Terminator Dark Fate | Why is it falling in the box office?

Why is it falling in the box office? Probably because even if they change parts,
the story is always very repetitive Always a super enemy against much weaker
humans or machines send from the
future Even if Cameron sells it as new, everybody watched
the previous films where just T4 was different. But they did not continued
the story with new films. But here, T6 is good developed but it is not too new as before, the story show us a defender from the future
in a clare inferiority against a very powerful machine. It had been better if by one time the defender from the future
was a killer of Terminators, one very effective and the film showed a fight following a path,
at different days or even ages Of course, it had been more as if you join three films in one,
but it had been better and more accepted by the viewers T5 had a small idea about it with fights in different time eras.
But it was not very solid. Characters were bad. Some people say how the actors were bad in T5.
But probably it was more a matter about the characters if they had been others jumping in different time eras,
the film had been perfect. Anyway, hollywood is stuck with repetitive arguments The screenwriters and directors probably must fight against the budget
and producers which they try new things
and they stay without any logic
making classic things. Anyway, the film deserves be watched but do not wait
anything very new

2 thoughts on “Terminator Dark Fate | Why is it falling in the box office?

  1. Because this franchise is suffering the dark fate of no one giving a crap about it anymore.

  2. I think the story and the interest were no longer enough since T2. Most of the audience seems to think same way, an probably that's why the movie is not ruling the box office. A box office which, by the way, is pretty based in young people, who probably don't even know Terminator. But no problem for me, I'll keep watching T1 or T2 no getting tired of them

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