Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2851 – Full Episode – 30th October, 2019

Finally, I’ve got his blessings. So, children, this is from me. Thank you, Grandpa. Aiyar, here you go.
– Sir, you gave it to children and that’s fine.
But we’re adults. You need not give us.
– That’s right.. There’s no need..
– Relax, all of you. You shouldn’t refuse.
– Right. That’s a token
of my blessings. Anyway, I’m not giving you
some huge amount. I’m giving only Rs. 11.
Don’t refuse, okay? Okay.
– Here you go. Komal, it’s a 1-rupee note.
– Yes. – It’s been so long since I saw it.
– Wow! I got the note of our generation.
– Right, Bhide. Children, this token is considered very lucky. Keep it carefully, all right?
– Okay.. Yes, children. The money
you get from the elderly people will be profitable.
– That’s true. Dad you gave everyone money. So, now, pray to God that the woman
of this family returns home soon.
– Right. – She will, Jetha. She will return very soon. I spoke to her this morning. Yes, Dad. Mom told me, too,
that she’ll return home soon. Right. Well, dear, even I spoke to her
this morning and that’s what
she told me, too. But she was supposed to come
by ‘Navaratri’ but she didn’t. So, I feel, God ignores
my prayers, of late. Perhaps, dad’s prayers
may result into a miracle. She will return, Jethalaal.
Ms. Daya will surely return. Just be happy
and celebrate the festival. Yes.. Tapu. – Yes.
– Bring some sweets for everyone. – Yes, Grandpa.
I’ll be right back. So, have all of you
got the sweets? So, let all of us have
Gujarati breakfast, together. Right.. ‘Mathiya’, ‘Chorafali’ and ‘Ghughra.’ ‘Ghughra’? What’s that?
– ‘Ghughra’ is a kind of Gujarati sweet, Mr. Aiyar.
It’s delicious. Mr. Aiyar asks this question
every year. ‘What’s ‘Ghughra’?’ He always forgets that
it’s a Gujarati sweet. We celebrate Diwali
just once every year. So, he forgets. We also have tiny
‘Shakarparas’. We have ‘Chivda’ made of corn. There’s ‘Nankhatai’ as well.
It’s an amazing breakfast. Mr. Jetha, you’re an excellent,
mind-blowing and extraordinary person. Mr. Jetha, I can hardly wait.
I want to eat those soon. My mouth started watering
when I heard ‘Nankhatai’. Mine, too. Forget about eating ‘Chivda’. It’s been years
since I’ve had the aroma. Really? Come again. No..
I was just saying if everyone wants to enjoy
the Gujarati dishes and breakfast,
then it’s their wish. I don’t have any objection.
– Don’t be silly. So, friends, shall we enjoy
the yummy Gujarati breakfast? Let’s go for it.
– Yes, of course. Wow! It’s like we made a plan
in between our conversation. But, Mr. Jetha,
who made the breakfast when Ms. Daya is not here?
– Right. Ms. Madhavi, Daya has made it,
herself. Right. That’s great. And she has sent it for all of
us all the way from Ahmedabad. Wow!
Snacks made by Ms. Daya. It’ll be amazing. Right.
– Yes. It will be great fun. Of course. It will be amazing. All of you be seated.
I’ll serve you. Mr. Jetha, why do you bother? We are here for your help. ‘Oh, my!’ I will prepare spiced milk
for all of you. Friends, I will leave for work. What!
You are open today? Aiyar, it’s the first day
of our new year. So, all the businessmen
open the shop just for the token sale. Then we open the shop
only after the celebration. I see. Okay. Greetings!
Greetings, Dad. Greetings!
– Bye. Bye. See you later.
– See you in the evening. Sure. I got late. ‘Mr. Nattu and Baga
have not called me yet.’ ‘Did they reach the shop
or not?’ ‘Or did they get late?’ Hello..
– Mr. Nattu! Hello! Hello.. ‘Looks like, his phone
is not working.’ ‘I should call Baga up.’ Uncle Nattu,
he is calling me up. Do the same.
– Okay. Tell me, sir.
