to deliver them. Yes. Oh! Is it?
So many people for it! Goli, you already know. We are residents of Gokuldham. Wherever we go,
we go together. And even the wise
have said that the real fun is in doing
things together. Right.
– That’s why. Come on, let’s go and
give it to the kids. Yes, let’s go. – Right.
– Let’s go. – Come. No, wait. No matter how
hard you guys try.. No matter how many
excuses you make you won’t be allowed inside. Give the casserole to me. I’ll distribute
the sandwiches to everyone. Give it to me, Dad. Come on, give it.
– But.. Mr. Mehta, what is this?
You too! No, Goli,
I didn’t want to come. These people forced me to come. In fact, I was telling
them not to go. But what can I do? They didn’t heed my words. But, Goli, I am sure
that whatever decorations you guys have done
will be awesome. All the best!
All the best, Goli! All the best!
– All the best! Bye. Come, let’s go. Let’s
go at least now to have soda. Yes, let’s go. We have no option. But.. – I had advised you
guys against this. Goli really
left us petrified. Absolutely,
he frightened me. I told you not to go there. Oh, no!
– Oh, no! We have come here to have
soda but Abdul is missing! ‘The decorations for ‘Ganesh
Utsav’ are being done.’ ‘Hence, the shop will
remain closed today.’ ‘Regret the inconvenience.’ ‘O’ customers, come tomorrow.’ So, our soda party
is cancelled today. Yes, we have no option,
Popatlaal. Okay, on this pretext,
let’s go to bed early tonight. Yes, let’s retire early tonight. Because we need to bring the
Ganesha idol tomorrow morning. Exactly. I request all
of you to get ready and gather in the compound
early tomorrow morning. Okay.
– Bhide, why are you requesting? You just order us. Tell us at what time
you want us to be there. We will be here at that time.
What do you say? Yes. Jethalaal, everyone
will be here on time. I have an idea, Jethalaal. You start getting
ready from now itself. So that you can
be here on time. Bhide, just tell me
what time you want me here. Sharp at 9:30 tomorrow morning. We have to be at the shop
to get the idol by 10 o’clock. The installation
of the idol should take place between 11 and 11:30. Bhide, you want us
here ready in the compound by 9:30 tomorrow morning,
right? Yes. You will find me here
ready by 9 o’clock. Jethalaal.. You have to be here
at 9 in the morning. Are you making fun of me? What!
– Are you cracking a joke? No. No, Jethalaal.
I am serious. Do you really think
that I will come at 9 p.m.? What is he saying?
Who is he? Why is he like this? Friends, I’ll tell you what! There were no obstacles
in making the arrangements. This is really surprising. Why are you surprised,
Dr. Hathi? We have been doing
this for so many years now. We are experienced. And experience counts.
It makes one strong. Experience matters. Mr. Mehta, we have
the experience. But the budget
is good this time. So, everything is done
when we give the order. Absolutely.
Everything happened on time. The decorations
were done on time. And everything
happened on time. Lord Ganesha will
arrive in Gokuldham on time. Everything is happening
without any obstacles. It was bound to happen
this way. It’s not a big deal.
– Lord Ganesha is arriving. So, there’s no chance
of any obstacles. Right, Mr. Mehta?
– Absolutely. When Lord Ganesha
is arriving all the obstacles
go away from here. Hey! Tapu! Goli!
– Yes. Where are you going
at this hour? Mr. Bhide, we are running
short of glue. We are going
to get that. Goli, Tapu.. You are still
running around. You have not
finished your work yet. When will you finish it?
– That’s right. When will you finish
the decoration? Don’t worry, Mr. Sodhi.
We will be awake all night
and finish the work. – Right. Tapu, when will you sleep then? We have to bring
Lord Ganesha’s idol at 9:30 a.m. Don’t worry about Tapu.
He is my son. He will wake up on time.
He won’t be late. Look who is talking! We will get going.
We are getting late. Okay.
Bye. Let’s go. We have to wake up
early in the morning. Mr. Aiyar. Even you go home
and sleep. Don’t watch TV. Let’s go. Hail Lord Ganesha! Jetha!
– Yes, Dad! You are back early.
– No, Dad. We could not have it. Why? – Abdul
shut his shop a little early. Why? – He
has put a board outside the shop that he has closed the shop
early due to ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. ‘Sorry for the inconvenience.’ ‘O’ Customer,
please come tomorrow.’ Okay.
– Dad, let’s sleep early. We have to wake up early. And we have to bring
the idol in the morning. – What! Yes. – Why are you
telling me? I wake up early
every day. You must tell this
to yourself that you have
to wake up early. Yes, I was telling myself. ‘Let’s go to sleep.’ You are using
such respectful terms. ‘Let’s go to sleep.’ Are you the prince? ‘Let’s go to sleep.’ Sorry. – Can’t you say
that you are going to sleep? Sorry.
– Hey! Where are you going?
– To bed. First, you have to say
that you are going to sleep. I am going to sleep.
– Good night. Good night.
– Go. ‘Wow! Lord Ganesha
will arrive in the morning’ ‘without any obstacle.’ ‘Praise the people
of Gokuldham.’ Jetha.. Jetha! Get up, Jetha! Is it morning already?
Sorry, Father. I had set an alarm. I don’t know
why it didn’t work. I will get ready immediately. It’s not morning.
It’s still night time. What’s wrong?
Aren’t you sleepy? I was sleeping but I woke up.
– Why? Come outside and have a look.
It’s raining heavily. There’s a storm!
– What? Yes!
Come on.. Come..
Hurry up! Look, Jetha! – Yes,
it’s raining heavily. Yes..
– It’s quite windy as well. Hey! The podium is shaking!
– Hey! The podium has collapsed! Oh, God! The podium collapsed within
seconds like a house of cards. This is a disaster! Why are you sitting?
Let’s go down. What has happened! There was so much excitement,
hope and expectation regarding ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’
at Gokuldham Society but everything is destroyed. The excitement was destroyed
when the podium I am standing on collapsed. We were confident
that nothing would go wrong and we were well-prepared
for a grand celebration but our hopes were destroyed. The unexpected rain and storm
has stalled our celebrations. Tomorrow, we are supposed
to emplace Lord Ganesha’s idol. The podium where we were
supposed to do the emplacement has collapsed.
What do we do now? I cannot think of a solution
to this crisis. Please tell us
if you have any suggestions and keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. I can’t expect you to be
cheerful during such a situation so keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’.

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