100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ react to Trump’s heated Oval Office meeting

  1. Juan is a dishonest dumbass, Trump is absolutely right and will get elected again in 2020.

  2. Trump did not win.  To me, it looked like Trump was being his typical, loudmouth self, and the Democrats were smug about making him look bad.  This is one of the many reasons why I am an Independent, and look at individual politicians whether they are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or 3rd Party.

    Never seen the 5 before, and was surprised that I agreed with more of the opinions than I would have thought, and all but one came from a place of reason.

    The only one I could  not stand was the irrational douchebag with the coiffed, black hair.  He should not be given such a high profile television job for just lying.  At least everyone – whether or not I agreed with them or not was coming from a calm, place of reason.

    I was really impressed by Juan Williams which pleasantly surprised me.

    I am totally against the wall.  It is a medieval approach to enforcing border security that only will make the US insular and exclude it from the rest of the world – and it is also fascist..  Ronald Reagan & The Greatest Generation are rolling in their graves right now.

  3. CHUCK looks like a snail in alcohol .. HOW PATHETIC ! who the F., votes for dead people?

  4. Trump is rude, it is HIS total thing to shut down the govt., no one else to do it. People get hurt . Trump goes golfing . He’s s bully , it is his campaign chant about this wall, and to our nausea , who’s going to pay for it Mexico. The taxpayer should not have to pay for trumps wall. You all are wrong ! Too much spending ! I can’t believe FOX is ignoring all that is coming with trump and his crimes. Border security of course, this crazy wall, No !

  5. I kind of Like Juan, I know He's DEAD WRONG, but at least he has the guts to hang in here with conservatives

  6. Hey Fox News, could you include the minutes when Juan William is on, so we can skip those sections?

  7. I understand Juan is there for comic relief but he's failing miserably, can we just lose that idiot ? Put him in the basement mail room or something.

  8. Juan Williams is just put on Fox to show the idiocy of the Demonrats. These Libtards have zero interests in what the people want, they are only interested in power

  9. I love the fact our POTUS is Fabulous at Debate.
    Too bad the DemonicRats took it out of our schools like they did prayer.

  10. The temper tantrum of a 4 yr old on national tv with his 1 yr old little brother who hasn’t learn how to speak yet. 😂

  11. I want my wall. I want it funded now by the people who voted for me…, and from the people who did not vote for me. I want it funded by everyone who pays tax.

  12. Juan is right that the democrats voted for border security and then stymied every attempt at protecting the borders.

  13. I use to watch and or record The Five and never miss an episode…. Juan… has been a train wreck ever since the 2016 election. The only constructive thing he brings to the table is 1 more thing. I watch less and less because of him. Please rotate others in his place. Others who will present a genuine perspective and not just parrot the left media talking points like Juan does. Would love to see more of his Son!

  14. I noticed the first time this aired that Pence sat there like a idiot. He should have been backing the man who helped get him the VP seat! Why would he not state his position? It makes you wonder his intent? Who's side he is on? Not liking Pence's silence.

  15. That right there is my president. I am so proud of him for standing up to these corrupt democrats.He is trying to protect us people, get behind him

  16. $5 BILLION IS TOO EXPENSIVE!! Really? Let's round it up to $7 Billion
    needed for the wall. A recent non-partisan study claimed that each
    illegal alien costs the US taxpayer $70,000 per year in welfare, health
    care, schools, public services, etc. Let's assume that number is
    incorrect by 50% and each illegal only costs us $35,000 per year.

    Therefore: $7,000,000,000 / $35,000 = 200,000 illegals. If the wall
    helps to keep 200,000 illegals out of the US and off welfare FOR 1 YEAR,
    the money saved will pay for the wall. There are between 12-21 million
    illegals in the US currently. According to Border Patrol stats, an
    estimated 500,000 people enter the US illegally each year.

    DO THE MATH! MAGA 2020 Thank you, President Trump!

  17. President Trump set up Schumer and Pelosi and forced them to be transparent for once in their lives. For real security, secure the border with a wall, also… and do it through executive order… the U.S. Constitution gives the POTUS the legal right to secure the U.S. borders from foreign invaders… and the Wall is the most efficient and cost effective way to do it.

  18. Approx 5 years ago…democrats voted YES on border wall. Why vite no now? Because they are filled with Trump hate.

  19. Just start a Border fund to raise money for the wall. I would pay my hard earned money to do it and so would thousands and thousands of others. We don't need the government to accomplish this. Wake up. God bless America!

  20. The only thing I dislike about this broadcast is that Juan opens up his piehole to spread lies he belongs on CNN !!!

  21. Shut it down!!!! Maybe everyone then we will see we don't need any of them and we can do any with them all

  22. Looks like the Penguin Schumer is doing the #2 on the couch and he is looking for toilet paper

  23. Obama democrats gave 150 billion to Iran a terrorist country but refuse to give just 5 billion to protect our border and our citizens. The democrats are willing to spend money protecting other countries but not the USA. They as globalist not only want to give away our sovereignty but our land.Democrats are not only traitors but enemy of the American citizens.

  24. Proof that Trump is an idiot is clearly revealed in this encounter. He throws tantrums like a 2 year old. He has no vision and only sticks on one racist talking point the Wall which the last time I heard Mexico is supposed to pay for it. So now why do poor Americans have to pay for it!

  25. I support my President 1000%. If it takes a shut down to get the wall, I support that 1000% as well. BUILD THE DANG WALL!

  26. That wasn’t a clash……that was a massacre !
    They were out classed at every turn and had nothing – it was like watching a puppet master and his puppet show 🤩🤩🤩

  27. Juan is so delusional that he has become a comedy aspect of the show. He never lets facts get in the way of a leftist rationale that makes no sense, then he gets desperate and starts lying.Juan you belong on Saturday NIght Live or with Colbert and Kimmel.