– Baga.. Hello.. Baga? ‘Is his phone
also not working?’ ‘I hear the same sound
from his phone as well.’ ‘Or it is my phone
that is not working?’ ‘I must call
on the landline.’ ‘What! This number is also
not getting connected.’ ‘What is happening?’ ‘I fear I’ll face a new problem’ ‘on the first day
of the New Year.’ ‘I have to reach there soon.’ Baga, just wait and watch. He will come running.
– Right. And we will welcome him grandly
as soon as he reaches here. Yes. But, Uncle Nattu, we have
played a prank on him. I hope he doesn’t scold us. Of course he will.
– What! He has the right to get angry. He is our boss.
– Come on, Uncle Nattu. Then why did you
play this prank on him? And you involved me in this too! He was supposed
to come to the shop. Had we not played this prank,
he would have been in a good mood. I fear what will happen. Don’t worry, Baga.
Don’t fear when I am here. Go according to the plan. I will handle everything. Are you sure?
– I am sure. 100 percent. All right. Now that we have played a prank we will take it
to the next level. Let’s see what happens. Mr. Nattu.
– Stop, Mr. Jetha. Stop right here. Baga, start. Kindly pay respect and attention! The emperor of Gada kingdom the one who
treasures happiness the talented businessman King Jethalaal Champaklaal Gada has arrived. Hold on. What is all this? Don’t say anything.
Please cooperate. Baga, carry on. Sure. What is all this? Just keep watching. Sir, ready? “Welcome, Mr. Jetha.” “Welcome to Gada Electronics.” “This shop and we
are because of you.” “You are the pride of
the businessmen association.” Now you may proceed. Please come.
– Please come. “Put your” “auspicious feet” “inside your shop.” “Please grace us” “with your presence.” “Put your auspicious feet..”
Please come in. Mr. Nattu, happy new year.
– Happy new year, sir. What are you doing, Mr. Nattu? You’re elder to me.
I should touch your feet. Oh, sir, you’re our provider.
– No, Mr. Nattu.. Everyone’s provider is same.
God. No one else
is anyone’s provider. Just give me a hug.
– Oh.. Happy new year.
– Thank you. Happy new year.. Baga, come on.. Hey..
– Sir, happy new year.. Happy new year.. Happy new year.
– Happy new year. Sir, how was the welcome?
– Wonderful! I enjoyed it. Thank you.. Oh.. Mr. Kuldeep,
happy new year.. How are you doing?
All good? And what are Mr. Mahendra
and Mr. Hasmukh doing? I hope you all are fine.
We’ll talk later. I’m busy. Listen, happy new year
to all of you. And wish everyone
on behalf of Baga too. We will talk to you later,
at leisure. Okay, bye. Mr. Nattu, is your phone
working? – Yes. This is strange. I called you
from the society then I heard some
strange voices. Then I called Baga. I heard
the same strange sounds. Then I called the landline
but it was switched off. Sir, all the phones
are working fine. When you called us, we.. We did this. Why?
– Just for fun. Yes, sir.
It was just for fun. Sir, a philosopher said this. Never let your inner child die. What does that mean? – Never
let your inner child die. Yes, sir. The elderly people have said that if we spend the first day
of new year happily then the whole year
passes happily. That’s fine, dear, but if you
want your business to run smoothly
for the whole year then you have to crack a good
deal on the first day itself. We’ll do it, sir.
We’ll do it. And it’ll be awesome.
– Let’s see. Sir, there’s a customer. Oh. Please come, sir.
Please come.. Hello.. – Hello, sir.
Welcome to Gada Electronics. Tell me what you want. TV, fridge, washing machine,
speakers, mobile phones. I haven’t come here
to buy anything, sir. Then? – I’ve come here
to ask for Diwali donation. I am the driver
of the garbage truck that comes every morning
to collect the trash. Oh. – But every year
Mr. Karshan comes for this. He got retired
a few months ago. Really? I drive the garbage truck now. Here’s my card. No, it’s okay.
No problem. Here. Sir, we’re three people.
– Okay, you just take yours. Ask them to come,
I’ll give them their shares. Sir, don’t you trust me? They both have gone
to another area. Should I call them up
if you want? Sir, just pay him. He drives the truck
and the other two guys empty the dustbin.
– Yes, I know that. Here. Fine?
– Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali, man.. Happy Diwali..
