Terry Bradshaw urges sports fans to think of the office before booing Trump

100 thoughts on “Terry Bradshaw urges sports fans to think of the office before booing Trump

  1. It’s a game has respect for the man if you don’t like his policies it’s ok just vote but don’t like

  2. We live in a democracy and we can boo or cheer. This isn't a dictatorship or a monarchy.

  3. This why terry is the man he doesn’t get involved in politics he just does his sports and has fun bless you Terry

  4. I enjoy booing to be able to show my displeasure with his bad character and his general rottenness as a human being.

  5. Mr. Bradshaw is a class act! When I was a kid, he and Roger Staubach were real “salt-of-the-earth” role models. I just wish these kids today would take a page or two out of their playbooks!

  6. If you can't boo a guy who's charity just had to pay a $2 million dollar settlement because of fraud charges with veteran's the supposed beneficiaries, who can you boo?

  7. That just goes to show you how dumb fans are they must be liberals socialist Democrats and rhinos like my grandma used to say you can't fix stupid

  8. Bradshaw think of the country before opening your mouth. Criminal trumps wants the Supreme Court to rule that he can do anything he wants and no one can stop him. This is criminal trumps beginning of his dictatorship.

  9. I’m going to say it 🤠
    Terry Bradshaw sang the greatest 💥
    I’m so lonesome I could
    Look it up


  11. Why do people hate Donald Trump he is not a racist he loves our country he’s working for our country so why would you hate him

  12. does'nt get into politics,, afraid to lose his job. so if everybody was nice in politics he would join in then ? sounds like a traitor to me.. he should be defending this country that gave him so much.

  13. President Trump is joking people. He did not bash any team. It is really sad. I don’t enjoy it as well.

  14. All the booing is just the "tolerant" left showing their lack of maturity and decency, much less intelligence. Pure trash leftards.

  15. Love Terry Bradshaw. One of the most happiest go lucky persons, I have ever seen.

  16. But Terry, fans DID look at the office before booing Trump…..that's WHY they booed Trump….and their behavior is a REFLECTION of Trumps own behavior.

  17. I appreciate Bradshaw's sentiment but Trump shouldve considered the office before he degraded it. This is nothing more than a cheap stunt to try and bolster Trump's approval before he gets impeached. He has famously NEVER attended any public events and wont eat at any local DC restaurants. Hes either hiding in the WH or hiding at one of his resorts running up the bill. Bradshaw has never seen anything like this bec we've never tolerated a president like Trump.

  18. Every government official from here on out and by extension everybody in the country everyone within the sphere of USA influence is going to be treated politically like this here on out until decency has returned.

  19. Before the days of snowflake there was real Men that done real Men stuff .no cowards back then

  20. So disgusted….I will Never Watch the NFL they are right down there with the NBA and Hollywood.

  21. If ever there was a president to be Booed, it was Barack Obama. He took American Values and threw them to the wind as he bowed down and kissed the world's feet while apologizing for America's Greatness.

  22. This segment with Terry Bradshaw was great. His attitude needs to be spread across this land!

  23. Roll Tide!!!! Beat the hell outta the Tigers…. I want to hear you sing Rammer Jammer Alabama!!!!

  24. Terry… even though there are some rabble-rousers on the right, the absolute vast majority of the problem in sports these days concerning politics comes from those on the radical left. You've got to call a spade a spade… just like when the democrats try and blame the white man for racism… It was the democrat party that for nearly 150 years supported both slavery and Jim Crow segregation. It was not the white man… it was the democrat party that was racist. Love you, brother… this is for you and everyone else as well. Good to see you on with Stuart Varney.

  25. POTUS would be the first one to protect their right to boo. He's got more integrity in his little finger than the entire leftist cult. I'd rather be a poor honest person than a rich one who is a liar.

  26. You can because the democrats what to hate the president and republicans people's. Looks the way the talk about republicans hate all of them. The democratic party are the ones that started this problem to divide American people's

  27. Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson played college football together and Phil was the 1st string quarterback and Terry was 2nd or 3rd string. Phil got offered an NFL spot but he decided to make duck calls, start his company and get his Master's. They both did well.

  28. Liberals are just mean evil people, let them boo it shows how classless they are.

  29. Nathan Scott below me nailed it on the head. There is a very real reason for why past generations made it a point to teach kids to always say please & thank you, to always respect your elders, to be thankful for your meals. Now we have a lot of people that are so jealous of seeing other peoples success online & instead of focusing on themselves they put all their energy into trying to bring down everyone else. It’s pathetic

  30. And we have to be fair here everyone. Obviously we aren’t in support of the liberal mainstream media. But Fox did LOTS of damage in the way they covered Obama. I thought Obama made tons of mistakes, I’m not a fan. But still we have to be honest about the fact that prior to Fox cleaning it’s act up, they disrespected Obama everyday & made it seem okay.