  28. Nancy Pelosi and chuck need to spend the money they have been steeling for out the years. They don't worry about money. Because they just stick their hands in our pockets.

  29. anyone who thinks Fox News is fair and balanced is fooling themselves. The only sane one sitting at the table was Juan…and that's sad

  30. It's funny how people want the border wall for "security" when all the shootings are conducted by cacausians, and terrorists tend to fly into the country. The only person who has any sense is Juan, who actually uses facts and not that idiocy of those other anchors. It's so petty the way they speak since they don't have any factual evidence to support their claims. Do they even have any standards, morality or professional ethics? The way in which that anchor ended, comparing Chuck's features to a fictional character in Batman. Only one word can describe that type of behavior, "SAD," as spoken by the greatest idiot.

    Tired of winning yet?

  31. Complete disgusting.
    There was a time, Mike Pence was sitting, decent.
    Petra Hermans

  32. you know while growing up my parents always told me we live in a free country and if I want to be president someday I could be. I was amazed but now that Trump became president, everyone seems to say he can't be president, he SHOULDN'T be president! I'm sorry, are the politicians trying to say you can only be what you want or do what you like unless THEY say so?! wtf is happening to our country!? thank God for Trump actually looking out for the American people like the politicians are SUPPOSED to be DOING! there supposed to work for us! not the other way around!

  33. Watch Trump crush Dems. There will be no serious shut-down, because Trump will fund the wall out through the already fully-funded military. Trump will make Dems look like the irresponsible weasels they are. When Schumer shuts down the government, voters get angry at Dems. When Trump shuts down the government (for a few hours at most) voters cheer.

  34. Schumer and Trump have hated each other for the last 25 yrs. It is pure irony that they both exist in their current positions……

  35. Chuck Schumer stated that "President Trump had a temper tantrum", which of course is agreed upon by way of token Democrat guy. Looking at the defeated, hunchback loser posture of Schumer and his uncharismatic, droning repetitive so-called arguments, alongside his ironically smirking face, that terrible demeanor, and downwardly awkward mannerisms – even Pence had a "temper tantrum" in contrast to this clueless sad "adult-sized" lurching Chucky horror doll, with his vocal disposition of someone that is married to defeat and cowardice.
    As for Pelosi, skeletor (with less flesh), she is nothing more than a petulant child – refusing eye contact, clasping her bone-dry hands, and rendering short careful nods of disapproval with her tissue-thin eyelids closed – as to not lose her skull literally, through restraining too much of a frenetic nodding of disapproval according to her Globalist supporting ambitions that so solely cares about, for her and her borderless friends of the Democrat party. When the only method is to gain just enough votes to win (like the "House"), you need every dead person, multiple fraudulent people voting many times, and most importantly*, as is in plain sight for evidence; you need masses of illegals aliens, foreign and domestic criminals, and the abolishment of *borders to solidify their dirty tactics to collect as many votes for the Dems as possible. They do not even try to hide it anymore.
    If any American citizen votes Democrat, you are nothing short of a traitorous treasonous outright psychotic anti-American evil Deep State, Globalist pawn willing to sell your country piece by piece. Cowards.
    As for us, the true patriotic Americans that want this nation as strong and healthy as possible – we know what to do!
    Keep Fighting For America!
    President Trump 2020: Keep America Great!

    God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless America!

  36. Juan as usual has no idea of what he is talking about! He is just spewing socialist democrat propaganda of lies instead of REAL facts!

  37. You ought to play Jose Feliciano, Jingle Bells in the inlet or Outlet 2 commercial break great song for Christmas!

  38. What a joke. He admitted to wanting to shut down the government, which includes ICE. He’s a really smart guy, for sure. I can’t wait 2020..if he even makes it then. Good job defending a complete “bing bing bing” moron. Real class act piece of garbage.

  39. Cadet Bone Spur took a beating by Chuck and Nancy. So much so he throw a tantrum on his way out and didn’t show up to work the next day!

  40. The man wants to keep the country safe. And he gets crap for it! I don't get it. He is doing the same thing every president in Latin America is doing! Liberals, however, are too self-centered to see that. As if this country had unlimited resources, Liberals insist on being lax on national security!! I don't get it.

  41. The more I give the benefit of the doubt to Trump Supporters listening to their reason for why Trump was caught doing this and that, the more I see a big sinking ship full of programmed, clueless and out of touch group of people who are so focused on the hate of LIBERALS, that they have no capacity to think for themselves and understand how to figure out facts.

  42. Million likes for everyone in the usa to help fund wall with more taxes.!!!!???!!!!

  43. The wall around somebody's house argument is moot, because that is to keep AMERICAN criminals out not Mexican refugees.
    Either way no matter what these Fox bozos say Pelosi and Schumer played Trump like the fool he is, the egged him on to own the shutdown and the dickhead did it hahahahaha what a goose. And guess what, he's already back tracked, there will be no shutdown, Trump is an idiot and his supporters are even worse.

  44. Anybody remember this? Yeah, I thought not. Just like we forgot Mexico would pay for it. Pence – Pardon me? Get it?

  45. John 10:1
    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”

  46. Talking about a wall and they dont even know the borderlands .fox people are just minions

  47. Fox its a disgrace of this country, this are not reporters , this are people that dont know sh

  48. Trump and Pence should never be in same room. Period. They are simply giving someone to many chances to JFK them.

  49. Trump lost his balls when he dogded the draft multiple times. Trump hero of the stupid.

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