The Insane Failure Of Dark Fate Is Turning Heads

As promised, the Terminator franchise came
back… but it didn’t arrive to the kind of financial success that studio Paramount Pictures
was hoping for. Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth entry into
the Terminator film series that acts as a direct sequel to 1984’s Terminator and 1991’s
Terminator: Judgment Day, opened in theaters on Friday, November 1 to dismal box office
returns. Despite having James Cameron back on board
as a producer, Deadpool director Tim Miller behind the helm, Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Linda Hamilton in their respective roles as the T-800 Terminator and the gun-toting badass
Sarah Connor, and a host of intriguing new characters in the mix, Dark Fate sadly lived
up to its name facing a dark fate by earning just $29 million domestically and $94.6 million
internationally over its opening weekend. That’s not good for a franchise trying so
desperately to redeem itself. “If something goes wrong, this could be our
last chance — so MOVE!” With a total debut pull of $123.6 million,
Terminator: Dark Fate hasn’t come close to recouping its reported production budget of
$185 million, which doesn’t include the cost of marketing and distribution. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this
means that Dark Fate could end up costing Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, and the
now-shuttered 20th Century Fox more than $120 million. Each company is said to have financed 30 percent
of the film’s budget, which works out to about $55.5 million a pop. The remaining 10 percent of Dark Fate’s production
budget is on the line at the Chinese conglomerate Tencent Holdings. THR details the worst-case scenario for Terminator:
Dark Fate as costing its financiers $130 million in the event that the film loses its overseas
traction and winds up flopping. A source close to the outlet has indicated
that the better-case scenario is that Paramount, Skydance, Fox owner Disney, and Tencent may
end up eating only $110 million if Dark Fate, quote, “does have strong legs offshore.” Still, Variety reports that Terminator: Dark
Fate is looking at a worldwide take-home of only $180 million to $200 million dollars,
and that the film would need to earn around $450 million total just to break even. It would be simple to say that Dark Fate tanked
at the box office because critics and fans absolutely hated it and think it’s a massive
piece of garbage, but that would be a lie. It seems a big reason why Terminator: Dark
Fate tanked financially isn’t because everyone thinks the film is horrible. Rather, it appears that the films that preceded
Dark Fate the much-derided Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and
Terminator Genisys, all of which Dark Fate actually ignores were so bad that people aren’t
giving the new movie a chance. Fewer people heading out to theaters naturally
means less revenue, and it looks as though this is the situation in which Dark Fate is
currently stuck. For some fans, the fact that Terminator: Dark
Fate is being touted as a franchise-reviver might instill in them a terrible sense of
déjà vu. After all, 2015’s Terminator Genisys was also
marketed as a something of a breath of fresh air to the struggling franchise, with Game
of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke stepping into the role of Sarah Connor, and wound up getting
ripped to shreds by everyone who saw it. There’s a strong chance people are afraid
Dark Fate is just Genisys with different packaging which really isn’t accurate. “Never seen one like you before. Almost human.” “I am human. Just enhanced.” “Which means I can rip your throat out if
you piss me off.” Rotten Tomatoes reviews for Terminator: Dark
Fate are fairly solid. The film sits at a respectable 70 percent
critical rating. It’s consensus? “Terminator: Dark Fate represents a significant
upgrade over its immediate predecessors, even if it lacks the thrilling firepower of the
franchise’s best installments.” Sure, some critics weren’t super fond of the
flick, but others found it truly enjoyable like TheWrap’s William Bibbiani, who said
of Dark Fate, quote, “This story actually demands to be told, and it gets told with
precision and skill.” For their part, fans liked Dark Fate better
than critics did. The film’s audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes
is clocking in at 84 percent as of the making of this video. Overall, Terminator: Dark Fate may not be
a mind-blowing piece of cinema or a universal crowd-pleaser, but it isn’t avoid-at-all-costs
awful. It’s a pretty good film with pretty good ratings. But regardless of what Dark Fate has going
for it Cameron returning as producer, Schwarzenegger and Hamilton back in action, a new story to
tell, passable reviews it still floundered at the box office. Unless Terminator: Dark Fate somehow does
the impossible and earns an unthinkable amount of money in the very near future, things aren’t
looking good for the franchise. What was intended to be a balm to help heal
the film series may have just made it even sicker and possibly even pushed it to its
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100 thoughts on “The Insane Failure Of Dark Fate Is Turning Heads