– Happy Diwali. See, we had to pay money,
let alone earning some. Sir, please relax. The elderly people have said that positive thoughts
give positive results. You just think that customers
will come and we will earn then we’ll definitely earn. Look how I am thinking. Customers will come
and we’ll earn. Customers will come
and we’ll earn. Hey! Customer has come! Please come, ma’am.. Hello, ma’am..
– Hello. Tell me what you want. TV, fridge, washing machine.. No.. I’ve come to collect
the donation for Diwali. Who are you?
– I am from cleaning department. A man from cleaning department collected the money
a short while ago. – Right! He is from
a different department. He must be the driver of the garbage truck. And I am in the cleaning
department. Our work is different. I am sorry to say this but I have never
seen you cleaning here. How will you, sir? I come here at 7 o’ clock
in the morning. The shop is closed at that time. Okay. Keep it. Thank you. Happy Diwali.
– Happy Diwali. Baga, do they really come here
at 7 a.m. and clean the place?
– Maybe. We open the shop at 9 a.m. Sir, I have seen her
quite a few times while coming here. Don’t worry your money is not wasted. And anyway they come here
to ask for money only once a year. When you paid them they were so happy. Yes, they are happy but what about my happiness? It’s the first day of new year and nothing has been sold yet. They are here. Customers are here. Please come.. Hello.
– Hello. Hello. Tell us,
what shall I show you TV, fridge, washing machine,
mobile phone or speakers? Nothing. I have come here
to collect Diwali money. Hey! Who are you? I am a postman. But in this era who writes letters? Do you really
have so much work? What are you saying, sir?
Every month I give you your bank statement, cheque book life insurance policies
and dividend cheques. So, do you work alone
or are there others too? We are four people. But you don’t have
to pay everybody separately. Whatever you give us we will divide it
among ourselves. Take it. This is Rs. 400.
Everybody can take Rs. 100 each. Thank you.. May you keep receiving
good news. Thank you.. Happy Diwali.. Happy Diwali. Wow, sir. Great! You are a generous man. Yes, but my cashbox
is getting empty. If I keep distributing
money like this then by evening
rather than taking out money from the cashbox,
I’ll have to keep some from my pocket. No. Say good things, sir. “Money will come.” Customer is here. Hello and welcome
to the shop. Welcome to Gada Electronics..
– Hold on. Which department are you from? HR department. What is HR department? Even I don’t know
what that means. Hey, which department
is this? In every big company there is an HR department. This department recruits
good employees in the company. Whatever it is you go and ask your company for Diwali bonus, not us. Do I look like a person
who would ask for Diwali bonus? Are you crazy? Look, I have come here to buy a home theatre system
for my house. Sorry.
I am so sorry, sir. Please don’t feel bad. P-Please forgive me. Actually, before you,
a few people came here asking for Diwali bonus, so.. So, you thought I am here
to ask for Diwali bonus. No..
– No.. Sorry, sir.
Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Hey, Baga, show him
the latest model. What shall I order for you? Tea, coffee or anything else? Nothing. Shall I order ‘Falooda’ for you? The ‘Falooda’
is really nice here. No.
– Okay. Sir, since you’re our first
customer today I’ll give you
a special discount. Come on. Come to this side. Please come, look at this. Wow, sir.. It was a great start
to the new year. Yes, sir. We acquired
a whole day’s earnings in just half a day. Don’t boast. I don’t want us
to jinx our business. Just continue
with what’s happening and keep thanking God
in your thoughts. Sir, you gave
everyone money happily so you got their blessings. That is why,
today’s sale was great. Yes. My best friend, Jethalaal,
keeps getting into trouble but this time,
his luck took a turn and by pitying on him
and not troubling him made Gada Electronics’
sales sky-high. The reason for that is
Jethalaal’s generous donations. Happiness is flooding
in Gada Electronics. It’s a happy environment
in Gokuldham Society but it’s impossible that
there would be no troubles in Gokuldham. Troubles never leave Gokuldham
for long. It’s the season of festivals and you are also
enjoying the festivals. So, keep enjoying the festivals,
keep laughing. And more the number
of festivals in our society more is the fun. In order to see what happens you will have to watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah.’ Keep watching and keep smiling. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah.’

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