‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Bombed Its Global Box Office Debut Grossing $29M in U.S. | THR News

– My name is Sarah Connor. I’ve never seen one like you before. Almost human. – “Terminator: Dark Fate” self-destructed at the box office this weekend. Bombing with a U.S.
haul of jut $29 million. Well behind expectations. And it’s performance wasn’t
much better overseas, either, where it has earned $94.6 million to date, including a lackluster
China launch of $28 million for a global total of $123.6 million. – [Blonde Woman] Why do you
care what happens to her? – Because I was her. (dramatic music) – Sources tell The Hollywood
Reporter that “Dark Fate” faces losses of $128 million or more. For partners Skydance
Media, Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Fox, which each put up 30%
of $185 million budget. Disney, which now owns
the Fox Film studio, will absorb the loss. China’s Tencent has a 10% stake. So it looks like the iconic
Hollywood film franchise has been terminated. At least for the foreseeable future. – I’ll be back. – Box office analyst’s say
the movie’s poor opening is a reflection of complete IP failure. And insiders at Paramount
and Skydance don’t disagree. Expert Eric Handler of MKM Partners says, “It is time to let this
franchise finally go “to the great beyond.” And Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations adds, “This is definitely the end of the line “for the “Terminator” franchise
in its current iteration.” None of the companies involved
would comment on the losses, but sources close to Skydance
say there are certainly no plans for another film at this point. For the latest box office
numbers, head to THR.com. Until next time, for “The
Hollywood Reporter News”, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (gentle music) (whooshing)

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