  1. Looper trying to avoid the obvious wokeness that everyone can see about it.


  2. Looper you are trying really hard here. The reason this failed is because of "feminism" and woke culture.

  3. This is just a remake of terminator 2s story with the genesis human terminator. And the fact that it killed John Conner for no reason didn't help it at all. The story for this movie was terrible

  4. WOOOOOW you SOLD ME Looper!!! Being the “Misogynist” that I am I was “Scared Off” by that “Baaaaad Asssss” female terminator.
    But now that I’ve seen your ad for the film, AND a neck beard from TheWrap told me this is a story that “needs to be told” I’ll obey my corporate overlords and go see Datk Faye,

    It’s not like Rotten Tomatoes would lie to me

  5. Please let all these decades old franchises die. Come up with original content you corporate hacks.

  6. Dark fate was pretty good tbh, i liked it. Cant believe it flooped, people suck!

  7. No, it's not T3, salvation nor genisys fault, it's dark fate's fault, you break the whole mithology in the first 5 minutes, then you "remake" t2 after pissing on everything T1 and T2 told us, that's why it bombs.

  8. Ah c'mon, the social justice messaging and overt third wave feminism of the new film helped sink it; they seemingly deliberately provoked their biggest demographic by killing off a key male character and replacing him with a mexican immigrant; there's even a breakout from an ICE facility! All responsible for these decisions deserve to fail, much as it pains me to see what has become of the series.

  9. Terminator genesis gave me headaches. Sorry can’t go watch any more terminator franchise. Just stop already.

  10. I think these so called critics are just people who get paid by movie companies to talk good about their movies, if they don't pay these so called critics they would give bad reviews and dent the chance of these movies to make any money.
    I remember watching movies that are critically acclaim but they are just shit shows, and some movies that are hated by the critics but loved by the general audience..

  11. Oh boy.. Looper is bending the knee and ignoring the actual reason it failed and wants to turn a blind eye to what’s happening in Hollywood.

  12. T2 john connor was too iconic to be killed off. not to mentioned series of comics about john connor and terminator. it's an iconic legend. u just don't kill off a character just for what????

  13. No, you missed the point why it failed. Woke marketing, lazy cut and paste story and killing john connor at the start

  14. I enjoyed the movie because it was actually gr8. However I do agree that they forcefully killed off John JUST to force females into the leading roles.
    Get woke, go broke!
    Instead of changing & spoiling male driven franchises, y not create new ones for females idiots..

  15. You’re wrong. Dark Fate sucks. All on its own. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. I’m a huge fan of T-Franchise. Hate this garbage.

  16. I enjoyed it for what it was and it was definitely a breath of fresh air after the last three that came before it. Go support it

  17. This movie was just garbage. And stop trying to say its movie fatigue. It was a poor story and trying to re-write the past.

  18. If it had kept the horror roots from the first film I would have been much more interested

  19. Have you seen all the movies coming out lately….how the hell you guys think this is a bad movie. I love this movie…..because of all you judgemental ass holes…this might be the last one. If you wanted to bitch about terminator 3 and 4….I would be on your side…they were shit!

  20. Dark fate is a bad movie. End of story. No need to blame the previous films for its failure.

  21. People aren’t going to see this movie because the preceding films were disappointing. They’re refusing to go to see this movie for the same reason that they ceased buying Gillette products. People are tired of having “woke” agendas rammed down their throat at the expense of good story telling. And I gotta say, i am one of them.

