The Employee Experience | ProHealth Care

(uplifting music) Imagine what it feels like to look forward to the day
and to begin it with a smile. Where every day offers new opportunities and thinking about them
fills you with excitement. Imagine a workplace where you and your team make a difference. Where you can be yourself and
contribute to your community. Picture yourself growing professionally and developing your
skills, whether you care for patients directly or
are part of the support team that ensures ProHealth Care is a healthy and caring environment. Your career growth is
possible and encouraged. We promote nearly 40%
of our team from within. At ProHealth Care, we value you for your uniqueness and
the talents you possess. You are trusted by your coworkers, empowered by your supervisors, and appreciated for your contributions. Whether it’s daily interactions that show our caring culture or the
more tangible offerings, we want you to know you are an important part in our success. You have the opportunity at ProHealth Care to make a difference with your team, our patients, and the community. ProHealth Care employees
go above and beyond. From lasting friendships
to generous volunteers, from educational classes
to sponsored events, we have been giving back to each other and to the community
for more than 100 years. Envision a place where
exciting career opportunities and state-of the-art facilities are literally in your backyard. Be part of the team
providing world-class care for patients and make a difference. Begin your story with ProHealth Care.

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