  31. Sign of the times how little respect people have for each other. Mainly a lack of God in peoples lives that make them simpletons. No education also plays a roll and no common sense at all.

  32. The democrats have forever changed how we will treat the office…..we'll never come together again. God help the next democrat president. They better be a tough motherfkr

  33. The liberals democrats speak hateful crap but if you do it back they. Cry like babys

  34. "Please don't boo Trump" That's Trump's job to get all of "his base" to boo everyone he doesn't like. Does anyone on Faux see the dichotomy of this????????????

  35. Love Terry Bradshaw. I say let them boo, so they can practice their 2020 Boohoo! Hahaha!

  36. it's not just hate, most of the youth today are a bunch of dumbed down sheep. That was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen, to disrespect the president and the first lady. their parents must be real proud that their kids turned out to be sorry sacks of sh!t.

  37. Does not matter who is in office respect the office. Should always be the way. If you don't like what happens during that 4 years GO VOTE.

  38. Terry Bradshaw is not a Dummy… he knows. Respect is earned… It's something you work for. Trump has been the best employee in the company in a very long time. Get it done. Keep the lights on. Don't be a corrupt filthy lying cheating Democrat.

  39. And the fact that Trump has got to be the greatest President in American history!

  40. Where was Bradshaw when TRUMPY was bashing PRESIDENT OBAMA saying he wasn' t born in America and was not a citizen…….I know BRADSHAW was no where to be found…. like many other Racists…not saying Bradshaw is a racist but TRUMPY ……..

  41. Self proclaimed whistleblowers are not immune to punishment for purjury, and insurrectous treason charges by commiting purjury on behalf of Brennan and Obama?

    Great to see Terry Bradshow on the Varney segment! Always a no nonsense guy who is not lacking in confidence or needs to create drama to get it. Great enthusiasm!

  42. 9/11 and 20 yrs. of war, Afghanistan's 93% of the planet's opium, heroin epidemic sweeping America. WAR and killing 3rd world people for money – spiritual bankruptcy, the collapse of empire and every one knows but can't say it out-loud.

  43. I am not gonna watch the game. Disrespecting the office and the crap being fed the young minds at college are both disgusting. Glad I'm old cause I don't see the desire to be better. Just a bunch of idiot adults taking WWE serious.

  44. Mr Trump, wear your MAGA hat to the game, it’s like Kryptonite to a Democrat, it will protect you. It just triggers them.

  45. Thanks for the sentiment Mr. Bradshaw…yes, people should respect the office. The reason it is hateful, Soros pays people to be rude, to protest, and to walk around with faces covered as Antifa…among other evil things.

  46. Come on Terry. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

  47. Now, Mr. President, how are the Secret Service going to protect you in a crowd like that? I want you to have fun, but I'm starting to feel kind of sick to my stomach, seeing you there. Secret Service: Closer is better, I'm sorry but, you have to shield him, not stand by watching. Actually be close enough to absorb anything that might befall, assail, or otherwise interfere with our precious President! ABSORB! TAKE UNTO YOURSELF, STAND IN WAY OF, ETC! I WOULDNT HESITATE TO

  48. Always have loved bradshaw…one of the greatest!!! No matter what and who he votes for!!

  49. I'm a Raider but you got to like Terry Bradshaw he is a lot of fun he is a man that gets it
    Trump 2020

  50. We The People must decide for ourselves, as individuals, whether or not we will allow ourselves to be manipulated like lemmings. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years, each and every thinking adult is aware that fake news is manipulating people with propaganda.

    If one decides they will allow themselves to believe the lies being told to them by someone on CNN or the View or some singer or politician, then they only have themselves to blame. The rest of us are moving on without them, so they’d better decide quickly. We are at tipping point, a precipice.

    Many truths are about to come to light, which will completely and utterly expose the criminals and their lies and justice must then be served to its fullest. A few sad souls may gnash their teeth and pridefully refuse to acquiesce, sticking with the wicked. Most will finally let go, acknowledge the truth and abandon the deceivers.

    I am praying that God will then help us to heal, forgive one another and bring us together to become closer than ever before as one nation under His glorious guidance.

  51. That's rich. So a politician in office can't be booed in public if people think he'd deserve that for doing a bad job in that office?
    What's the difference between booing by the public and criticizing in the media? Can office holders not be criticized anymore?
    That'd be flushing the First Amendment down the drain and democracy with it.

  52. Go Bama..and watch your parents pull their money out, along with their kids!
    Stupid IS and stupid DOES! Fostering disrespect for our Nation and the Presidency of the USA is not a sought after educational opportunity! We know the agenda..and it is going to hurt you!

  53. Terry Bradshaw is such a terrific guy!! Our sport's teams need to emulate themselves after him. I never tired of watching his commentary!

  54. I love Terry. He’s one of the greatest to ever play the game. He has class and charisma. I can see Payton Manning growing up just like him. God bless you Terry.

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