– [Man on cell phone] Uh,
yeah I’ve got a business- related question, uh,
I’ve been working since I was 18, entrepreneur, been you know, ups and down, obviously with the first three years. You know, you lose money,
you make money and it’s all the up and down stuff
and I’m definitely to a point to where I’m trying
to figure out to where trying to get to an employee,
to get people under you, I’m just not sure where
the right timing is. Obviously trying to juggle
you know, 20 different things from graphic design,
photography, production side, to everything else,
but trying to figure out when is the best time to ask for help or how to get the right help. – Can you afford an employee? – Um, as of right now, I think we can. That’s something I gotta talk to the CPA and kind of figure out
what’s the best move, but that’s probably a question I could just as him and see what
the budget would be. – Did you say CPA, like you
need to ask your accountant? – Yeah. To kind of run down numbers
and everything cause he does all like the, ya
know, the day-to-day work as far as, we have The Mint
and as far as financial stuff – Yep. – He kind of gives us
the final decision, hey this is how much you guys can get paid, this is how much you guys can do this, you know so on and so forth. – I mean, the second
you can afford, are you trying to build a bug business? – Yeah. I mean that’s always,
that’s definitely the goal to build a bug business and something that can really start running for itself. Not necessarily like, hey
we’ll leave the business, but something to where we
can create infrastructure to really start running for itself and not just always trying to
catch to what the error is um, at the end of the day. – If you’re trying to build something big, the second you can afford an employee is when you need an employee. And then, because the reality is you can’t do everything. Right? So if you’re investing in your longterm, invest in your longterm. Like you should spend
no money on anything. You should buy no fancy stuff and you should put the
money back into the business and then, so you can build
up the business, right? Too many people are talking out of both sides of their mouth. They want to build up a big business but every time they
make a couple of bucks, a little bit of coin, they’re
buying some dumb shit, like a new pair of Jordan’s. – That’s real. – Yeah and that’s
something that we invested it to more like, as far as more marketing, more services and stuff like that. – Do you feel, do you feel like you can’t get to everything and like you really need that employee? Obviously you do, that’s
why you asked it right? – Yeah, I mean cause to be 100% honest, in my aspect of the business I think we definitely do. I mean every bit of
help is where, you know when you try to do 10 different things to keep the business going. – So let’s break this down technically, if you’re spending money
that you guys are making, not on dumb shit, thank God, but on marketing to
get more opportunities, – Of course. – You’re better off not
spending that money on more opportunities and
putting it into employees so that you can then,
when you have enough to spend on new marketing opportunities, take all that opportunity. If you’re getting your
sales ahead of your delivery or what you guys can handle, – Efficiency – Then you’re gonna struggle. – Okay. – The other thing is, you brought up something very subtle,
which is the right person. It’s not about the right
person when you hire them, it’s about knowing when to fire them. – Gotcha. I think that is my biggest concern. – Everybody’s so crippled. My man, everybody’s so
crippled by the hire they think, everybody’s
got ego around the hire. They’re like, I’m so good
at this, I’ve got a process, I’ve got good people skills, I think I’ve got the best
EQ of all fuckin time and I’ve hired so many schlemiels, I can’t even count em. – Mmhmm. – Because everybody’s their
best PR’d version when they’re, when you’re trying to hire
somebody, you know how it is, they cliche, hey, tell
me one of your flaws, Oh sometimes I work too hard. – Yeah, everyone always
says the same thing, but I’ve got to get to the
really nitty gritty. – So hire, hire on that intuition, feel it and then if it’s
not right six months later, three months later, or
shit if you know five days, I’ve fired people five days in. It might take three to
four months cause I want to be fair, but I’m like,
crap, I’m in trouble, I just know right away
that something doesn’t taste right, so don’t be
crippled by the hiring, know to be good about the
firing and then you can hire. You should hire somebody, by the way, everything tells me you
should hire somebody tomorrow. – You’ve lied. – Okay. Definitely makes sense. – Alright man, thanks for calling. – Quick thing for both you guys logic, I mean you absolutely
need that, I actually do follow your music and
definitely keep it up. Very, very inspiring
– Thank you, dude. – And Gary, you as well. Both of you guys are just amazing. And Gary, I will definitely
be sending you over a DM to do some business for your guys. For definitely some
merchandise for you guys. – Thank you, my man, so
wait, when you saw that we were both together, if you’re
fans, were you just like holy shit! Like peanut butter and jelly?! – Uh, I mean pretty much
I mean I follow your work as far as your podcast I listen to it every single morning and
as far as Instagram live, we’re having to click that
and okay, you can actually see cause I’ve never actually
watched you on Instagram live. – Got it. – So then yeah, I put my
number down a couple times and hope for the best. – Alright my man, take care of yourself. – Best of luck. – Thank you, Gary.


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