18 thoughts on “The Ladies of Fur Make a Deal for Body Positivity – Shark Tank

  1. I want to present www.HappyBoca.com to the sharks, what do you strangers think??? BE HONEST 🙂

  2. I do not like the body language of the lady on the left. She had her hand on her hip the whole entire time. I thought that was weird

  3. It's okay to be greedy but when asking for an investor to join you gotta share the greed…..

  4. ok FUR is GAME.. idk all this talk about "bush" but fur oil makes it to where.. when you shave and apply the oil.. u get 0% ingrown hair.. 0. Zeeerrrooo00000…. So its so damn easy to shave again after. Best Oil For Body PERIOD.

  5. I have an idea for people to feel better about their bodies, stop being a lazy sh** work out and quit trying to get people to applaud for your fat unhealthy bodies.

  6. The charity thing is kinda silly, I'm sorry.
    $50,000 to help people feel more positive about their body? How exactly would you use the $50k and hows it gonna do anything?
    I think its just a feel good thing for Lori, who I love.

  7. I don't like these bitches one bit but it seems the product is actually good

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