  22. Not stating the reality of the situation. They also live in a echo chamber to what is happening around them.

  23. Great job pushing bias instead of just stating the failure of the movie

    “The movie failed because the OTHER movie were just so bad”

    Okay, yeaaaaaaaa THAT’S why, not because you made a bad movie

  24. this movie was trash & full of plot holes I don't understand why looper is trying to defend this bulls*t. the franchise is dead just move on….

  25. I saw it, it was absolute trash. If you'd done your research you would have seen the fan hype for this movie was massive and we were excited until the bullshit plot was leaked, old characters were flung away for no acceptable reason, the effects were mediocre and most of the plot was just endless recycled action scenes. I'm glad this movie bombed, it made T3 Rise of the machines look like a classic masterpiece. If Terminator wasn't dead before, it sure as hell is now.

  26. I think it’s become pretty obvious to people that the terminators are very inept. How many times can these machines from the future fail their mission?

  27. Looper, let me put this into plain english terminator dark fate bombed because they made the mistake of killing john connor off 5 minutes into the movie and replaced him with dora the dumb explorer to please sjw's yet these same sjw's havent been bothered to watch the movie

  28. This is the future of the movie industry making big budget films will be the death of these studios. Mark my words Avatar 2 will bomb

  29. Keep third wave feminism out of movies and have an original script that doesn't regurgitate old plot points. Sounds like an easy fix but still Hollywood learn? I doubt it.

  30. I enjoyed Dark fate, it was better than Terminator 2. There were a lot of jump cuts and continuity issues I would like to have seen a black Terminator or black lead character.

  31. The film was really good…just should’ve handled the John Conner storyline way better. The actor has had a tough time in his adult years so it could’ve been a situation where he wasn’t in a place to star in a blockbuster film

  32. Terminator 1, 2 and 3 salvation is the best film in the series because it shows the true strength of the robots and all the series is like reusing it in a bad way

  33. I wasnt interested because Arnold is too old and was never a great actor. Movie just looks boring.

  34. While critics were not negative towards the movie they weren't really positive either.On RT around 70% of critics gave it a positive review but the average rating given for that review is only a little above 6/10 which means most critics that liked the movie were lukewarm towards it.Not exactly glowing reviews.On Metacritic it has mixed or average review 54/100.

  35. Are you idiots for real? The movie is crap because they did more pandering than they did they made an effort to do Terminator justice. It is plain ole Garbage

  36. It’s because 99.9% of the world doesn’t agree with this woke culture bulls**t that 0.1 percent of the world are trying to push onto us. I’m not surprised they didn’t turn the new cyborg into a transgender cyborg. NOBS!

  37. It’s garbage- stop making excuses for it. RottenTomatoes is manipulating its ratings, because it’s a “Woke” movie. And as the saying goes “Get woke and go broke”

  38. Looper is completing missing the point of this film flopping. The main reasons are the ridiculous plot (John Connor killed within 2 minutes to make room for female characters) and the wokeness. The fans don't dig Hollywood pushing wokeness in their throats and therefore keep the money in the pockets. When will Hollywood learn? How many failures more after Ghost busters, Star Wars, Star Trek, Bat Woman and this one?

  39. I thought the movie looked like garbage, didn’t like genesis either. Loved all the other ones though 👌🏻

  40. Looper’s Narrator: “It is not mind blowing and universal pleaser!”

    Me: “Everyone knows it already even before released!”

    So basically “They Woke and got broke”.

    To Looper: Let just move on!

    In depth opinion: The moment a series or franchise deviate from it’s main plot from previous continuation, the whole story is not the same story everyone will want. Best example is Star Wars, World of Warcraft and other supposed to be great. Remember our whole world thirst for greatness not mediocrity.

  41. I loved the movie. People need to go check it out themselves. And stop watching these early YouTube reviews.

  42. Just like Disney star wars has taken a "woke" stance on how they made the new movies, terminator has taken the same route. Hollywood has killed my childhood movie memories.

  43. Tough looking chick with short blonde hair threw me off (never seen her before). A terminator played by an actor I've never seen before also. I knew it wasn't going to be successful. Didn't expect a flop, but knew it wasn't a hit.

