16 thoughts on “The Business Card Creator by Laughingbird Software

  1. Can't wait for it to be ready….I'll be watching the Laughingbird website every day!

  2. Each of the business card templates includes a multitude of images you can add to the card (or import your own images) …

  3. Advanced Business Card Maker, a feature-rich professional quality business card creator program,

  4. Excellent. both powtoon and your cardcreator. When can i buy? Another question, printing may be a problem because printing is in USA. IT's going to be very costly to send them over by DHL!

  5. Hi Stella.
    Thanks for the feedback! The software is now available here:

    As for printing — the software actually saves a large Jpg to your computer first. So, you can visit a closer VistaPrint location. Like vistaprint.co.uk 🙂

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