The BEST DOLLAR DEAL for LOL BIG Surprise Doll Unboxing Review!

hey for the fam a cub club today we
are opening a mega big lol surprise but we are also going to share with you guys if
mega big lol surprise is worth your money is this a best dollar deal or not is it
or sixty one dollars we don’t know but we’re about to open lol surprise up this
so at Target this is $68 and 99 cents and at Toys R Us
it’s $69.99 I found this on from a toy
whiz for one hundred and thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents and on
eBay this lol mega big surprise alone can go from 60 to 150 dollars the back of the
case doubles as a stand base let’s start lol surprise mega first layer the estimated cost top layer is $19 you get 10 accessories costing around 2 dollars or
less per piece looks like we have a skirt super sparkly
some coppery ruffled shorts pair of pink boots a super cute a little roller
skates Oh what’s this I think this is a necklace lots of glitter a shirt alright
three more another shirt two more some really tiny shorts or swim
last line for the first layer more glitter oh my goodness so that’s the top
layer in the second layer i estimate the second lol surprise mega layer costing $17.50
there are five fizz charms each costing three dollars and fifty cents and I
think we need water so I took the plastic off of the little charm fizz
balls and on the bottom well am spraying all right let’s put it in there we go
first up we have a necklace and rose gold colored bottle so for the next one
let’s drop it in it says lol on the top so we have a pizza and this alright so this charm is a half heart
and we have another little latch or hook okay looks like we have the necklace or
the little hook for the charm oh it went back down and this looks like a perfume
perfume bottle look at that so here is the fourth charm fizz so it
looks like we have the other half of the heart with another loop let’s the
last one so the last one is a camera I put the
sticker on it already and you get the little keychain loop so that was the
second layer let’s move on to the last lol surprise mega layer. Cost of
each LOL surprise little sister and each LOL surprise big sister I estimate the
third layer costing $34 let’s start with LOL surprise little sisters and for the little
sisters I think you get five surprises alright so this is the keychain pop this
in here and you can store your LOL surprise dolls on the inside it’s a cute
little tote bag oh my goodness is this a ring adorable little lol surprise sister
first of all her hair is so jumped she looks like purple rain like a
little prince layer one carefully cut open I forgot to share the first clue
from the lol little sister surprise we just opened this no that’s not the clue
I don’t know where the clue went for the first lol surprise doll
it’s probably stuck to the packaging alright second layer oh my goodness
looks alone I’m like yes I want more keychain ring oh look at these are these
like little converses and here is the oh look at her little retro glitter babe so
in the lol tots or big sister surprise bows you get seven surprises first
layers rock star second layer we have some stickers third layer there anything under third
layer no fourth layer thank you very much for watching four and a half layer so let’s in this cubby that’s squishy
for more lol surprises and I think this one is the doll you can put a chain on it
and attach it to whatever you want bottle more glitter they’re so sparkly okay
next this a this looks like an apron or a cape maybe we have this one nice is
this like a this looks like a bodysuit look at that one sleeve oh look
at you oh hey we aren’t gonna put any clothes on her because we’re gonna find
out if these color change in just a second so we have the last lol surprise
lil sisters and layer number one all right so you get the carrying case
and a handle just like the first one one two three four five lol surprises let’s
start with this really small one right here
oh it says purple tears little cellphone with a cracked cover case or cracked
screen and some adorable little purple shoes boom sparkle Sparkle Sparkle
this is gorgeous are you scared you scared you scared you and ooh it’s like
a Starbucks type of bottle we have oh oh my pumpkin pie I have cold water ice
cold water and some warm water let’s these little lol surprise glitter cuties in
first alright cold water look have a legs turn pink
so they’re like little leggings I let’s put your face in there see if your face
changes look there’s a little star on her face oh if you put her back in
warmer water she changes back let’s try the lol surprise big sis let’s put your face
cold water yeah we got nothing let’s try her body nope we’ve got nothing let’s try
lukewarm warm water nope feels so weird this baby dolls
face into some water feels a little weird I have one issue lol surprise doll
after the water gets inside I’m pretty sure is going to start growing
inside the doll I tried to pop the head off and I was hoping that there would be
like a hole or something in here but it’s not so I don’t know if
the water is fully drained out of this little lol surprise cutie they start to smell
know why so next up we have this big lol surprise sister and a little sister
so let’s this little cutie in the ice water
look oh she has like a little dancing a leotard or a jumpsuit or whatever it’s
called oh and then look at the eye it’s a little lightning bolt super cute and
she returns back to normal alright let’s try the big lol sister cold water first
Oh instantly we have a blue leg oh all right just trying to get you to sit down
okay so anything on your what is really facing look she gets a leg and it’s a
lightning bolt on her face oh look at that
she looks like a water fountain alright so we have the lol big sisters love love
love and the adorable little sisters you get the same lol dolls in each pack so
that in mind and don’t buy multiples unless you want multiples they can wear
each others clothes and accessories so I really like that about these lol dolls so I
think these are for the lol big sister but they look super cute on her as well
here’s the lol surprise big sis oh look big sis little sis and super cute purse
the little sister can’t sit for this set that’s okay and you have your little
glass or your jug and your cape so in to the lol surprise big sisters and the
little sisters and their accessories we have four pair of shoes research and
three bottoms plus a necklace and the charms so let’s check out the charms
week this is glam spray this was in one fizz
ball and this was in the other so together they make a heart we had this
camera and the last thing a charm perfume bottle plus some stickers so
each charm fizz it came with a sticker based on my estimations this lol mega big surprise is $70.50 I would definitely consider this a best dollar
deal compared to buying the individual LOL surprise dolls for more best dollar
toy deals make sure you come back we hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with
this if you did don’t forget to like this video make sure you come back for
more check out the playlist and we will see you in the morning bye guys what are you most excited about papa
bear got this for us Valentine’s Day so thank you papa man sure do you do

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