  44. Maybe movie goers are sick of Hollywood shoving their agendas down our throats. We just want fun movies, not to be told why this or that political football is good or bad.

  45. Just took too long to finally get everyone on board. Plus it looks like every 2-3 years there's another reboot. SO CONFUSING to the Audience in my opinion. That's y the movie tanked. Which movie do we ignore and follow after investing our time in the other films. Meh.

  46. Why film bombed ?Because me, like millions of others was insulted by James Cameron himself AND because it's almost 2020 and real fans heared that this motherfucker kills John Connor in first 15 min of a movie. It's like making new Harry Potter movie just to have Harry killed in opening scene.

  47. Ha! What was intended to be a balm to heal turned out to be a bomb to kill. One more franchise trampled into a smashed corpse by the inescapable law known as GET WOKE GO BROKE.

  48. Let's completely ignore why this movie failed because it doesn't fit the correct narrative. Can't offend anyone can we?

  49. Arnold deserved better…Linda Hamilton, Tim Miller and James Cameron
    and all other nobodies muh diversity cast can burn in fucking hell.

  50. Hollywood needs to realize that you can still make women look strong without making men look weak or replacing them all together. It seems like they are striving so hard to reach equality, that they overshot their mark and landed in superiority.

  51. What story…..what are u ppl talking about it's literally t2 again ….and yet they have the nerve to market it as a direct sequel to t2 while killing John Conor in the first 5 minutes, what a joke

  52. The movie was actually pretty good, I people can be mad John Conner was killed, but the guy is a train wreck, tough to bring him back

  53. It’s the Feminist crap they keep pushing! The girl in the movie was the new John Connor give me a break!!

  54. Looper bought and paid for damage control?

    The votes on Tomatoes seem bullshit too…

  55. Oh my goodness. What is Shill Media. People that lie and spread lies for money and other reasons. Any actual, genuine journalist with any worth in them knows full well the reason that this Tim Miller flick is an absolute mega bomb. It's because it is the tackiest most grotesque Terminator reboot thus far. I swear, honest people must be going extinct. NO ONE wanted to see Jude Collie with Furlong's child face get massacred. There is such an odd disconnect between people. When I first heard that, I thought it was one of the most disgusting and tacky plots I have ever heard of. Apparently I wasn't alone in thinking that sounded sick. I was wondering who'd pay to watch something like that? No one. See? That's called "telling the truth."

  56. Why you alwaaaayyss lyin! It’s the feminist agenda that made this tank 🥴🥴🥴

  57. Naah, Arny & Cameron don't care, this movie was just a bit of fun, they will pay this with loose change in their back pockets, that's not big bucks for those guys.

  58. They killed John Connor at the beginning lol I would have walked out and asked for my money back. THE WHOLE STORY IS ABOUT JOHN CONNOR. The last 2 terminators were horrible and they did even worse?? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  59. Looper you can make excuses all you want – it bombed because it laps sweaty unkempt ball sack residue

  60. Yeah, the previous 2 movies are the reason for this flop. It had nothing to do with Tim Miller picking a fight with fans, forced diversity over story telling, and adding a swipe at America over illegals which half the country is against. NOOOOOOO that had nothing to do with it. It was the previous 2 films. That makes about as much sense as anything coming from the "enlightened" woke SJWs. WAY TO SHILL THERE LOOPER.

  61. MOST movies don't make their production value back in their opening weekend. Why is this an issue right now? They'll get their money eventually. I'm looking forward to purchasing it when it comes to DVD.

  62. Well it was suicide for a studio to give a aging franchise like this a huge budget. If they filmed this with smaller budget in the $50 to 70 million price range it could of made profits. I love the terminator franchise but yeah it’s dead, time to let it go. There’s nothing left to say. I remember back in 03 I was in a theater and when the trailer for part 3 played the crowd was silent, no one was excited at all. Terminator was already dead back then, no one cares anymore

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